April Zone 4 Update
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Updates and Information about COVID-19
As COVID-19 continues to impact the world, leaders in our sport are continuing to adjust plans and work toward solutions that will best serve horses and riders as we move forward.

Last week, USEF announced the extension of the suspension of all USEF owned and named events through May 31. As such, USHJA is continuing suspension of all USHJA programs and events through May 31.

The USHJA Board of Directors also made the difficult decision to cancel the USHJA Zone Jumper Team Championships and USHJA Platinum Jumper Championships for 2020. The Board felt it was unlikely that horses would be fit and ready to compete and qualify by the time of the Championships. They will return in 2021.

Additional resources and information about COVID-19:

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True or false? A blemish is synonymous with unsoundness.
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Check Out the USHJA Best Practices Page!
The USHJA Best Practices page is a collection of educational resources, downloads and videos for members.

The Owners Awareness Checklist, to help owners become more engaged and promote horse welfare, is new to the page!

You can also find educational articles like " Tips for the New or Longtime Horse Owner," " Indicators of Horse Health," and " Employer Resources."

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Educational videos like this one, "Longeing-Basic Techniques," are also on the best practices page.
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USHJA Webinar and Virtual Town Hall Coming Up May 6
Farrier Tools of the Trade Webinar
May 6, 4 p.m. ET
Join us for a webinar with Travis Burns, Associate Professor of Practice and Chief of Farrier Services at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, to learn about different types of shoes and farrier tools most commonly used in shoeing horses.  Click here for more information. Click here to join.

Virtual Town Hall with USHJA President Mary Babick
May 6, 6 p.m. ET
Register to participate in a virtual town hall with USHJA President Mary Babick. Click here for more information and to register.
Application Deadline Extended for Hamel Family Scholarship for Further Education
The deadline for the 2020 Hamel Family Scholarship for Further Education has been extended to June 15.

The scholarship, made possible through a generous donation from the Kristen and James Hamel Family Foundation, awards up to $25,000 to one USHJA member to be used for college, graduate, trade or professional school.

USHJA Affiliate Member Organization News

A Perspective of Hope for Equestrians

These are unsettling, frightening, unchartered times for each of us. But while facing the unknown, we as equestrians can stay rooted in a few traits that are foundational and universal among this strong group.

Above all, we are Perseverant.
Who else picks themselves up off the ground and gets back on, always?

We are Hopeful.
Eyes forward. Ride on.
The next try will be better. And, if it isn't try once more.

We are Passionate and Committed.
We brave all types of storms and challenges to continue to care for those we love.
We may fall, we may cry, shout out in anger, but then we march on and do what is required of us.

We are inventive and creative problem solvers.
We find solutions to challenges and the unexpected every single day.

These traits are what we admire about all of you, each of us.
It is scary, challenging and daunting to face the unknown and make the unprecedented sacrifices thrust upon us during this crisis.

As equestrians we got this. We can get through. The very traits we embody as equestrians are what will get us through these challenging times.

Hold steadfast to the fact that this too shall pass.
We will eventually return to horse showing and enjoying the sport and people we love.
And, no doubt, we will have an even greater appreciation for all of it, the highs and the lows.

As uncomfortable and unwelcome as they are, challenges are presented to make us better. This one will be no different. Grab onto this time to do the things we never seemed to make the time for before. Come out of this better than before in your spirit, in your skills, in your resolve.

Know that we are thinking of you. We hold you in our thoughts and hearts. We miss you dearly and can't wait to see you again.
Brighter days will come, and we will see you at the rings once again.

Blessings and Peace from all of us at Horse Show Ventures & Pensacola Hunter Jumper Association
-Morgan Taylor
Sport History: Fun Facts from the USHJA Wheeler Museum!
Betty Oare and Navy Commander

Chances are you’ve heard of Betty Oare as a consistent winner in the amateur-owner Hunters for decades and the winner of awards including the 2019 USHJA Mrs. A.C. Randolph Owners Legacy Award, the 2013 USHJA Lifetime Achievement Award, and the 2005 USEF Pegasus Medal of Honor.

Did you know that Oare and her famous thoroughbred partner Navy Commander, with whom she won multiple Hunter championships and induction in the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame, also competed in the 1965 Cleveland Grand Prix, the first of its kind in North America? Their style was as impeccable on a Jumper course as it was in the Hunter ring.

Photo: Betty Oare and Navy Commander in the Inaugural Cleveland Grand Prix 
Photo credit: Marshall Hawkins
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