Four articles on diet and lifestyle changes for migraineurs.

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Migraine Disorders - Relationship to Lifestyle and Diet

Although generally acknowledged to have both genetic and physiological origins in the central nervous system (CNS), migraine disorders can also be worsened by lifestyle factors including stress and diet.

What follows are links to four articles that address the relationship between migraine disorders and stress management, lifestyle changes, potential food triggers, and overall dietary recommendations. The last one is written by our Vice President Dr. Michael Teixido along with a nutritionist/patient.

Managing stress and your migraines

5 critical lifestyle changes for migraineurs

Food triggers and nutrient therapies

A grocery list with "Yes" foods migraineurs can eat, plus shopping tips and recipes

Again, like many chronic conditions that have a genetic or constitutional basis, the already painful situation can be made worse by mismanagement of environmental or lifestyle factors.  All migraineurs should pay careful attention to what events or triggers in their lives have undesirable effects.

Next month we will explore some more specific issues relative to nutrition, such as elimination diets, food allergies, gluten free diets, and their relationship to migraine disorders. If you have a particular area of interest please, make us aware of it and we can research it for an upcoming newsletter.

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