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April / May 2018
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In 1979 Dottie Smith made a daring leap of faith and moved her family to Texas. Luckily, she landed at NACM Southwest and the rest has been history. 
Back then, NACM Southwest was known as the Dallas Association of Credit Management – or Dallas Credit or DACM. Our area of responsibility was predominantly the Dallas area and East to Louisiana. During Dottie’s tenure, NACM Southwest has geographically grown exponentially - Fort Worth, then Lubbock, then Midland/Odessa, Amarillo, Albuquerque and Shreveport. Just recently NACM Southwest was awarded the NACM area in Austin/San Antonio….and all the way to The Valley. Dottie has been here through all of this expansion.
In the “old days”, the office was filled with lines and lines of metal filing cabinets. There was no database. Fast forward to 2018. Through a tremendous amount of hard work, determination, and cooperation NACM is now a premier provider of nationwide credit information to the business community. Dottie has been here through these ever changing technological advances.
When Dottie first started working at NACM, we were located in Dallas. That facility was outgrown, so we bought a new building in Irving. Twenty years later we had outgrown that building and now have a fabulous office in Coppell. Dottie spearheaded the monumental tasks of finding these new locations and the subsequent remodel/build outs.
Through the hard work of the people who came before us, our Third Party Collections Department has always been a successful part of our Association. In the last decade we have stepped that up. Because of our reputation for professionalism and collection success, NACM Southwest has become the go to agency for other NACM offices that have outsourced their third party collections to us. Dottie has supervised the melding of these collection departments.
NACM Southwest has a reputation in the credit community and the NACM family as a premier association. Our members, our peers, our NACM team know that we operate from a place of integrity, character, and hard work. Those attributes start at the top with Dottie Smith.
We congratulate Dottie on her amazing career with NACM Southwest and wish her all the best in her retirement.
The More You Know

Beginner Bonds and Lien Seminar
Presented by Randall K. Lindley of Bell Nunnally
April 20, 2018
Las Colinas Country Club

Basics of Credit
Presented by Toni Drake, CCE, TRM Financial and
Lynnette Warman, Culhane Meadows, PLLC
May 18, 2018
NACM Southwest Office

Advanced Bonds and Liens Seminar
Presented by Randall K. Lindley of Bell Nunnally
June 8, 2018
Las Colinas Country Club

CAP I Principles of Business Credit
5/5/18 - 7/16/2018
CAP II Basic Financial Accounting
8/4/18 - 9/29/18
CAP III Financial Statement Analysis 1
10/13/18 - 12/1/18

  • Applications due for CBA, CBF and CCE June 10, 2018
  • 4/20/18 Nationwide Exam test date for Credit Congress
  • Applications due for CBA, CBF and CCE July 23, 2018
  • 6/1/18 Nationwide Exam test date
  • 6/10/18 Certification Exam - Phoenix, AZ - Credit Congress
  • 7/23/18 Certification Exam - Nationwide
  • Applications due for CBA, CBF and CCE November
  • 10/14/18 5th Nationwide Exam test date
  • 11/5/18 Certification Exam - Nationwide
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NACM Southwest Memorial Scholarship

  The NACM Southwest Memorial Scholarship was created to honor past NACM Southwest members who gave generously of their time and expertise to serve their Association. This $1,000 scholarship is available to graduating high school seniors of NACM Southwest members and staff who have achieved academic excellence while also being involved in high school and community activities. Applications are available by emailing Caitlin Duree at . The deadline for receipt of completed applications is April 1, 2018.
Did you know that NACM National has scholarships? 
D&B Credit: The Evolving Role of Credit
D&B Credit: Make Smarter, Faster Credit Decisions
You need to make the best credit decisions as efficiently as you can – but when you rely on a flood of data to make those decisions it’s not always easy. Fortunately, with D&B Credit from Dun & Bradstreet, you can make smarter, faster credit decisions.
·          Tag and segment your portfolio to dynamically manage for risk and opportunity.
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Talk to Jim Epperson at NACM Southwest ( or 972-518-0019) to learn how D&B Credit can help you make smarter, faster credit decisions.