June Zone 5 Update
Thank you for being a Zone 5 member! See who participated in early summer EAP Regional Training Sessions, compete in the HQC Stable Challenge, nominate someone for an award and more.
Last Chance to Apply for the Zone 5 Scholarship
Congratulations to Members who Participated in Early Summer EAP Regional Training Sessions!
Congratulations to our Zone 5 members who participated in the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund/USHJA Emerging Athletes Program early summer Regional Training Sessions! Stay tuned to see who participated in the late summer sessions, and check out the USHJA Facebook page for more photos.

EAP participants:
Elle Brady, Rebecca Hopkins, Amy Knox, Alivia Kohus, Emily Lacey, Lilli Power, Jordan Renzi, Lindsey Russell and Jenna Yamamoto.

3' Section participants:
Celine Afshari, Kelsey Center, Bridget Connors, Margaret Fitch, Kayley Kruse, Elise Mannix and Ruthie Ruhl

Gabrielle Adams participated in the Centenary University EAP session.
Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge Open Until July 15
USHJA invites equestrians of all ages to put their horsemanship knowledge to the test in the 2019 USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge!

The 30-day online quiz challenge is open to juniors and amateurs and brings barns together as teams to test their horsemanship knowledge for a chance to win great prizes.

The Stable Challenge requires at least three students per trainer to complete the online USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Practice Quiz between June 15 and July 15 for their barn to be eligible to win.
Quick Quiz: The diet of a horse should consist of primarily roughage.
Educational Clinics Return during USEF Pony Finals in August
This August, the USHJA will once again offer free educational horsemanship clinics at the 2019 USEF Pony Finals, presented by Collecting Gaits Farm, at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. The expanded menu of educational clinics will be open to both competitors and the general public.

  • Tuesday, August 6 (7:30-8:30 a.m.): Model Clinic
  • Tuesday, August 6 (9-10 a.m.): Model Clinic
  • Wednesday, August 7 (6:30-7:30 a.m.): Model Clinic
  • Wednesday, August 7 (11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.): Tack & Equipment: “Bits, Bits and More Bits”
  • Wednesday, August 7 (1-2 p.m.): Sports Psychology
  • Wednesday, August 7 (2-3 p.m.): Horse & Rider Turnout: “Dress to Impress”
  • Friday, August 9 (9-11 a.m.): Judge's Perspective
  • Friday, August 9 (11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.): Course Walk: “How to Walk a Course”
  • Friday, August 9 (12:30-1:30 p.m.): Longeing Demo: “How to Properly Longe”
Do you Know Someone who Deserves to be Recognized?
Nominations are open for 2019 annual awards, which recognize significant accomplishments of members.

The following awards have a nomination deadline of July 31:

The USHJA Youth Leadership Award and the USEF Youth Sportsman's Award have a deadline of September 1.

The Vital Horse Show Staff Award nominations are due October 5.
USHJA Pony Hunter Derby Championship-East is Next Month
The 2019 USHJA Pony Hunter Derby Championship-East will be Aug. 4 at Kentucky Summer Classic in Lexington, Kentucky. Entries are due July 16.
Sport History: Fun Facts from the USHJA Wheeler Museum!
As members put their horsemanship knowledge to the test in the USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge, here’s a look back to The American Horse Show, a 1958 manual by Margaret Self with a description of jumps typical of the time. 

How many jumps like these have you seen lately? 

The more we recall the practices of the past, the more we can see how the hunter/jumper sport has changed . . . and how many traditions carry on.
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