Letter From The Top
Community. When we think of community what do we think of? A place where we live? A group of people that we associate with?  At our both our Michigan and Tennessee AQ stores we are all about an active community. We are thrilled to bring people into our community. We feel privileged to serve our community. We enjoy associating with our community. As a matter of fact, our Open House a couple of weekends ago was an absolute GREAT time!
If you visit our web site, you will see a button that is labeled COMMUNITY. That entire area is about connecting with you, associating with you, serving you and sharing with you! Actually, in truth, we like to think of those in our community as our FAMILY.
When interacting with AQ in sales, in service, on the phone, online or in person, we hope we treat you like family. Actually, we hope better than family.
YOU are important to us! We want long happy relationships with our family. Relationships where there are great memories, great trust, great service and where we all appreciate each other.

So if you are already an existing AQ family member or thinking of becoming a part of this great family of AQ, we welcome you to take a look at our Community button on our web site and learn more of what AQ has to offer you and do for you!

As a matter of fact, next time you are in our store, see us at a trade show or anywhere, ask us for one of our buttons that say, "I am part of the AQ Family!" We would love to give you one! Come join our Family!

Row by Row continues...

Sal from Richardson, TX stopped by to pick up
her 40th Row pattern this year!

Patterns, Kits and License Plates are still available! Our great prize basket is still waiting to be won!

michreportThe Michigan Report

It's time to crank up the air conditioning and enjoy the great indoors. Quilting has no season, but when it's too hot to be outside it's a great time to quilt. Whether you need supplies, a new or new-to-you machine or fabulous classes to inspire you, Accomplish Quilting is here for you. Drop in, call, email us. We love to serve you.

Coming up in August:
Aug 6th - 
New Owner Training (9AM-4PM) Class is FULL.
Call now to sign up for Sept. 17th or Oct 7th
Aug 18-20th - 
Intermediate Training (9AM-4 PM) 
Class is FULL. 
We just added a class for September 8-10th. Please call to sign up!
Aug 26-27th -  Jamie Wallen Class 
(9AM -4 PM)  

"Your Longarm and Your Imagination" Two days with top teacher Jamie. What could be better? A few spots are still available. Find out for yourself why Jamie is one of the most sought after longarm instructors in the world. Call for more information.

Upcoming Events
Sept 7th 
- License to Longarm (
1PM to 4 PM) -
Take this class and you are ready to come to the store to rent an INNOVA to finish your quilts. Special price this month- only $25!
Sept 23rd
Lunch & Learn (12 PM to 1:30 PM)
Meet other quilters, enjoy lunch and paper piece with designer Eileen Chapman. Call to reserve your place. Cost is $5. Next Lunch & Learn events will be on Oct 28th, Nov 11th, and Dec 2nd
Sept 29th 
Free Trunk Show by Linda Hrcka (6:30 PM-8:30 PM)
Please call to reserve your seat.
Sept 30-Oct 1st -  Linda Hrcka Class (9 AM to 4 PM)
Linda from The Quilted Pineapple packs these two days with a boatload of longarm designs and ideas. Feathers, rulers, fillers - Make your quilt come to life! Learn techniques for creating custom designs to fit every quilt.
Call for more information.

It's showtime! 
We're on the road to bring INNOVA machines to you.  
Come see us!

Aug 10-13th    AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show
DeVos Place Convention Center, 303 Monroe Ave. NW Grand Rapids, MI
Take in the amazing quilt show, shopping and classes.
Sign up now for longarm classes with our Sales Re
p Nancy McNally or Innova Dealer, Gina Perks

Sept 23-24th   Quilters Showcase
at The Birch Run Expo Center, Birch Run, MI

Sept 23-25th  American Sewing Expo
Suburban Collection Showplace   Novi, MI

The  Tennessee Report tennessee

Row By Row! 
Patterns, Kits and License Plates are still available. Be the first to bring your completed Row quilt into the shop to win our prize!

Coming up in August:
Aug 5 - License to Longarm (10 AM - 12 PM)
Become certified to rent an Innova longarm machine!
 Aug 11
Lunch and Learn (12 PM-2 PM)
Rulers and Borders
Aug 12-13
Jamie Wallen Class
(9AM -4 PM) 
"Your Longarm and Your Imagination" Two days with top teacher Jamie. What could be better?
Aug 17 
- Top Tenn Club - (10 AM)
Longarm Guild - all are welcome!  We will be looking at working with problem quilts!
September Preview:
Sep 2 - License to Longarm 
(10 AM - 12 PM)
Innova Longarm Rental Class
Sep 29 - Trunk Show with Nancy McNally
 (6:30 PM) 
Sep 30 or Oct 1 - Feathers and Fillers (10 AM-4 PM) 
Come join Nancy McNally, award winning longarm quilter, author, designer and teacher, as she guides you in creating feathers in your own style and flair. Students will also learn how to create different fun and decorative fillers.
It's showtime! 
We're on the road to bring INNOVA machines to you.  
Come see us!

Sept 14-17    AQS Chattanooga 
Chattanooga Convention Center

Quilter of the Month in MI
Our own Loretta Benedict is our 1st Quilter of the Month in our new store.  She has lent us quite a few beauties from her incredible collection. Stop in and marvel at her work.

TN Quilter of the Month
Marty Galbreath

Her favorite quilt (right) has half square triangles traded with others from all over the world - 44 different states and 8 different countries.  It also includes her mother's poppy seed bread recipe under the two middle trees of life.
Longarm Maintenance Class
Come and learn all the things that you should do and what you should not do when maintaining your machine!  Come alone or bring your shop person along.  Bring your hubby or your wife. All are invited.  
Because we repair and do maintenance on ALL Longarm Quilting Machines, we know the maintenance needed for YOUR machine.  Jeff and our Techs will be here to teach you and help you keep your machine purring along!  
The class will start at 9 a.m. and go until noon.   Usually a class of this magnitude and information is over $100 at other dealers.  We want to help our customers have the best experience with their machine as possible.  A machine that runs well makes a very happy quilter!  THIS CLASS IS only $50! Call and reserve your space now.
Thinking of buying or trading in your machine? There will be people to help educate you and answer all your questions.  
Remember, we sell NEW INNOVAS and all brands of used machines that are taken in on trade for a new Innova.  So if you are shopping, new or used, come to the store that has all the brands of longarm machines set up and on display and really do some hands-on comparison shopping. 
We hope to see you in this informative class!
Nov 19, 2016
9am -12pm
St. Joseph, Michigan


J ulie claims this wax on your carriage rails makes your quilting machine fly! Recommended by Jamie Wallen.   
"Refined waxes blended to a formula used by the British Museum" It's a small jar but a mighty effect.

Tech's Tips
This month, we're going to take a look at the main tension assembly of the Innova Machine's. There are a couple of things on it that have to be set and positioned properly for it to do its job, and if you ever have to take it out, you definitely want them set back the right way.   First things first, the tension assembly has to be put together properly. teck

These are all the parts of a standard tension assembly, labeled in the order the go on. One thing to note is that to 2 felt washers (#2 and #4 in the picture) should be replaced roughly once a year to keep everything spinning smoothly.
The 3 other things that need to be set correctly are where the check spring is pointing, how far into the machine the assembly is, and how tight the check spring is. The first two need the bolt holding the assembly in place to be loosened, so let's take a quick look at that.
You'll need to loosen the 3 screws circled in the picture to the left first, so you can take the front plate off the machine. The bolt securing the tension assembly is circled in this picture below, and takes a 4mm allen wrench to loosen up. None of these screws need to be taken completely out, only loosened up.
With that done, the tension assembly ca n now be slid in and out of the machine as well as spun around. For the check spring to do its job properly, the BACK part of the spring (the part that's within the circle in the picture to the left) needs to be pointing up to the black screw above it. If it's not, the check spring won't be applying the right amount of tension to the thread, and potentially cause you all sorts of tension issues.
The second thing that needs to be set right is how far into the machine the tension assembly is actually set. Too far in, and the check spring hits the machine preventing it from moving correctly, while too far out doesn't allow the thread to flow smoothly from the assembly into the thread guide. In the pictures below, the one of the left is what you're looking for. The check spring is in line with the thread guide, while the check spring isn't rubbing against the machine. The picture on the right shows it when it's pushed in too far, you can see the check spring hitting the machine, which stops it from moving well.
Once you've got bot h of these set correctly, you can re-tighten the 4mm allen screw the holds the tension assembly in place (be careful that the tension assembly doesn't move while you're tightening it down). The only thing left is to adjust just how tight the check spring is.  You'll need a flathead screwdriver for this. As seen below, at the end of the tension assembly is a hole with a flathead sized groove inside. Using the screwdriver, gently loosen (spin the screwdriver counter-clockwise) the screw while watching the check spring. As you loosen, you should see the check spring start to move to the left. When you see that, stop, and imagine the screw is a clock face. You want to tighten the screw (spin the screwdriver clockwise) approximately 10 minutes on that clock face. That'll tighten the check spring up to right where you want it, and you'll have properly set everything on your tension assembly.

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