Letter From The Top

Dear Friends, 
What's a man to do when droves of experienced longarm quilters recognize his team's service and the machine they are selling is far better than what they have now?  He buys a 10,000-square foot building to refurbish and display the used machines for sale that were traded for his team's new Innovas.  That's what he does! 
Then what happens when even more people bring their used machines to get a new Innova?  He rents a massive display area at the Kentucky Oaks Mall, Paducah, to display and sell those freshly serviced machines.  That's what happens!
So, are you looking for a quilting machine that works right for $4000?  $8,000 or $10,000?  We have what you need.   Please visit our used machine page, give us a call or come see us soon in Michigan, or Tennessee, or maybe this weekend in Rosemont, Illinois, or how about the end of April in Paducah Kentucky?
Oh, and we'll always have some new Innova longarms close by too.  But let me warn you: you're going to be awfully tempted to jump into the big leagues and buy a new Innova right out of the gate.  When you do, you'll join the experienced quilters and newbies thanking us for making their choice and their longarm quilting easy!
Best regards,
Jeff Benedict


Accomplish Quilting - Quilting Challenge!
AQ is hosting a quilting challenge 
with the theme of "Hidden Treasures"
The challenge theme will be in the quilting! 
This is a wholecloth challenge - use any fabric, any thread (type or color(s)) and quilt your wholecloth in any way that you wish. 
No seams - how great is that!?
  1. As the focus is on the quilting, we have chosen not to allow embellishments.
  2. There is no specific shape requirement.
  3. The quilt must have a perimeter between 120 and 160 inches.
  4. There is no requirement for fabric type or color.
  5. The quilt must be turned in by August 16, 2017 to Accomplish Quilting (Goodlettsville or St. Joseph) with the registration form.
  6. Once turned in, the quilt will be on display in one of our locations for the months of September and October.
    (1 month at each location)
  7. Please include a label on the back of your quilt. Your name on the label will be covered during the voting time frame.
  8. Voting for each store will begin on September 1, 2017 and end on September 30, 2017.
  9. There are two categories of quilting - computerized and hand guided. Any quilt with any portion of the quilting done using a computerized machine will have to place their quilt in the computerized category.
  10. The winner of each category will be announced September 30th at the close of business and will receive a $150 gift certificate.
                                  The Michigan Report

Quilter of the Month: Michelle Tuller
Thank you to Michelle Tuller of Stevensville, MI for being our Quilter of the Month. Michelle is a prolific quilter and has provided us with her beautiful handiwork. We enjoy seeing Michelle on a regular basis when she rents our INNOVA longarms to finish her quilts and to finish commissioned t-shirt quilts and memory quilts for her customers. Stop by our store to see her work or keep an eye on our Facebook page for a peek at her collection. 

Classes and Events at the St. Joseph Store 
(Please call to reserve your spot.)

April 6-8 International Quilt Festival, Rosemont, IL
Come see us at this week in Chicagoland! The classrooms will be filled with INNOVA machines. Jamie Wallen is teaching at the show. We will make you a deal on the best longarm on earth! www.quilts.com
April 11  License to Longarm (4-7 PM)
Call today to get started finishing your quilts at Accomplish Quilting. Cost is still $25 and includes two hours of free rental time. You can't beat an opportunity like that.
April 21-22 Intermediate Hand-guided Training (9 AM- 4 PM)
This class is full, but if you are looking for a great two day hands-on class, we just scheduled another class for July 28-29 (?).  We also have openings for Intermediate Hand-guided Training on Aug 11-12. Next AutoPilot Intermediate Training is May 19-20.
April 26-29  AQS Spring Quilt Week- (Wed-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-4 pm)
Paducah, KY will be packed with inspiration and shopping galore in just a few weeks.  It's a great time to get a new machine from Accomplish Quilting! We'd be happy to bring supplies to you too.  Just call by April 21st.
May 13  QuiltIN  1 PM-4 PM. 
It's free (Bring Show and Tell and a snack to share), but call us to sign up if you'd like to gather with fellow machine quilters.
June 16-17  Linda Hrcka 
Aug 4-5  Jamie Wallen   
Spots are still available for classes coming up! The cost is $250 for each two-day workshop. Spaces are filling up fast, so call soon if you'd like to learn from one of these amazingly talented teachers.

Thanks to Carol, Ashley and Randy for a very successful Quilting Bootcamp! Beautiful work from teachers and the students.

Spineless Feathers - Taught by Bridget Long
12 Months of Quilting - Taught by Carol Ann McCandless

Trapunto Wholecloth - Taught by Marsha Cline

Quilting with Leather - 
Taught by Carol Thurson

The Tennessee Rep ort

Please stop by and see the quilting of Shirley Arnold, our Quilter of the Month! The display is a mix of 14 quilts pieced by Shirley and her friends, all quilted by Shirley on her Innova!

Educational Events at the Goodlettsville Store 
(Please call to reserve your spot.)

Don't let the spring showers keep you from attending these wonderful AQ events in April!
April 4 - License to Longarm (5:30pm - 8:30pm)
April 8 - New Owner Training (9am - 4pm)
April 15 - Top Tenn Longarm Guild (10am) 
- Topic: Swap Meet
April 21-22 - Autopilot Intermediate Training (9am - 4pm)
April 26-29 - Paducah AQS Spring QuiltWeek 

May is a very exciting month as we host 2 events with Jamie Wallen! His Mystical Adventure Class will be held at the store in Goodlettsville and in Olive Branch, Mississippi. 
Join Jamie Wallen for a two-day workshop: The cost is $250 (includes lunch), and runs each day from 9 am - 4 pm.
Call 615-756-9556 or email tnsales@accomplishquilting for more information.  Seats are limited!

May 2-3 - Jamie Wallen Mystical Adventure Nashville (9am - 4pm)
May 5 - License to Longarm (10 am - 1 pm)
May 5-6  Jamie Wallen Mystical Adventure Mississippi (9am-4pm)
May 13 - New Owner Training (9am - 4pm)
May 17 - Top Tenn Longarm Guild (10am)
May 19-20 - Hand Guided Intermediate Training (9am - 4pm)

Our Monthly Machine Special

What is special for you? Is the light bar most important? How about free shipping? Call and talk with our sales team and we will make a special just for you.

TechsTech's Tips
Clarence Benedict shares some of his wealth of knowledge 
about making your machine function at it's best.
Needle Set Screw Fix
Needle Set Screw Fix

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