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Deciphering the True Intentions of a Will

An individual’s Will or Trust is an important document that contains a decedent’s last wishes. When a probate court is asked to construe the beneficiary provisions within a Will or Trust, the most crucial consideration is the decedent’s intent. Indeed, the finder of fact’s role is to determine who the decedent intended to be the beneficiary of their estate, based on the evidence presented.  

In Skalsky v. Bowles, the decedent’s Will contained incompatible provisions as to distribution of his estate. While one provision left the remainder of his estate to his partner of over 30 years, a second provision left the residue to decedent’s next of kin. Decedent passed away leaving no issue. As such, decedent’s next of kin was his brother, whom decedent did not have a good relationship with and had not spoken to for many years. The brother filed a complaint to construe the Will. Specifically, the brother sought an order striking the conflicting provisions and naming himself as the sole beneficiary of decedent’s estate under intestate succession. Decedent’s attorney testified that decedent wanted to leave everything to his partner, and explicitly instructed that nothing should go to his brother. Further, the attorney indicated that the first draft of decedent’s Will was erroneously printed off and given to decedent to sign. As the Will was prepared and executed during Covid-19, decedent did not review the document with his attorney before he signed. Rather, the attorney left the Will, with instructions on how to execute the document, in a drop box for decedent to pick up at his office. Decedent’s friends also testified that decedent had told them, on multiple occasions, that he wanted all of his assets to go to his partner, he wanted to make sure she was taken care of, and he had no respect or love for his bother. Ultimately, the probate court ruled that decedent’s intent was to leave everything to his partner and that none of his assets were to pass to his brother. The 5th District upheld the probate court’s holding, finding the evidence was clear as to decedent’s intent. 

Attorneys at Reminger have experience handling disputes and litigation concerning the construction of Wills and Trusts. If you have reason to believe that your loved one’s estate planning document does not clearly and definitely express or convey their intent, or their intention is obscured by virtue of inconsistencies within the document, we encourage you to get in touch with our Estate, Trust, and Probate Litigation team so that we can further investigate. 
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