Welcome to the October 2020 CornerShot Newsletter

Dear Field Hockey BC Member, this issue of CornerShot will cover updates to both the First and Second Stage Frameworks for 'Responsible Return to Play'; the SportBC campaign "Sport: More Important Than Ever" for the 2020 Election; a vacant position for "Coaching Director" with the FHBC Board of Directors and more!
SportBC’s campaign "Sport: More Important Than Ever" aims to bring sport into discussion during the 2020 provincial elections
In partnership with SportBC and other sport organizations across British Columbia, Field Hockey BC is involved in the campaign to make the sport community heard during this provincial election. This is why SportBC developed a simple tool that emails candidates directly to ask them where they stand on making sports part of our province’s economic recovery and health.

All you need to do is enter your email address and postal code, and the tool will send a letter on your behalf to the 2020 election candidates in your community. Access: https://sportbc.com/sport-more-important-than-ever/

FHBC asks the field hockey community to come together on this effort. Please send out your letter through the form. Also like, share & RT messages about the campaign, either from SportBC or any other sport organization.

Stay safe, stay active, and don't forget to vote!

“Sport connects us, sport enhances our physical and mental health, and sport contributes to BC’s economy. We need to be on the policy agenda.

Here’s the thing: this will only work if we all pitch in. Once you’ve sent your message to your local candidates, please share with your friends and family on social media.

On behalf of the 800,000 British Columbians involved in amateur sport—athletes, weekend warriors, kids, tourism operators, and volunteers—thank you.” – SportBC team
Framework Update for the ‘Second Stage’ Return to Responsible Play
On behalf of the Field Hockey BC (FHBC) Board of Directors, I am writing to provide for an important update to the second stage responsible return to play PSO framework. Following a recent update notification from viaSport (dated September 25, 2020), the previously approved PSO framework (date stamped September 3, 2020) has been updated to provide for clarity of expectation as it relates to the number of cohorts a general participant may be active within (at this second stage), what this means for PSO or NSO high performance participants, and contact tracing protocols.

In short and at this time, PSO framework field hockey participants are required to be restricted to a SINGLE field hockey cohort. The only exception is for participants actively enrolled in a PSO or NSO high performance program, where such participants are permitted to be involved in a second cohort. There is also no longer a requirement to file cohort detail with a facility operator or owner, although the collection and management of up to date cohort information remains essential.

The now updated and approved second stage responsible return to play framework (date stamped September 29, 2020) will be disseminated to LSO senior contacts, posted on the home page of the FHBC website (www.fieldhockeybc.com), and referenced through Society social media channels. As required, a copy of the updated and approved second stage framework (September 29, 2020) will also be sent to viaSport for public posting on the viaSport website (www.viasport.ca).

At this second stage responsible return to play, I once again take this opportunity to draw your particular attention to the required safety protocols, the required completion of attestation forms and management of contract tracing information, and the detail pertaining to the creation and management of the ‘Cohort’ model. It remains everyone’s responsibility whether it be planning for implementation or direct active participation to remain vigilant in the execution of safety protocols, and in doing so help to maintain a high level of participant confidence.

Yours in sport,

Mark Saunders
Executive Director
Field Hockey BC
September 30, 2020
Guidelines update for the ‘First Stage Responsible Return to Play’
To all LSOs still operating under the First Stage of Responsible Return to Play guidelines, please take notice of the following update: In alignment with PHO requirements and the group size 'rule of 50' - the maximum number of athletes allowed in a session under stage one guidelines has now been increased from 32 to 40.

Feel free to contact FHBC with any inquiries you might have regarding our frameworks for First and Second Stage of Responsible Return to Play. You can access the First Stage Responsible Return to Play Framework and every other document related to our COVID-19 response via the Documents Page on our website.

Invitation for membership engagement with the Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project
Field Hockey BC (FHBC) recently completed a comprehensive Provincial Athlete Pathway Review, and the FHBC Board of Directors extended an open invitation to all member clubs, organizations and leagues to meet with representatives from the Board and staff to discuss the results of the review

If you would like for your organization to take advantage of this engagement opportunity, please contact your club administrators. Read more about this opportunity here.
Vacant Position of "Coaching Director" with the FHBC Board of Directors
There is an exciting opportunity for an individual to apply for consideration to become a voluntary member of the FHBC Board of Directors.

The Board Member vacancy is in the position of Coaching Director, a position that provides for Society leadership and oversight across both the coach development and coach education portfolio.

The FHBC Board of Directors are keen to consider the appointment of a Coaching Director to take on the reins for this portfolio for the remainder of the current term (to February 2022 when this position is next due for election).

The deadline for expression of interest is November 1st. Click here to read more about the position and submit your application.
David Auld hangs up whistle from Victoria field hockey

by Ali Baggott

VICTORIA – While 2020 marks an unprecedented year with seemingly little in the island hockey world to celebrate, there is one bright spot worth highlighting. Long-time hockey contributor and umpire David Auld has announced his retirement.

“It is my great honour to congratulate David on his retirement from umpiring,” said Denise McGeachy, past president of VILFHA (ladies league) and current president of VIFHUA (umpire’s association).

“His dedication to our game has few equals. David always brought a positive attitude to each game and treated all players respect. The umpiring community is richer for his contribution, as an umpire and mentor.

“Apart from the umpiring, David is one of the sweetest, kindest people I’ve ever known. David always had a smile on his face at the beginning – and more importantly, at the end of each game no matter how difficult or bad the weather. To me, this is his greatest legacy to our community – his positivity.”

Auld has been umpiring in Victoria since his arrival from Scotland in 1969 and was certified as high as a Canadian Regional level official. A familiar, smiling face on the field, David is well known for his time spent officiating at the high school, men’s league and, most notably, women’s league games. In 2008, David was named a VILFHA Honorary Member, awarded to only 19 individuals since 1958, for their dedication, service and commitment to building the ladies league.

Click here to read the full article and an interview with David.
Field Hockey Canada appoints Andrew Wilson WNT Head Coach

by Field Hockey Canada

Field Hockey Canada announced on October 14 Andrew Wilson as the Head Coach of the Women’s National Team.

Following the hiring of High-Performance Director, Adam Janssen, and Men’s National Team Head Coach, Andre Henning, Field Hockey Canada continues to build out its strong, podium-focused high-performance team.

Wilson joins the women’s national team after a historic year that saw Team Canada rocket up the world rankings, earn a silver medal at the Pan American Games and only narrowly miss out on the Tokyo Olympics. Wilson said he’s eager to get down to business with the team.

“My interest in Field Hockey Canada was piqued after seeing how much the women’s national team improved their game from the beginning of 2018 right up until their fantastic performance in the Olympic Qualifier, not to mention a stellar result at the last Pan Am Games,” he said. “I foresee potential for an exciting future within the organization and I am very excited to get to work with the players, staff and the greater hockey community in Canada.”

Click here to read the full article.
Interested in any of the courses offered by Field Hockey BC?
Field Hockey BC is happy to announce that our registration process has been streamlined for those who want to take any of the courses offered by us.

If you are keen on becoming a coach, umpire or technical official, fill out our Waitlist Form, check the boxes of the courses you are interested in, and we will contact you once these courses are being offered.

Access our Coaches and Officials pages for more information regarding education and opportunities.
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