American Bald Eagle Foundation                       September 2017

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Fundraiser for the Birds
Huge Donation Brings Total to 46K

The Aviary Redesign project is really starting to gain momentum , this is in no small part due to a huge donation by Harold and Aileen Williams this past month. On September 10 th the ABEF received a check in the mail for $25,000 to go towards our redesign fundraiser. This donation alone is enough to build two medium-size aviaries, perfect for our two red-tailed hawks. The generous donation brings our grand total, as of the end of September, to $46,500, all from crowd-sourcing and private giving. The ABEF is offering a big incentive to the person who helps us reach the $50,000 mark. The individual who gets us to $50,000 will receive an honorary bald eagle sponsorship including a training video and related materials! Thanks again to everyone who has helped us reach this point and all of our future supporters.
Welcome New Staff
New Raptor Program Manager Arrives in Haines
  The American Bald Eagle Foundation is excited to welcome Stefanie Jenkinson to our organization as the new Raptor Program Manager! Stefanie hails from great state of Connecticut, but has spent the last decade traveling and working all around the United States. She graduated from Delaware Valley University with a bachelor’s of science in Conservation and Wildlife Management. Stefanie’s passion for animals started at a young age; during high school she attended a vocational high school which specialized in animal sciences. This early opportunity gave Stefanie insight and experience in animal training and husbandry techniques that shape her future educational and professional paths.
During college Stefanie worked at the Mystic Aquarium as a docent, this experience opened her eyes to the world of wildlife and conservation education. In more recent years she expanded her knowledge and skill set by working as the program manager for a brand new bird of prey program in Pennsylvania. Beyond interpretation and management, Stefanie has had significant experience working in rehabilitation centers and research positions. This included the AARK Rehabilitation Center in Pennsylvania, the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Service, bird banding in Idaho, and work at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico.
Her commitment to birds-first training led her to the ABEF when she stumbled upon our blog “Straight from the Beak.” For three years now the ABEF has pursued a shift in training based on empowerment of our avian ambassadors through support from organizations such as Cascades Raptor Center and the International Association of Animal Trainers and Educators. Several of our blog posts revolve around the central themes of quality communication and empowerment.
So far Stefanie has enjoyed her time in Haines and at the ABEF. She sees Haines as a “beautiful gem hidden within Alaska” and has been warmly welcomed by the small community. She is ready to continue learning about the organization and the community while furthering her knowledge and experience working with avian ambassadors. Welcome Stefanie!
Perching Update for Resident Eagles
This month, one of our projects was to change perches in our eagle aviary. Because resident eagles Arden and Vega wouldn’t be too fond of this construction, step one was pulling out both birds. We took advantage of the situation to perform our bi-annual medical assessments on them. This process includes weighing the birds, checking fat and muscle levels, trimming beaks and talons, and giving the birds a general once-over for any other concerns. Both eagles passed with flying colors!
With the eagles safely out of the aviary, we got to work on the hard stuff – scrubbing and revamping their main perching area. We mounted two new eight-foot long perches along the main window so the two eagles no longer have to share a perch. In addition, we added new walkways so that the birds could climb up to the new perches, and revamped the aviary’s nest platform by adding new ledges and replacement artificial turf. Finally, we performed a “super-clean” of the entire aviary, making sure everything was completely sanitary and safe for the birds to return.
It was a busy day, but seeing the eagles happily resting up at the top of their enclosure on their new perches made the whole process worth it. We thank everyone whose generous contributions made this project possible, and whose generosity helps us improve the lives of our feathered coworkers each and every day. Want to get involved? Find out more about our ongoing aviary redesign project by visiting .
Winter Interns Arrive
Meet one of two new faces at ABEF
Our new winter intern, Jessi Schultz, was raised in Washington state, and moved to Southern California to pursue a college education. She graduated from Moorpark College with an AA in general arts and an AS in exotic animal training and management. Throughout her life, Jessi was passionate about animals which lead her to work at several vet offices as a receptionist and a vet assistant. Her exotic animal training experience began at the Santa Barbara Zoo in their bird department working with flamingos, penguins, tawny frogmouth, California condors, bald eagles and more!
Jessi applied for this internship because she has always wanted to work with raptors in an education setting. She is hoping to gain experience in understanding raptor behavior, and enjoys the personal relationships that she can build with the animals she works with. She finds it very rewarding to gain the trust of an animal so that there is a mutually beneficial relationship between the animals and trainers.
Jessi's daily routine involves cleaning aviaries and preparing the birds daily rations. Afterwards she works on a variety of projects including: presenting programs to the public, improving perching in aviaries, and working hard on creating a educational project for the museum. Jessi doesn't know what she plans on doing after she leaves the American Bald Eagle Foundation, but she knows that she wants to continue her career in the animal field and pursue a bachelors of science in zoology, biology or ecology.
When you become a member of the American Bald Eagle Foundation, you’re helping to fund educational programs such as our Youth Raptor Program, reduced price programs for low-income families or groups, as well as the resources we need to give our avian ambassadors the best possible care via husbandry, enrichment and training. Interested in joining?