It's been long understood that major gifts have some of the greatest ROI in fundraising. As donors change the way they give, nonprofits simultaneously need to change their approach to attract - and capitalize on - these gifts. Nonprofits with a plan in place are more likely to be trusted with a mega-gift, be thoughtful stewards of the funding, and ultimately, receive additional transformational gifts. In this article, we explore 5 key steps a nonprofit should take once they receive a large gift.
Nonprofit organizations need a mix of extroverted and introverted talent to accomplish their missions. When it comes from a place of mutual respect, this partnership can be the basis of innovation and greater success than either type can accomplish on their own. It's important to recognize what introverts and extroverts bring to the table.
Through the pandemic, we've seen agile leaders across the nonprofit sector make difficult decisions about staffing and space. Now, many leaders are working to re-envision, rebuild, and grow their organizations. As more people are returning to the office in varying capacities, employees are grappling with questions about how to enter this "new normal" safely, effectively, and intentionally. To help answer some of these questions, our teammates share their unique perspectives and offer advice on how to make returning to the office work for you.
As planned giving vehicles continue to create transformational fundraising opportunities for nonprofit organizations, financed life insurance is one planned giving tool, in particular, that is driving high-net-worth individuals to give multi-million dollar donations and close successful campaigns. Check out our article to gain an understanding of how donors can use their insurability to make impactful gifts.
Between returning to the office and the recent abundance of opportunities to meet with colleagues and peers face-to-face, Craig Shelley, President-elect, AFP-NYC Chapter, finds seeing people in-person energizing and encourages everyone to take advantage of getting together. Good news for you! AFP-NYC has several upcoming workshops, sessions, and conferences, including Fundraising Day in New York on June 17, 2022.
Registration is already proceeding at a record pace as people are eager to reunite at the largest one-day fundraising conference in the nation. We hope to see you there! 
Meet Chief's Newest Member: Tisha Hyter!
We're so excited to share that one of our very own leaders, Tisha, is a new member of Chief, a private network designed for the most powerful women in executive leadership to strengthen their leadership, magnify their influence, and pave the way to bring others with them. We can't wait to see all the great things Tisha accomplishes next!
Amanda Nelson Joined Fellow Leaders at The Nonprofit Alliance's Leadership Summit
Earlier this month, Amanda joined The Nonprofit Alliance at its Leadership Summit in D.C. alongside fellow nonprofit leaders across the country and sector. Over the course of 3-days, attendees honed their leadership skills through guided networking and educational sessions led by industry experts. Amanda had the opportunity to practice her pitch at a Mock Hill Day Visit with members of Congress!
Teammates Melissa Chang and Lauren Hancock Attended Planned Giving Day 2022
Our teammates, Melissa and Lauren had the opportunity to attend the Philanthropic Planning Group of Greater New York's Planned Giving Day 2022. In reflecting on this experience, Melissa shared that "[she] found that legacy donors are the most engaging to talk to - the stories and memories they share about why they love an organization are very inspiring, and if you love the creative side of fundraising that recognizes everyday individuals, planned giving is a really meaningful way to engage."
Robin Hood
We're thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Robin Hood, New York City's largest poverty-fighting organization! Poised to substantially grow its planned giving program, we're working with the Robin Hood team to assess and strengthen its planned giving strategy. We're excited to help Robin Hood harness its planned giving opportunities to drive lasting impact to lift New Yorkers out of poverty.
The Door
We also recently teamed up with The Door, a nonprofit which empowers young people to reach their full potential by providing comprehensive youth development services in a diverse and caring environment. The Door serves up to 11,000 youth annually across four New York City locations, including their main site in lower Manhattan, supportive housing sites on the Lower East Side, and a satellite house in the South Bronx.

Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, our team is collaborating with The Door to elevate the organization's current state, understand its fundraising capacity and potential, and develop a strategy to scale fundraising. We look forward to helping The Door celebrate this milestone and realize a path to achieving its short- and long-term vision for growth.
World Resources Institute
Our list of partners continues to grow, and we're thrilled to be working with World Resources Institute once again to determine the feasibility of a capital campaign to strengthen the organization's global network, accelerate action on climate change in this critical decade, and fuel future innovation. Our team is working with WRI to assess its current capacity to mobilize flexible funding, refine a campaign case for support, and design a campaign strategy to serve as a roadmap for the capital campaign.

We are grateful to be working alongside WRI to help the organization expand its impact as a leader in research and action to protect the environment and improve people's lives!
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  • At least 1-3 years of combined business, marketing, international studies, social enterprise, corporate philanthropy, and/or sales experience.
  • Responsible for supporting the Business Partnerships team in cultivating and closing new partnerships, maintaining current relationships, and streamlining processes and data.
  • 5-7 years of experience with a passion for international development.
  • Responsible for leading and expanding the mid-level donor program for the Business Development team and developing a fundraising strategy to grow revenue from the mid-level donor segment.
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