6 articles to help combat holidays' effects on migraine disease

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Holiday Migraine Prevention Tips

The holiday season is hard upon us. Ordinarily it is a time for celebration, parties, eating, drinking, enjoying time with family, and all too often stress. For the chronic migraineur this can be a prescription for migraine disaster. So what can one do to avoid this virtual minefield of migraine triggers, and hopefully enjoy the season? Following are a few links to articles that may help you dodge that god-awful, painful affliction:

 Great tips to help you enjoy the Holidays and avoid migraines

How to avoid migraines during the Holiday Season

Plenty of sleep during the Holiday Season can be critical

Develop your own migraine prevention plan, from Stanford University

Diet and alcohol can be major triggers during this time of year

Don't let migraines ruin your holiday enjoyment, a few more tips

So here is AMD's holiday gift to you. We hope there is some useful information that you can use in the 6 carefully selected articles above. Spend an hour perusing them and we guess some advice will resonate with you and your particular situation. Also, follow our Twitter feed for more timely information, now and year round. Happy migraine-free holidays!


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