July Zone 3 Update
Thank you for being a Zone 3 member! Enter the USHJA Hunter Team Challenge, see who won the HQC Stable Challenge and catch up on news and results!
Congratulations to our HQC Stable Challenge Winner!
The USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge wrapped up July 15.

At least three junior and/or amateur students per trainer had to take the online Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Practice Quiz between June 15 and July 15 for the trainer’s barn to be in the running.

At the end of the 30-day challenge, the three top scores under each trainer were averaged to provide an overall score and the highest scoring trainer per zone is the winner.

Congratulations to Zone 3's winner Susan Deal and Grovespring Farm! Learn more about Susan's farm in the recent Zone 3 eNews.

The highest scoring trainer in each USHJA zone wins a unique trainer-inspired award package designed to benefit the entire barn, which includes a gift card from Nutrena, a Shapley's gift set, a one-year USHJA membership, a free 2022 Recognized Riding Academy membership and additional awards from USHJA sponsors. The highest scoring trainer overall will also receive an Essex Classics shirt.
USHJA Gladstone Cup Equitation Classic - East, Presented by Intermont Equestrian at Emory & Henry College Results
The 2021 USHJA Gladstone Cup Equitation Classic - East, presented by Intermont Equestrian at Emory & Henry College, was held at the Devon Horse Show Grounds on Monday, July 12. Here are the results:

1. Alexander Alston - Campreoll - 92 - 92 - 93 - 277
2. Skylar Wireman - Il Mio - 83.5 - 90 - 94 - 267.5
3. Dominic Gibbs - Cent 15 - 95 - 88 - 84 - 267
4. Natalie Jayne - Charisma - 90 - 95 - 80 - 265
5. Kyla Sullivan - Kenan - 84.5 - 86 - 87 - 257.5
6. Riley Hogan - Jones - 85 - 88 - 82 - 255
7. Kat Fuqua - Itteville - 82.5 - 87 - 169.25
8. Caroline Signorino - Vidocq De La By - 83 - 85.5 - 168.5
9. Aundrea Hillyard - Cervino - 84.25 - 84 - 168.25
10. Stella Wasserman - Attendu De Lannois Z - 87 - 81 - 168

Photo: Anne Gittins Photography
Champions Crowned at Markel/USHJA Zone Jumper Team Championships and Markel/USHJA Platinum Jumper Championships
Congratulations to our members who participated in the Markel/USHJA Zone Jumper Team Championships and Markel/USHJA Platinum Jumper Championships at Tryon International Equestrian Center in North Carolina!

Zone 3 Team Medalists

1.10/1.15m Children's Zone Jumper
GOLD: Dolphins
Trey Batts - Kuhl - Zone 3
Pilar Ojeda - Go Johnny Go - Zone 3
Lilly Myers - Luyu - Zone 3
McKenna O'Neil - Classico Z - Zone 3

1.10/1.15m Adult Amateur Zone Jumper
SILVER: Scorpians
Nicole Marquis - Dulcinea Car - Zone 3
Megan Jones - Trix Rabbit - Zone 3
Catherine MacGlashan - Kacia Nora of the Lowlands Z - Zone 3

BRONZE: Grizzlies
Tori Bilas - Brisbane - Zone 3
Shannon Grossman - L-Geneva HS - Zone 4
Melanie Markham - Histoire de Laubry - Zone 4

1.20/1.25m Junior Zone Jumper
SILVER: Falcons
Emma Brunell - Carlos Santana - Zone 3
Caroline Blum - Glitter Glider - Zone 3
Emma Hicks - Nopus Du Gue Joubert - Zone 3
Telina Tibbs - TT Lotus - Zone 3

1.20/1.25m Amateur Zone Jumper
BRONZE: Panthers
Sarah Turner - Acolina R - Zone 3
Kasey Cadle - Tre' Du Kernat - Zone 3
Elizabeth Harrison Conyers - Cobalt De La Pomme Z - Zone 3

1.30/1.35m Junior/Amateur Zone Jumper
GOLD: Blue Orcas
Judy Sutton - Win A Date - Zone 3
Dominique Gonzalez - Feinschnitt - Zone 4
Eliza Derstine - Jerome V/D Mereyt - Zone 4
Trinity Beitler - Coconut - Zone 4

BRONZE: Barn Cats
Haley Barnes - Elinea VDL - Zone 3
Hugh Turner - Ruffino - Zone 3
Peyton Preblick - Altezza Du Jardin - Zone 3
Emma Pell - Catano 29 - Zone 3

Platinum Jumper
SILVER: Falcons
John Angus - W. Tonix Hero - Zone 3
Kama Godek - Continuity - Zone 3
Jesse Smith - Chambery 25 - Zone 3

BRONZE: Stingrays
Danny Mahon - Firefly41 - Zone 3
Abby Grabowski - Quantum Trost 3 - Zone 3
Addison Reed - Goliath - Zone 3
Zones 3 Individual Medalists

1.10/1.15m Children's Zone Jumper
BRONZE: Pilar Ojeda - Go Johnny Go - Zone 3

1.10/1.15m Adult Amateur Zone Jumper
SILVER: Megan Jones - Trix Rabbit - Zone 3

1.20/1.25m Junior Zone Jumper
SILVER: Telina Tibbs - TT Lotus - Zone 3

Platinum Jumper
BRONZE: Kama Godek - Continuity - Zone 3

Photos: Jump Media
Congratulations to Platinum Performance/USHJA Green Hunter Incentive South Champions!
Congratulations to the Platinum Performance/USHJA Green Hunter Incentive South Champions!

Sarah Tyndall (Virginia Beach, Va.) rode First and Goal to the 3'/3'3" section win, and Chris Wynne (Virginia Beach, Va.) piloted Landon to first in the 3'6"/3'9" section at the NCHJA Annual Show!

Photos: Kirsten Hannah Photography
2021 USHJA Zone Horse of the Year Championships and Other Special Classes are Underway
L.M. Sandy Gerald USHJA Zone 3 Equitation Championship
July 29-August 1, 2021
Rose Mount Summer
Spotsylvania, Va.

Zone 3 Horse of the Year Championship
October 22-24, 2021
WIHS Regional Horse Show
Leesburg, Va.
Team Spirit Abounds at USHJA Hunter Team Challenge - Central!
The inaugural USHJA Hunter Team Challenge kicked off over the weekend at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, Illinois, with more than 20 members teaming up to participate.

Team Yellow, made up of Mia Martin (Naperville, Illinois), Abigail Rigert (Winfield, Illinois), Madeline Stout (St. Louis, Missouri) and Callie Winkelman (McHenry, Illinois) earned the gold medal after two days of competition.

The silver medal went to Team Teal made up of Sophie Fendler (St. Louis, Missouri), Kyla Figueroa (Houston, Texas), Lillie Granger (Austin, Texas) and Samantha Michael (Plainfield, Illinois), and bronze went to Team Red made up of Shannon Carter (Cape Charles, Virginia), Eliza Cho (West Lake Hills, Texas), Kaylee Dawidiuk (Naperville, Illinois) and Sydney Joiner (Aurora, Illinois).

Photos: Alison Hartwell Photography
HQC Quick Quiz
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Don't Miss This Fun Hunter Team Competition!
Entries are open for the USHJA Hunter Team Challenge East. Don't miss the chance to participate in this fun team competition!

Aug. 4-8
New York Horse & Pony
Saugerties, N.Y.
The Marshall &Sterling Insurance/USHJA National Championships are set to return to Las Vegas November 15-21. Learn more about the event and qualifying here.
Don't Miss the Excitement at the Platinum Performance/USHJA Hunter Week!

Catch all the action on USHJA TV, part of the Horse & Country Network, and stay tuned for results and coverage.
Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Championships
The Kym K. Smith/USHJA Young Hunter Pony Championships will return to the Virginia Young Horse Festival at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Virginia, on August 29.

The Championships offer a variety of sections for ponies. New in 2021, an Adults on Ponies class open to Professional or Amateur riders has been added. Learn more.

The Virginia Young Horse Festival will also feature the Sallie B. Wheeler/USEF/USHJA Hunter Breeding Championships, presented by Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Oare – East Coast. Learn more.
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