November 2017
Rake leaves from meter lids, too

Autumn leaves changing colors may be beautiful to see, but the falling leaves mean work for most homeowners. While you rake the leaves from your yard, Louisville Water meter readers ask that you remove leaves and debris from your meter lids too, especially before the snow falls. Snow on meter lids will melt faster without leaves insulating them. Clear meter lids help ensure that your meter reader finds your meter quickly, and that your water bill will be actual, not estimated. Check out more water tips for these falling temps.
Purely Local Partner: Anoosh Bistro

To say Anoosh Shariat is a popular Louisville chef is a bit of an understatement. His most recent ventures include Anoosh Bistro in the Brownsboro Road Shopping Center and the more casual Noosh Nosh in the building behind the bistro. At both restaurants, he's concerned not only with great food and great customer service but also with something that many diners take for granted - the water they drink. Learn how this top chef serves great food with great water.

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Water Festival celebrated 10th anniversary

Louisville Water hosted nearly 1,600 Louisville students from 24 public and private schools at the 10th Annual Adventures in Water Festival. From October 17 through 19, the students participated in hands-on water experiments as they rotated through several educational stations including a 2,200-gallon tank filled with Ohio River fish. Presenters included the Kentucky Science Center, the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources and the Louisville Fire Department.
Where is it?
You could win a prize if you know!

Do you know where the photo above w as taken? If you do,  you might win a prize from Louisville Water!  The first five people to send the correct answer will receive  a pure tap prize pack similar to the one shown below.  G ood Luck!

Congratulations to Carolyn Whitsett, Tyler Allen, Marlene Miller, Kellen Lacey and Tim Wright who were our winners from October's picture contest! 

The October contest picture above is of Louisville Water's B.E. Payne Water Treatment Plant in Prospect, which uses riverbank filtration. Riverbank filtration allows us a "green" way to supply water, using the sand and gravel in the earth as a natural filter. In 2011, it won the Civil Engineering Achievement of the Year award, which is an international honor. To learn more about riverbank filtration, read the complete story here.
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