Confused about Colic and Childhood Migraine Disorders?
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Confused about Childhood or Pediatric Migraine Disorders?
Pediatric Migraine Disorders

Migraine Disorders, as we have pointed out, are acknowledged to have both hereditary and physiological roots in the central nervous system (CNS). Of further interest is how Migraine Disorders manifest themselves in infancy and childhood. To understand this complex illness in infants and children you must surrender the notion that Migraine is always associated with a painful headache. Symptoms of Migraine Disorders in youth are more often seen as colic and gastrointestinal distress. A number of adult migraineurs report being "colicky" as infants, suggesting a developmental aspect to what presents as an already baffling illness. This idea is further borne out by well-designed research.

see the articles below for more information on childhood or pediatric migraines
What are abdominal migraines in children and adults?

A developmental link exists between colic and childhood migraines.

Is colic actually migraine? Dr's Gelfand and Goadsby believe they may be synonymous.

The relationship between migraine and infant colic: a systematic review and meta-analysis (abstract).

Before the headache:  infant colic as an early life expression of migraine (full article)

This is really a new way to think about infant colic especially and childhood migraines in general. The links to the research and articles listed above point to a very robust association between these conditions. As Dr. Gelfand states "getting a better handle on the association between infant colic and migraine could help put to rest the oft-repeated theory that colic has something to do with feeding and gastrointestinal disorders".

Please keep in mind the diagnosis of abdominal migraine can be very difficult, and is dependent upon ruling out other potential causes for the abdominal pain and symptoms. There is no one diagnostic test that confirms the diagnosis. It is in this area that research is now being done: in hopes of resolving an all too common complaint of infancy and childhood, and of course the stress encountered by the adult caregivers.

Reporting from Washington, DC: Migraine Advocacy at work

Dr. Rick Godley attended the annual Headache on the Hill (HOH) 2016, organized by the nonprofit Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA), to advocate on behalf of Americans with disabling headache disorders.  After meetings and discussions with Senators, Representatives, and Healthcare policy makers, three main requests for action were put forward...(read more)

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