Letter From The Top

Dear Friends, 

How time flies!  We are all moved into our spacious new store in Saint Joseph Michigan.

As we started to move and then as I attended the closing of the building we resided in for almost 13 years, it caused me a great deal of reflection.  I do have to say that along with the reflection, there was anxiety and fear while at the same time I experienced the joy of the "bigger and new" looking forward. 

My mother, Loretta Benedict, ER Nurse, started Accomplish Quilting in the basement of my parent's home in Pennsylvania in 1993.  Mom's objective was simple, "Help people accomplish the objective of finishing their quilts."   After Clarence retired he decided to help expand Mom's business by selling the machine she quilted with.  In order to obtain longarm dealership status with a defined territory, Clarence and Loretta had to move to Michigan in 2001.  We worked out of the basement and garage of my parent's home.  At that point, I joined my parent's business working nights and weekends all while holding down a full time position at American Electric Cook Nuclear Power Plant.  Quite a few more nights than my bosses would care to know, I only slept a few hours. 

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June Sale - $15 Off Batting
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Mach 3 Simulator
Now you can pre-plan your quilt on your computer and transfer it to your longarm computer!  Save time!  
Work on your patterns or simply use this tool to show your patterns to your customers.  
Story Behind The Quilts

Each month, meet someone extrodinary, innovative, inspiring or just simply talented.  

This month you will meet Sue and Jeff Hobsson of Martinsville, Indiana.  This is a really fun and lively couple that have a great story to share!

Don't  m iss this article !  !
Look for their story out on Wednesday! 

Click on the link below to read past Stories Behind the Quilts:

The Michigan Report
Here's What's Happening at our New Location!
Accomplish Quilting- MI is no longer located in the quiet village of Stevensville!  We are officially open for business at 810 Napier in St. Joseph, MI. Come visit us in our more than 7000 square foot showroom. You'll find lots of INNOVA equipment, many pre-owned machines set up, and room for us to grow!  We are close to many amenities and tourist attractions including wineries and wine-tasting rooms, charter fishing, Silver Beach and the Silver Beach Carousel, Curious Kids Museum and State Street shopping district. We're not only your longarm destination, we're a great vacation spot too.  
June 4th New Owner Training ~ This class is FULL and the next available class is July 9th.
Class is free with the purchase of an INNOVA quilting machine.
June 9-11
Intermediate Training ~ This class is FULL and next available class is August 18th-20th.
Cost is $100 per day.

June 17th 10 AM-4PM How Do I Quilt This?
Do you need help choosing the best design to enhance your quilt top? In this class Julie will explore the different design choices that take a quilt from ordinary to spectacular. Julie will also present strategies for coping with imperfect piecing, wavy borders and other quilting problems. Please bring tops that you would like to have quilting suggestions for and finished quilts that you would like to show. Space is limited so call today to sign up!
Cost is $100.00.
June 24th 4 PM to 7PM License to Longarm   
Are you interested in longarm finishing your quilt tops without the huge investment of buying a longarm? Come learn how to use the machine, load a quilt, free-motion quilt and follow a pantograph pattern with a laser.  Renting is a great way to see if you want to pursue purchasing a longarm. Class includes two hours of free rental time at a later date.
Cost is $75.
June 25th 1 PM to 4 PM QuiltIN
Jamie Wallen will be with us at the first QuiltIN meeting to gather at the new store at 810 Napier in St. Joseph. The topic will be Filling Negative Space. Bring your ideas, Show-and-Tell and a little snack to share. QuiltIN is a free event, but please call to reserve your spot. 

Michigan Row By Row! 
Starting June 21, 2016 - Stop by and pick up your pattern and kit!


Upcoming Events
Quilt Challenge
Beginning February 1, you can come in and pick up your pattern for the Quilt Challenge.  The quilt will be made in black and white fabrics (solids or tone on tone).  Once you have 
pieced the quilt, the challenge will be in t

We will have two categories to vote on (computerized and hand-guided).  A prize will be offered in both categories.  Look for more information in your email or stop in at the shop!
he quilting!  Use any thread (type or color) to quilt
your pieced top in any way that you wish.  Turn your quilt in by August 15, 2016, and then come in and vote (one time) for your favorite starting September 1.  

Thurs, 6/9 Lunch and Learn - Please Read
Lunch and Learn will be on a short hiatus for the month of June.  If you would like to bring in your ruler sampler on Thursday and spend some time practicing, please call Karen and let her know.

Sat, 6/11 New Owner Training
9:00 am - 4:00 pm.  This is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of machine quilting on the INNOVA. It is offered to new owners to help them become familiar with all the features of the machine, basic maintenance, use of the Bobbin Chief bobbin winder and free motion quilting. After lunch we explore pantographs, PantoVision, Navigator and AutoPilot.  All supplies are included and future renters will receive two free hours of rental time (a $30.00 value) to use at a later date after completing the class.  Cost is $75, or free to new owners.  Please call to RSVP your attendance.

Wed, 6/15 Top Tenn Club
10:00 am.  The Top Tenn Club is a group of longarm quilters that meet at Accomplish Quilting to discuss design ideas and learn from each other.  You do not have to own a quilting machine to participate - just bring your desire to learn and share!  This month we will learn to put binding on while the quilt is on the longarm and you should bring your favorite longarm quilting book to share.

Thur, 6/23
Fri, 6/24
Sat, 6/25
Intermediate Training
Intermediate Training is the next step in continuing to learn about your machine and develop new techniques. We offer 2 days of intermediate level training for hand guided and 3 days for computer guided customers. If you are a hand-guided quilter you will want to sign up for the second and third day. Computerized quilters will want to sign up for all three days with the understanding that the third day is optional and could be taken at a later date.  

Innova Timing Tool
NOW YOU CAN TIME YOUR INNOVA WITH ACCURACY IN YOUR OWN HOME OR BUSINESS! Perfect timing the first time and every time! 

 It doesn't matter if you live hours away from Accomplish Quilting or right next door, now you can maintain timing at will when needed!   

ORDER TODAY and be ready for when that crazy moment happens when timing is off.  

Click below:

Call the store today and we ship right away.  
Order online on our web site.  



Tech's Tips

Quilt Frame Lifts 
This month, we're going to take a look at the 2 types of lifts for longarm frames and what makes them different. Almost every type of longarm frame offers some type of "lift" attachment for the frame, and they fall into one of two categories: hydraulic or electrical. While they both do the same job (raise/lower the frame), the way they do it is different.

Hydraulic lifts use a small pump to pump mineral oil through multiple oil lines into each of the lift legs. As the leg fills with oil, the foot is pushed downwards, which in turn pushes the frame up. When you want to lower it, the pump sucks the oil back into the main tank, empting the legs, which allows the frame to drop back down as it empties.
Electric lifts instead use electric motors. These motors push the lift legs up and down, raising the table up or lowering it down.

Both types of lifts ultimately do the same job, but do it differently. As a result, there are also some advantages to one over the other. 

The hydraulic lift pumps oil in and out of the legs using 4 oil lines. Each one of these is plugged into the pump 
 itself. Over the years, the seal of the oil lines can wear, allowing oil to leak onto your floor. Worse yet, as the oil leaves the system, the lift itself will no longer have its full range of movement, possibly even lifting multiple legs lower than others. Replacing the lost oil takes specialized tools. If one of the lines ever gets pinched or crimped, you can have a leak, or a blocked line, both resulting in poor function. 

One other thing to keep in mind with the hydraulic lifts is how the frame lowers. The hydraulic lifts lower the frame down using gravity. The lift feet themselves compress back into the leg until the frame's wheels touch the ground. At that point, with no external force on the lift's feet, they also stay on the ground instead of raise up into the legs of the hydraulic lift. If you try to roll your frame around while the lifts feet are still on the ground, you run the risk of scuffing or scratching hard floors and tearing up carpeted floors. Any hydraulic lift owners should make sure to manually raise the foot of the lift to avoid damaging their floors.

Those with the electric lifts, don't have to worry about any of that stuff.

There's no oil or other fluids involved, so no chance of leaking and staining the floor. The lift's feet are raised by the motor itself, so it'll leave the ground with no additional work, preventing any mishaps the result in a damaged floor.

Overall, the Innova electric lift is the way to go!  You will cease to worry about leaks, crimps, uneven lifts and years of service.  


Offer Expires: June 30, 2016