Construction continues at Heart House!

Did you know that Heart House will not only provide 11 units of desperately needed low-income housing but will also include a licensed childcare facility located on the ground floor?

According to a report released by the Opportunity Council in March of 2018, there were only enough licensed childcare placements for 32% of Whatcom County’s children and fewer placements that accept State subsidies. This lack of childcare creates an additional challenge for families struggling with a housing crisis or experiencing homelessness. As a result, it becomes harder to get back on their feet and can force parents to accept potentially risky childcare options to maintain their job security.  
Heart House addresses this need by combining housing placements with on-site licensed childcare and the full force of Lydia Place supportive programs.
2021 End of Year Newsletter
If you haven’t already, check out our End of Year Newsletter to learn more about the current challenges facing families in Whatcom County and the impact you’re making through your support! 
 Thank you to everyone who donated to support our end of year campaign - raising $120,000+ and helping to kick off 2022 funding. We look forward to expanding our list of incredible donors in the 2022 End of Year Newsletter.
Last year at Hearts for Housing, our community was able to come together and raise over $250k for families experiencing homelessness in our community. 

As we continue to see the need for services rise and the impacts of the pandemic continue to affect our most vulnerable neighbors adversely, your participation this year is even more critical to ensuring mission success.
Interested in being an "agent of change" and becoming a sponsor?
Reach out to 
February is Black History Month! This is a month to set aside specific time to honor Black history and become more anti-racist in our daily lives. We've gathered a book for every age to engage in and learn about anti-racist practices, the Black experience, and important Black historical figures. We hope you enjoy reading these books and that they inspire the continuation of your anti-racist journey after February ends.
The Diversity Gap: Where Good Intentions Meet True Cultural Change 

by Bethaney Wilkinson
The Diversity Gap is a fearless, groundbreaking guide to help leaders at every level shatter the barriers that are causing diversity efforts to fail. 
Black Enough: Stories of Being Young & Black in America 

edited by Ibi Zoboi
(Young Adult) 

Black Enough is an essential collection of captivating stories about what it’s like to be young and Black in America.
Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

by Vashti Harrison

An important book for all ages, Little Leaders educates and inspires as it relates true stories of forty trailblazing black women in American history.
Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Days are happening
February 1 – 3 as a free virtual event.

If you're looking for ways to expand your advocacy skills and learn about different housing and homelessness policies, these workshops will benefit you in your advocacy journey! You'll be able to meet others with similar interests, ask questions, and engage with local lawmakers. We hope to see you virtually!
A Fresh Start for the New Year

Thank you, Misha Collins and Shoshannah Stern, for sponsoring our online gift registry and to every single person who purchased items!

Lydia Place families experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness were delighted to receive new kitchen items, towels, bedding, and toys. What a wonderful way to start the new year! 
Toolhouse Donates $7,280 to Support Lydia Place Families!

When the pandemic disrupted Toolhouse’s annual tradition of participating in our Adopt A Family program, they did what creative digital marketers do and took their generosity online. Toolhouse challenged their employees to make financial donations to Lydia Place with the promise that the company would match each gift. The staff was up for the challenge and donated $2,280, but Toolhouse didn’t stop there! Instead of just matching, the company added a generous donation of $5,000. We are so grateful to the Toolhouse staff and leadership for their generosity, creativity, and many years of support. 
Toolhouse is a Bellingham-based digital marketing agency, fundamentally changing how leading life science companies use technology to build meaningful connections with patients and physicians.
Holiday Donation Drives

A HUGE thank you to the following groups for organizing donation drives in November and December: Sehome High School PCO Club, Cascades Montessori Middle School, 3 OMS Yoga, Training Grounds.  

Thank you to these Community Champions for regularly stocking our Home Essentials closet with cleaning supplies and hygiene items families need! 
Special Thanks to All Our New Housing Heroes!
18 individuals signed up to become new Housing Heroes during our December campaign and many others chose to increase their monthly gift!

Congratulations to new Housing Hero, Andrew Welch, for winning our giveaway bundle!
Attention Lydia Place Housing Heroes Monthly Contributors
You may update or change your credit card details by calling 360.671.7663 or by filling out an online donation form with your new credit card information here.
Thank you to the following Housing Heroes for committing to the work of Lydia Place by helping us end family homelessness with a monthly gift!
Anonymous, Abby Lollar, Adam & Kathryn Resnick, Adrienne Wrightson, Alivia Jelinski, Allison Sculthorp, Alycia Hawkins, Amy Johnson, Ana Luisa Dias, Andrew Welch, Anna Rodriguez, Anonymous, Audrey Gravley & Bill McGinnis, Barbara S Kleine, Beth Randall, Bill Kern & Kay Caylor, Brianna Brumbaugh, Bruce Underwood, Butch & Linda Arnold, Calvin R Atkins, Carey Ditton, Cassie Hernandez, Cayla Dickens, Chara Stuart, Danielle Elder, Danielle Genack, David James Beaumier, Delores Starcher, Dixie Farthing, Dodi Mason, Don & Kathy Smith, Drew & Michael Betz, Dru Lee, Elizabeth Walukas, Erin DiDomenico, Erin Lynch, Gail A Smith, Gina Ebbeling, Graham Essex, Greer W Hastings, Hank Kastner, Hanna Loeffler, Heather Blevons, Heather Dawn Lange, Heather Michel, Hilary Marsee, Jaime Alison Friedrich, Jamie Valenta, Janet Driscoll, Janne K. Potter, Jaretta Smith, Jaylin Lee Godwin, Jeanne Baker, Jeffery Tom, Jennifer Cool, Jennifer M. Johns, Jillene Snell, Joan & Michael Moye, Joyce M Anderson, Judy Bell, Kacia Emley, Kaitlyn Gerard, Karen & Richard Clark, Karyl Jefferson, Kate McDonald, Kate Robertson, Katherine McDade, Kathleen McQuaide, Kathleen Smith, Kathy & Marcus Rowe-Guthrie, Katie Cassidy, Katie Herling, Kayla C. Litton, Kelly Spencer, Kim Ninnemann, Lacey Stewart, Laura Ann Poehner, Laura Rink, Linda Read, Lisa Cerezo, Lisa Heezen, Lisa N Chovil, Lyn Salazar, Lynda Hinton Real Estate Inc, Marilyn Moullen, Mary & Jeff Anderson, Matt Lesinski, Matthew & Stephanie Barrow, Megan C McGinty, Melanie S Pysden, Michael & Mary Jane Brunt, Michelle Dohm, Mindy & Alex Gravley, Misty Kemp, Misty Rainwater, Monica Craig, Mychel LeRae Cortese, Nancy A Long, Natalie Ransom & Ryan Wimberly, Pamela J Felke, Patricia McGuire Stigliani, Patti K Morgan, Pepper Tipton, Rachel Garcia, Rachel Lucy Cecka, Rebecca Ludwig, Roxanna Hayes, Ruby Volker, Ryan Thramer, Samantha Beardslee, Samantha Murry, Sampson Greig Alvarado, Sarah Lewis, Sarah Nuanes, Shala Erlich, Shannon & Peter Day, Shawna Unger, Shelley Higgins, Shenandoah Myrick, Sonja Lee, Spencer Berger, Stephanie Barney, Stephanie C Hadley, Sterling Rentals, LLC, Sue Croft, Sue Staley, Susan & Jeff Palmer, Susan Costanzo, Susie Simerl, Suzannah & Tyler Schroeder, Talia R Nuckolls, Tammie O'Dell, Tansy Peterson, Terell Weg, Theresa Anne Christiani, Thomas & Junko Roehl, Tierney Owens, Tim & Linda Wise Miller, Tom Laughlin, Tonya Yoder, Trent John Vigor, Trisha Symonds, Wayne Bell, Wylder Tipton, Yvonne Vaughn
Thank you the following neighbors who gave a one-time gift in December!
Anonymous, Aarti Vaid, Abby Arend, Abigail Salinger, Alicia Allard, Allen S Petersen, Allyson Imig, Ambrose Ingram, Anna J DiSpigno, Anonymous, Ariel Brinn, Arla Fowler, Avenue Bread, Avenue Bread & Deli, Barb Ann Thornton, Barbara Blain Harrell, Barbara Machtey, Barbara Zielstra, Bart Van Nus, Bekki & Russ Weston, Bellingham Bay Gymnastics & Preschool, Bellingham Bay Rotary Club, Bellingham Underwriters, Berle Driscoll, Bertha Safford, Beth Hawthorne, Beverly Jones, Bill & Carol Henshaw, Bill & Fran Davis, Bill & Gloria Evans, Bill Smith & Lynn Graham, Blackbaud Giving Fund, Bob McDonnell, Bobbette Whetsell, Brad & Patricia Thrall, Brandon Hausmann, Brenda O. Weddel, Brent Stevenson, Brian Rusk, Brigid White, Brittney Ayers, Brownfield, Virginia & Jerry, Byron Scott Roberts, Calvin Hayes, Carol Selby, Carolyn Wolfe, Carolyne Milling, Cassandra McHugh, Cathy Moran, Catrinel Persa, Chapter AB PEO Sisterhood, Charles A. Gargano, Chris Strom, Christine A Lewis, Christine Joy Larsen, Christine Kubota, Christopher Edwards, Claire McPhee, Corbin Hudacek, Dakota Mangum-Turner, Dan Burns, Dan Pitts, Daniel C. Maehren, David & Tisch Lynch, Debbie & Dan Raas, Deborah D Dempsey, Denise Easton, Dianne & Kevin Pringle, Donald & Debra Hughes, Donna McKee, Donna Rickman, Dorothy F DeGolier, Dorothy Seekins, Dr. Chao-ying & Suzanne Wu Family Fund, Dr. David Netboy, Eli Gries, Elizabeth & Michael Hopley, Elizabeth Delgatto, Elizabeth Rodgers, Elizabeth Snyder, Elizabeth Wonacott, Emily Estcourt Grubbs, Emma Malpeso, Erin Granahan, Evelyn Kwiatkowski, Fallon Parker-Mckinney, Francie & Ken Gass, Franklin Davis, Frontstream, Gabriela Guedea, Gail Kuromiya, Gaylon Vander Yacht, GeoEngineers Inc, Georgia & Bob MacGregor, Greer W Hastings, Greg & Linda Brown, Greg Halleen, Hafzalla Real Estate, Harriet Ludjin, Heather Schultzler, Henry Muska, Holly Lee, Innov8 CPAs PLLC, Jaima Hughes, James A Nelson, James Bjerke, Jana Richter, Jane Geddes, Jane K Bright, Jane Major, Janet R Bonzon, Janice Rae Claussen, Jayme & David Curley, Jeanine Hart Horner, Jeff Culver, Jenn Stutsman, Jennifer Chapman, Jenny Rae, Jerald Rosenfeld, Jhustin C Hall, Jim & Diane Mallahan, Jim & Terri Harber, Jo Philpot, Joan Matz, Joe Flynn, Joel & Helena Hiltner, Joel Pattinson, John & Karen Hayden, John & Kathryn Whitmer, John & Sandra Keith, John A Bird, John R Lindh, John S Allen, John T & Marilyn S Howe Living Trust, Jon Fein, Jonelle Dedrick, Judith Paulson, Julianna Guy, Julie A Goodwin, Julie Ann Johansen, Karen Cook, Karen Hodnett, Karen Summers, Karin Luce, Karis Ann Van Diest, Katelyn Sherman, Kathleen Gundel, Kathleen Hutchins, Kathleen Smith, Kathleen Snyder, Kathryn Beck, Katie Garcia, Kayla Philip, Kelly Harrison, Kelly Lotts, Kenneth Brusic, Kevin Stock, Kirk Roberts, Kristin McCullough, Kyle & Sherri Huleatt, Larissa Stewart, Laserpoint Awards & Promotions Inc., Latitude 49 Resort Park, Lawrence & Pyllis Kiehn, Linda & Paul Zemler, Linda Smeins, Lindsey Veilluex, Lisa Ford, Little Family Legacy Foundation, Lora Sherman, Lynne & Andrew Yurovchak Jr, Maggie Parker MP Real Estate LLC, Marcus Sanders, Margot Brown, Mark Osborne, Marlene & Gene Potocnik, Martha & George Giffen, Martha Hehner, Mary & Ralph Perona, Mary Doherty, Medina Foundation, Megan Cook, Melana Schmike & Scott Sandeno, Michael Sato & Amy Nelson, Michael Straus, Michele Morrissey, Michelle Holladay, Mike Sumpter, Miriam Danu, Mr. Michael Dean Bradburn, MTE Fund, Myron & Paula Wlaznak, Nadia Makan, Nancy Southern, Nathan & Amanda Dwyer, Nicole Champagne, Paine Partnership LLC, Patrick Laird, Paul & Samantha Campbell, Paul Campbell & Helen Arntson, Rachel Petersen, Ray & Sally Poorman, Rebekah Paci-Green, Rectors Vacuum Service, Rena Ziegler, Richard Gwozdz, Richard Taylor, Rob & Jill Takemura, Robert & Alicia Wurm, Robert & Jane Gordon- Ball, Robert & Jeanette Morse, Robert Pollock, Roberta Monroe & Charles Dyer, Roger Read, Rogers Family Donation Fund, Rosie Rayborn, Roxane E Ronca, Ruth & Jeff DeYoe, Ruth Shuster, S Brent Hurtig & Andrea Albi, Sarah & Paul Vautaux, Sarah Harris, Scott Barrow, Scott Lipp, Shannon Engelbrecht, Sharon Hoofnagle, Shelley Higgins, Sherrill & Peggy Blankenship, Sherry Holtzman, Silvia Torres, Sovannvatei Sath, Stephanie K Jones, Stephen Buetow, Stephen Hart, Stewart Ellison, Suki Aufhauser, Susan & Thom Beamish, Susan Dee Friesen, Susan Jay, Susan Roland, Susan Wright, Tal Connor, Target Corperation, Tax Time, The Dudley Foundation, The Mary Redman Foundation, Thomas Nichols, Tom Thramer, Toolhouse, Top Land Trading Inc, UFCW Local 21, Valerie Culver, Vincent & Mary Kelley, Virginia Nurco, Vonnie Jenkins Living Trust, WECU, Wendy Lockwood-Larson, Whatcom Community Foundation:Celedo Fund, William L Freeman, Wilson Engineering LLC, Yeager's Sporting Goods
Lydia Place is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by the law.
Solar Panels for Heart House 

We’re proud to be a recipient of grant funding from PSE’s Green Power and Solar Choice program to support the installation of a solar project at Heart House! As a recipient of this grant, we’re excited to work with PSE to support the expansion of cleaner energy for a healthier environment, lower our energy-related operating costs, and make the push to a more inclusive clean energy future.
Thank you Hotel Bellwether for donating banquet chairs!
Hotel Bellwether generously donated 150 banquet chairs to Lydia Place. While we're still eagerly anticipating the day when we have a full calendar of in-person events, we know having these chairs on hand will be a huge cost savings for years to come.
Thank you for helping fuel our work!
In appreciation of our staff, real estate agent and Lydia Place supporter Maggie Parker gifted each Lydia Place employee with a Woods Coffee card and a note of encouragement.


When people like you donate your new or gently used furniture and household items to Habitat for Humanity, you enable our clients to shop for things they need to make their house a home!

Just mention Lydia Place during your donation process, and we will receive a store credit to pass along to our families.

Learn more about the wide range of items you can donate and schedule a pickup at
Join our team!
We are seeking driven individuals to join us in our mission to disrupt the cycle of homelessness.
We are currently hiring a full-time Mental Health Clinician and a part-time Facilities & Maintenance Assistant, with more positions coming soon! 
Lydia Place offices are closed to the public on Fridays. 
Thank you for being understanding as we continue to prioritize employee wellness. We know the best outcomes for our clients and our community will be achievable when our team is healthy and thriving.