The Loft is a working artists' studio expanded to include a gallery and shoppe exhibiting more than 30 artists and artisans.  O ffering drawing classes, workshops & a monthly art salon.  Lots of unique, one-of-a-kind gift items and home decor to choose from as well as vintage and antique furniture and objects.

 The Loft is where Art Happens in Culpeper! 

Art Studio, Gallery (over 30 local and regional artists), Drawing Classes (Tuesday evenings with life model), Weekend Workshops (for adults and kids), Special Exhibits (artists and art groups), Day Trippin'! (chauffered day trips to selected artistic and creative venues), Photography Meet-Up (meeting once a month) and ArtSpeak! (a monthly social gathering of creative folks, free and open to the public)!  
The Loft has had a great November with lots of sales, including; Greg Huddleston's oil painting, "Groundscape with Native Asters" as did Jan Settle's pastel of Peaceful Afternoon".  Lis Piatt's ever popular pastels, this one, "Blue Ridge Dawn", sold.   Sue Linthicum's "Inside an Iris" sold and she got a commission from the purchaser!  By the way, both Sue's and Jan's work were sold directly from the table from when I took them in. They never even made it to the wall!  Just more proof that the right spot and the right lighting are not always what sells a piece!  

No  ArtSpeak!  this month, but we are having the ArtSpeak! Holiday Party!  Friday evening, December 16, at the Loft at 7pm.  Wine, food, talk-talk and two interesting pieces of entertainment (should you decide to join in the fun); a play, written by Bill Werick, will be read by 7 people chosen at random (each will read one of the characters).  If it's by Bill it is sure to be irreverent and funny, possibly heretical.  Also, our main topic will be, What is Beauty to you?  Please bring to share; a song, poem, short story, haiku, photograph, picture of a painting, a piece of music, an item discovered in nature, whatever moves prepared to say why it is beautiful to you.  I am reading a poem that always makes me cry (note to self; wear the waterproof mascara).  Partners, spouses, + one are welcomed!  Participation is not required.  Come, be part of the creative community and celebrate another year at the Loft!   RSVP by Dec 13! 

at the Loft has been suspended until January.  December is a hectic month for us all, and as yoga has been sparsely attended it's been decided to postpone until January.  That's when some of us will be interested in shedding some stress and weight from the holidays.  

The Acrylic Painting Workshop with Lou Messa on  December 3rd was filled almost immediately!  So next time Lou comes to teach, don't hesitate, register!

Our Santa's Workshop for Kids is December 10!  A whole day to create gifts for parents, teachers, family members and friends.  Lots of really cool ideas that kids get to choose from to create.  Instead of purchasing manufactured gifts for kids to give....invest in them, so they can give gifts they made to their special people.  All ages welcomed, we have different items for different age fingers and attention spans.  Limited registration because we like to keep it small to give each lots of attention.   See below for more info and to register online. 

  Patty from the Loft, 
with Marina and Moo

Here's what's Happening 
at the Loft
in December !

Acrylic Painting Workshop
December 3
with Lou Messa
10am to 2pm, $175
Register/Pay Online, Acrylic Painting w/ Lou Messa!

Santa's Workshop for Kids
December 10
with Carrie Heitsch
10am to 4pm, $45
                                    Register/Pay Online, Santa's Workshop!                                                   

Happening at the Loft in December

Photography Meet-Up!
The Loft
December 18, Sunday
2pm, meet at the Loft

Coming in 2017!
Workshops in photography, photo-shop, acrylic painting, watercolor, stippling, mosaics, glass on glass, collages and much more, including ones for kids.  Day trips to museums in Richmond and Washington, DC!  

Regularly Scheduled Events 

Regular weekly and monthly happenings at The Loft.
Silhouette Yoga Art Background on Canvas Background
Yoga at the Loft!  
Suspended until January 2017!

We'll see everyone when you are eager to lose the stress and tension of the holiday season and work off some of that rich food. 

Life Model Drawing Sessions
Tuesdays at 7pm

Individual instruction provided, no extra charge, or for established artists that just the practice to keep hand and eye coordination fresh.  $20/session, or $15/each session, when you purchase 4 sessions at $60.
(All levels welcomed!) 
Must Pre-Register @ 202-669-5195 (my cell)

The registration is necessary in order to put you on an email distribution list to keep everyone informed of any cancellations.
Art Salon Gatherings
Last Thursday of each month, 7pm

NO ARTSPEAK! this month Thurs!


Wine, food, talk-talk, plus sharing your "Beautiful" piece and 7 people randomly chosen to read a character from Bill Werick's play, especially written for ArtSpeak!  Feel free to include your spouse, partner or friend to join us.  Participation is not required.  Please RSVP by Dec 13, as we need to plan on amount of food, wine and seating!
ALL creative people or people that love the arts are invited to this strictly social gathering, the only requirement is a curious mind; painters, photographers, potters, jewelers,  iron workers , and not just visual artists, but authors, poets and musicians as well...if you want to share ideas, resources, request critiques, or just laugh and enjoy spending time with like-kind people conversing, please join us!   Get inspired!
No obligations.  No dues.  Come whatever date you can come. 

The Loft | 107B East Davis Street, Culpeper, VA  22701 | 202-669-5195 (cell) | 
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