The Loft is a working artists' studio expanded to include a gallery and shoppe exhibiting more than 30 artists and artisans.  O ffering drawing classes, workshops & a monthly art salon.  Lots of unique, one-of-a-kind gift items and home decor to choose from as well as vintage and antique furniture and objects.

 The Loft is where Art Happens in Culpeper! 

Art Studio, Gallery (over 30 local and regional artists), Drawing Classes (Tuesday evenings with life model), Weekend Workshops (for adults and kids), Special Exhibits (artists and art groups), Day Trippin'! (chauffered day trips to selected artistic and creative venues), Photography Meet-Up (meeting once a month) and ArtSpeak! (a monthly social gathering of creative folks, free and open to the public)!  
Me, Bill and Moo with Eyebrows
Looking forward to a GREAT 2017; filled with promise, hope, industry, creativeness and a big fat agenda!   So long 2016, you can kiss....okay, I'll skip that pointed sentiment.  

Very slow Christmas at the Loft (chagrined), and an opinion shared by all other local retailers.  Still, Susan Moskow sold her fabulous Purple Haze painting, congrats, Susan!  The big seller was Carrie Heitsch with her array of a variety of handmade functional textiles!  Way to sniff out the market place, Carrie!

One of the Loft's photographers (and resident rocket scientist, no, really), Simon Dawson, was contacted by the BBC to use his photograph of a California building (NASA Hangar One at Moffett Field) for their webpage audio about California as a 'utopia'!  Great job, Simon, fantastic honor from BBC, great free publicity and opportunity to drive people to your website!  Check out the BBC website, look for the story headlined "Cali-topia" and hit the "Show More" button;  imon's work;

Mark Saylor, who's work in Borderlands stunned our community, will be taking the show on the road!  Currently there are possibilities of showing in a gallery in Pennsylvania and one in New York City.  We will keep you apprised of the developments.  Meanwhile, our creative team is beginning work on a book; featuring never seen before photographs and more writings by local authors!  Very exciting stuff.

The arts a'loft board, our non-profit wing of the Loft, will be meeting this month to gather our respective creative project ideas and develop a strategic plan for 2017.   This will impact local artists as well as our community.  We strongly pull creative ideas and collaborators from our ArtSpeak! group.  Want to get involved creatively?  Come to ArtSpeak!  This month we meet on Thurs @ 7 @ the Loft (as always), January 26.  Everyone that is creative or is interested in creative pursuits is welcomed!  No obligations, no dues.

Lis holding court with Sue and friend, and Sharon and Carrie seated.
Speaking of ArtSpeak!, we had a fantastic end of the year, holiday party!  We had a great crowd of 30 people; so much fun, so many laughs, such good food and so very interesting!   The highlights were (1) a satirical Christmas play written by my husband, Bill Werick; people were chosen to read each of the 11 characters, embedded with song lyrics that were both hilarious and a commentary of our times! and (2) people sharing their personal 'beauty' items; poems, songs or beautiful moments.  Poignant and thought provoking.  Thank you to all who shared these personal and intimate moments.  Listen, if you NEVER come to any ArtSpeak!s during the year, try to make our end of the year holiday party!  

Please scroll down to view our new workshops and day trips for the first quarter of 2017.  You can sign up immediately for February's workshops and day trip!  I'll have the rest of the workshops and day trips available to register for the 1st of February as details are still being worked out.  Definitely sign up for February's Lou Messa's Acrylic Painting Workshop NOW, there are only 2 seats available!

Our monthly FREE photography meetups are still in development as we wait for confirmation from localities.  I will send those to you under separate cover.

Life Drawing Sessions continue starting Tuesday, January 10 @ 7pm!  

Patty from the Loft; kickin' off my shoes and gettin' serious in 2017.  

Full transparency; Mark Saylor took this photo of me, which I then ran through Photoshop to darken and reduce to a 'vignette'.  Turns out my lighting jam is down to about 6 candles.  My best look now is when my face is the size of my pinkie nail, long bangs and so darkened that you couldn't identify me in a line-up!  Know thyself.

Peace, out.
Here's what's Happening 
at the Loft
1st quarter of 2017 !

Day Trippin'

Feb 15, Wednesday, Richmond 
Mar 22, Wednesday, Washington, DC


Illustrates the Belle Époque

April 19, Wednesday, Washington, DC

National Gallery of Art

Frédéric Bazille and the Birth of Impressionism


Feb 11
Lou Messa; Acrylic Painting Workshop!

Feb 25
Debbie Siday; Make a Memory Box!

Mar 4
Lou Messa; Acrylic Painting Workshop!

Mar 11
Candace Clough; Mosaic Glass Project; Mirror/Picture Frame!

Mar 18
Michael Dukes; Stippling!

Mar 25
Lis Piatt, Watercolor Painting Workshop!

April 1
Lou Messa; Acrylic Painting  Workshop!

April 15
Candace Clough; Glass on Glass!

April 22
Mark Saylor, PhotoShop!
Looking for a Loom?
Harrisville Designs floor loom, 4 shaft. Complete with tools; 5 shuttles - 2 of which are handmade cherry, spools, antique wool winder, and weaving book. Excellent condition. Cash or charge accepted. No personal checks.
size / dimensions: 47L x 25 3/4D x 47W

The price for the whole package is $1350.

Check out new Facebook page, Artists 4 Artists!

John Williams, artist exhibiting at the Loft, started a very cool Facebook page.  "ARTISTS 4 ARTISTS is a group dedicated to talented artists and admirers of their art. My goal is to showcase some of the most talented artists here on social media. So that being said please feel free to showcase your work on ARTISTS 4 ARTISTS."

And look at this opportunity to win a $50 VISA gift card on Artists 4 Artists!
February 13th will be your last chance to summit art for our #LOVECONTEST. CONTEST ENDS AT 7:00PM. The winning artist with the most "LIKES" for his or her art will receive a $50 VISA gift card! Remember all artists submitting work must put #LOVECONTEST to participate. You can summit 3 pieces of work but the artist with the most "LIKES" wins!

Regularly Scheduled Events 

Regular weekly and monthly happenings at The Loft.
Sketch by Patty Werick
Life Model Drawing Sessions
Tuesdays at 7pm

Resumes 2017, beginning Tues, Jan 10

Individual instruction provided, no extra charge, or for established artists who just want the practice to keep hand and eye coordination fresh.  $20/session, or $15/each session, when you purchase 4 sessions at $60.
(All levels welcomed!) 
Must Pre-Register @ 202-669-5195 (my cell)

The registration is necessary in order to put you on an email distribution list to keep everyone informed of any cancellations.
Art Salon Gatherings
Last Thursday of each month, 7pm

This month; January 26!

ALL creative people or people that love the arts are invited to this strictly social gathering, the only requirement is a curious mind; painters, photographers, potters, jewelers,  iron workers , and not just visual artists, but authors, poets and musicians as well...if you want to share ideas, resources, request critiques, or just laugh and enjoy spending time with like-kind people conversing, please join us!   Get inspired!
No obligations.  No dues.  Come whatever date you can come. 

The Loft | 107B East Davis Street, Culpeper, VA  22701 | 202-669-5195 (cell) | 
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