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Punxsutawney Phil Sees Shadow Trade-in Sale Continues
Phil saw his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter, so our sale on Trade-ins will continue until the 16th of March.  Of course, if all these machines are sold it would mean an early end to the sale. Could it also mean an earlier than predicted spring?  Probably not.  However, you sure could warm the rest of your winter and make it more fun by ordering a fully serviced and tested machine.  You'll even get the training you need.
Would you like a new Innova?  We're ready to offer great deals and make the rest of your winter better with one of them too.  Please call our sales team to get your winter quilting adventure started!
Happy stitching in 2017!
Best regards,
Jeff Benedict
                                  The Michigan Report

Quilter of the Month: 
AQ's own Julie Lillo of Stevensville, MI. The collection of quilts shared by Julie includes hand-quilting from her early years, heirloom pieces and quilts made to be used. Julie started quilting in 1998 and quilting has snowballed for her since then. We hope you'll stop in to see her handiwork and a few quilts that she's picked up along the way.

Classes and Events at the St. Joseph Store 
(Please call to reserve your spot.)

Feb 11  - QuiltIN (1 PM - 4 PM)
Join us for our winter gathering of longarmers. It will be a great chance to reconnect, share ideas and perhaps get to know someone new. Bring the tool or gadget that you LOVE!  If you'd like, bring Show-n-Tell and a snack to share. Please call to sign up so we can be prepared for you. We hope you can make it. 
Feb 16 - 
License to Longarm (4pm - 7pm)
If you'd like to finish your own quilts and haven't been "licensed to longarm" yet, sign up now so that you can learn how to use an INNOVA. You'll load fabric, wind bobbins, baste and get started quilting. Supplies are included. Cost is just $25 this month. Receive two hours of free rental time! 
Feb 18   
Advanced Beginner Skill Builder Class (9am - 4pm) 
Have you attended your new owner class and intermediate class and are ready for another class? Are you looking for easy custom quilting techniques? Or do you have experience, but not a lot of training. We will be using Renae Allen's Machine Quilting Skill Builder panel in the class. You'll go away with a sampler of sashing ideas, border techniques, various continuous curve ideas, ruler work, feather work and coaching from Julie and Eileen! Cost in $100 and includes supplies and lunch. Space is limited, so sign up today! 
Feb 19-21 Quilter's Winterfest  
Sign up for classes and come for a great learning and shopping experience at the Bavarian Inn Lodge - Frankenmuth, MI. Jeff and Nancy McNally will be there to sell INNOVAS. Find out more about the event at: www.quilterswinterfest.com 
Feb 25 Quilter's Day Out  
Come test drive an INNOVA and meet Ashley, one of our newest team members, and Jeff at the Paroquet Springs Conference Centre - Shepardsville, KY. Check out www.quiltersdayout.com for more details.  
 June 16-17 Advanced Custom Quilting Workshop 
Linda Hrcka returns to AQ to teach more of her wonderful longarm techniques.(more details coming soon) Cost is $250 and includes lunch both days.  
Aug 4-5 Jamie Wallen Workshop (more details coming soon) 
Cost is $250 and includes lunch both days.
February Innova Machine Sale

With the purchase of new AutoPilot or Navigator system, we will give you Free Shipping and $500 off Installation. We'll  even throw in a Deluxe Supply Package worth $500 - a total savings of $1750!

For a handguided  Innova with Lightning Stitch, we offer Free Shipping and the Deluxe Supply Package - a $1000 savings!

For an  Innova with the Standard Stitch Regulator, take Free Shipping and an Essential Supply Package - a $750 savings!

The Tennessee Rep ort

Our store hours have changed! 
We will be open every Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm.

Please stop by and see the quilting of Lynn Perkes, our Quilter of the Month!

Educational Events at the Goodlettsville Store 
(Please call to reserve your spot.)
Feb 11 -   New Owner Training (9:30am - 4pm)
All the information that a new owner needs to get a great start on an Innova Longarm Machine.  The cost is $75, or is included in the purchase of a new machine.
Feb 15 -   Top Tenn Longarm Guild (10am)
This month's topic: Tips and Tricks! Share your quilting tip or trick with the guild!
Feb 16-18 Intermediate Training (9:30am - 4pm each day)

The end of March is certainly something to look forward to, not only will it officially be spring, but we are hosting the Top Tenn Quilt Guild Bootcamp! The first evening kicks off the event with a trunk show to meet the quilters, see their work and hear their stories. The next two days are filled with exciting classes covering Trapunto with Marsha Cline, Borders/Spineless Feathers with Brigitte Long, 12 Months of Quilting Designs with Carol Ann McCandless, and Quilting with Leather with Carol Thurston. The trunk show and classes are open for all to attend but please sign up soon as spaces are limited and they're going fast! Call for details.

March 3 - 
License to Longarm (10am - 1pm)
March 15 - 
Top Tenn Longarm Guild (10am) 
Topic: Favorite Tool Show and Tell
March 17-18 - 
Intermediate Training (9:30am - 4pm each day) 
Hand guided focus

March 30th 
- Top Tenn Bootcamp: Meet the Quilters Trunk Show               FREE (6pm)
March 31st -
Top Tenn Bootcamp: 
Trapunto Wholecloth (9am - 12pm) 
Borders and Spineless Feathers (1pm - 4pm)
April 1st - Top Tenn Bootcamp: 
12 Months of Quilting Designs (9am - 12pm) 
Quilting with Leather (1pm - 4pm)

Punxsutanuney Phil has inspired us to drop the prices on our used machines. Phil saw his shadow so our sale continues for 6 weeks. If there is going to be 6 more weeks of winter, make sure you have a great quilting machine to keep you quilting while the snow flies!
 Cannot be combined with any other specials.

Original Price
Groundhog Day Sale Price
Rent $245/mo
Save $3,600
Martelli w/ QBot & Cutting Table
Rent $299/mo

Save $1,700
'11 Gammill Vision 26
Rent $302/mo

Save $500
'13 Gammill Vision 22
Save $2700
'03  Prodigy 24-12 +QBot
14' Frame
Save $2,100
'02 Gammill Classic + Intelliquilter
Rent $245/mo

Save $200
'08 Innova 26 Standard SR
Sale pending
Rent $218/mo

Save $2,100
'01 Gammill Optimum Plus
Rent $238/mo

Save $1,400
'04 Gammill Optimum Plus
$13,999 $12,699
Save $1,300
'03 Gamill Classic Plus + Qbot
Rent $196/mo

Save $2,100
'02 Gammill Classic Plus
Rent $360/mo

Save $2,000
'01 Gammill Optimum w/ QBot
Rent $474/mo

Save $2,100
'02 Gammill Classic w/ Intelliquilter
Save $500
'09 Prodigy 18-10 Stitch Reg

Save $100
Tin Lizzie  18-8 w/ stitch reg.
$1,499 $1,299 Bailey's Home Quilter
storyThe Story Behind the Quilts - Linda Hrcka's Story
Quilter Extreme!
Linda Hrcka takes everything to the extreme.  It just comes naturally for her to jump into things with bold enthusiasm. Her story is one of hard work that is paying off. She is a talented and award winning quilter, designer and producer of acrylic rulers and sought after longarm teacher.  Even with all the success that has come her way she refers to herself as "just a working girl." What a loveable lady!
   In 2010 Linda purchased her first quilting machine and decided that if she was going to do this that she needed to get good at it fast! And she did. Turning out beautiful quilting for customers became what she did. Linda juggled her business responsibilities with raising young twin girls, Alyssa and Elaina, with her husband Scott. Longarming as a business was a great fit for her since Elaina suffers from a chronic health issue and Linda stays home with her if her symptoms flair up.
Soon after she began longarm quilting Linda met Lisa Bogean, pattern designer and owner of the quilt shop Primitive Gatherings.  Linda started quilting for her and soon got very busy finishing samples for Lisa.
In  2014 Lisa and Linda entered the AQS Paducah show in the bed sized category with Portland Rose and took first place. Linda describes it as quite a shock. For a "working girl" to win at Paducah was a fairytale moment.  Winning at the national level opened doors for Linda and since then she has a busy teaching schedule, manufactures and sells her own line of acrylic rulers and continues to work with Lisa Bogean.

Just this December Linda purchased a second machine, an INNOVA 22 AutoPilot. She has approached computerized quilting with as much enthusiasm as she brings to hand-guided longarming.
   If you are thinking, I'd sure like to learn from Linda, we have an opportunity for you! Linda will be teaching a two-day workshop at the Michigan store on June 16th and 17. She is planning two days of advanced custom quilting techniques to share with you. Watch for more information to come about the class on our website.
Linda's story of extreme quilting is one we thought you'd enjoy hearing about. 
If you know someone or are someone who'd love to share the "Story Behind the Quilts" drop us a line at sales@accomoplishquilting.com. We'd love to share more stories about inspiring quilters.

Bobbins not included.
TechsTech's Tips - Using the Cup Foot
Jeff shows how to install the cup foot 
and why it is a valuable tool. 

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