September Public Art Committee happenings in Missoula, Montana

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2018 Traffic Signal Box Commissions Awarded!

We have very exciting news! Four new Traffic Signal Boxes in Downtown Missoula have officially been commissioned. Artists in Missoula County created and submitted work which was then reviewed by a selection committee made up of City of Missoula Public Art Committee members, neighborhood representatives, the Department of Transportation and other stakeholders.

The City of Missoula Public Art Committee is so excited to have fresh new signal boxes in our downtown area! Our final artists are: Hannah Schultz, M. Scott Miller, Lillian R. Nelson and Karen Slobod. All of their pieces encompass very different qualities, techniques, imagery and concepts. This year, Greg Siple will be re-creating his box, Biking to Missoula, that was removed in years past outside of Worden's Market. Locations of new boxes include Orange & Spruce, Higgins & Pine, Broadway & Orange, Broadway & Higgins and Higgins & Spruce.

Artists will be painting/vinyling their work between September 28th and October 3rd! Say hello and cheer on the artists as they work.

Here are sneak peek images of our four new box models and Greg Siple's, Biking to Missoula, that will be re-vinyled:

Artists from left to right: Hannah Schultz (Huckleberry Haven), Lillian R. Nelson (Where the Sun Rises), Karen Slobod (Missoula Style), M. Scott Miller (Pretty in Pink), Greg Siple (Biking to Missoula) .

We can't wait to see these five beautiful boxes come to fruition! Please email with questions. Thanks for reading.

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Committee Meeting Information

Join in on a Missoula Public Art Committee meeting! Every meeting tak es place on the third Tuesday of every month from 4-6pm in the Jack Reidy Conference Room of 140 W Pine, and is open to any and all. If you would like to be privy to the planning of new and up-and-comi ng public art projects, this is the place to be!

You are welcome to attend just to listen and learn, but you may also present a public art idea or ask for advice with your OWN project. This committee is full of savvy members from all realms of the art community, so they are an excellent resource.

If you would like to speak at any meeting, please contact Becca McCarron at  she can add you to the agenda. A week's notice is preferable. 

[Left Image: Perseverance & Passage located in Silver Park, by artist George Ybarra]

The Public Art Committee shall endeavor to develop a collection of public art that is of the highest quality, that will encompass a broad aesthetic range reflecting the city and the minds of its citizens, that will improve the quality of life in the area, that will be accessible to all individuals, and be a source of pride to all residents. 
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