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Supply your Brand
By Miranda Reiman, Assistant Director, Industry Information, Certified Angus Beef LLC
If I want to know about a feature of my smartphone, I poll friends, search the web or ask the people who sold me the phone.

When the salespeople are knowledgeable or point me in the right direction, it makes an impression. I'm certainly more likely to do repeat business with them.
As registered Angus breeders, I'm guessing you rely on those return purchasers, and the best way to get repeat business is to make sure your customers stay in business.
It's not a new philosophy, but it's one we've been working on since our inception. At Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB), we want everybody in the beef community to make money. We want those who are raising, processing and selling high-quality beef to make more money. That's how the pull-through demand model works.

If you want your customers to know they're a part of this brand that you own-that's closing in on marketing a billion pounds of quality beef per year-then you should consider sharing the newest edition of CAB's "Supplying the Brand," hot off the press this fall.

The magazine-style guide is filled with ideas and examples from cattlemen and women who hit the CAB target profitably, says Kara Lee, marketing coordinator for the brand. Farmers and ranchers would like to "learn from those who have made it fit their business model," she says.

The publication features stories of commercial cattle operations from across the U.S. achieving high CAB acceptance rates in different environments, as well as technical updates on applied research.
"We know marbling is a lifetime event," Lee says, "so whether it's cow nutrition during gestation, management at weaning or feedyard criteria, we try and capture all of those factors, and put it in a context beyond just carcass traits."

The resource is available free of charge and could be used at state Angus association meetings, production sales or other educational events.
"The cattle business has gone through fundamental changes during the 20-year liquidation phase that finally ended in 2015," says John Stika, CAB president, in his opening letter. "Marketing became more and more responsive to consumer demand, to where most beef is now valued on end-user signals. This is the age of producing beef for the targets that pay."

As your customers rebuild herds, be sure that they are not only using the best genetics, but that they have the plans in place to maximize them through management and marketing.

To get copies of the Supplying the Brand for distribution contact Marilyn Conley at 330-345-2333, or visit

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