Letter From The Top
Dear Friends, 

Wow! How the show season has passed in a hurry. The end of the year is just  two months away!

With that thought in mind, our marketing department has added something to our newsletter to lead you to new things or things that maybe you never knew about our website each month. Our newsletter will have a new  section titled, "DID YOU KNOW?"Things like added tutorials, new quilting or longarm information, tech tips and much more will be announced to ensure that you're aware of new information.

This month's DID YOU KNOW? leads to our website and information about the SECTION 179 tax deduction and bonus depreciation. What is  that you ask? Are you in need of new equipment for your existing business? Is your machine worrying you and are you afraid it is going to "check out" on you at the busiest time of the year? 

Are you thinking of starting a new quilting business and wondering how are you going to afford to get into a quality machine that will serve you for years to come with minimal maintenance? WE have the answer!

Section 179 is the program that will help. Do yourself a favor and read 
this page on our website and then call our sales team to see how this tax incentive could help you ultimately save 20, 30 or even 35 percent on 
your federal income taxes while placing that new machine in your studio. 

Shedding light on the Section 179 deduction and associated savings is just one of the many ways that we are here to make your longarm quilting easy!

Best regards,
Jeff Benedict
This has been such a meaningful and great sale that we are extending it through November 30, 2017.  

(Please disregard date at the bottom of the ad below.  THE DONATION TO BREAST CANCER is not part of this sale. Please disregard that as well.) 

There are TWO different sales on this Newsletter.  Scroll farther down the find the second one on Special Financing. 

Product of the Month:    Thread Sale! 
This month we have a GREAT sale for your Fall Quilting. 

Buy 5 cones of thread and get the 6th one FREE! 
Accomplish Quilting has a NEW dealer! 

RuthGrihalva -- RuthG@ForeverInStitches.com
Rick Grihalva -- RickG@ForeverInStitches.com

Contact Rick and RuthAnn for a free demonstration of a Lightning Stitch INNOVA machine with AutoPilot.
Pre-Owned Machine Sale
Quilt Challenge

We need a smiling face to add to our team in Indianapolis!
Contact Terri Lupton at the Indy Store
317-478-1422 or Terri@accomplishquilting.com

                                  The Michigan Report

 Heather Broehm 
Quilter of the Month:
 Heather Broehm
Our talented Quilter of the Month is Heather Broehm from just down the road in Stevensville, MI. Heather started sewing at the age of 6 and grew up around quilters at her mother's quilt shop Loving Stitches.  In 2008 Heather bought her computerized quilting machine from us and has been busy beautifully finishing quilts ever since. Heather's business is called Heather and Hollyhocks Quilting. Stop in the shop to see Heather's quilts or watch our Facebook page to see her work displayed throughout the month. 

Classes and Events at the St. Joseph Store 
(Please call to reserve your spot.)
Nov 9th License to Longarm (1 PM-4 PM) Here's a great way to spend the afternoon. We love renting out our longarms and once you take this class you're welcome to come back and rent!
November 17th-18th Intermediate Hand-guided Training (9 AM-4 PM) Enjoy two days of delving deeper into using your quilting machine.
We are sorry to announce that QuiltIN will not be held on November 18th. Due to an unexpected cancellation of Intermediate Training in October we've rescheduled that class for November 17-18th to accommodate those students. We apologize to anyone who was looking forward to QuiltIN. 
Indiana Report

Thank you to everyone who stopped in to see us at our booth at the Indy Quilt show in Westfield.  The gorgeous quilts on display were a joy to see.  The talent on display was amazing.   It was so much fun to see everyone and make new friends while we were there.
Please don't let the longarm machine intimidate you.  We can help you turn that big ol' longarm machine into behaving like a cute little puppy.  We offer many classes at the store.  You will be surprised at what you can create after taking the class.  You can make something beautiful with just a simple design.  Please call the store at  317-478-1422 to sign up .   You can do it !!
Our beautiful new Indy store is now open.  Our store hours are 10 to 5 on Tuesdays through Saturdays.  We are next door to Quilts Plus.  Our address is 1746 E. 86th St.  We look forward to seeing you.
Check out the Grand Opening on Facebook!   CLICK HERE
The Tennessee Rep ort

Quilter of the Month: 

Terry Sadler
Terry pieced her first quilt when she was 19 and had it quilted by a friend with a long arm a little over a year ago. Last year around Christmas she decided to start another quilt and it has just grown from there. Sh
e has made around 20 quilts sinc
e then. Once she heard about Accomplish Quilting she took our License to Longarm Class and now she finishes them herself! She said she is still quite
 new but her advice to newer quilters would be to start with smaller projects that help build your skills and confidence. Be patient with yourself and join a quilting group/guild where they can share tips and advice. 

Educational Events at the Goodlettsville Store 
(Please call to reserve your spot.)
Nov 3 -  License to Longarm Rental Training (10 am - 1 pm) 
Nov 11 -  New Owner Training (9 am - 4 pm)
Nov 15 -  Top Tenn Longarm Guild  (10 am)
     All are welcome, no machine ownership or skill level requirements.
Nov 17-18 -   Autopilot Intermediate Training (9 am - 4 pm)
Dec 5 -  License to Longarm Rental Training (5:30 pm - 8:30 pm) 
Dec 9 -   New Owner Training (9 am - 4 pm)
Dec 20 -   Top Tenn Longarm Guild  (10 am)
     All are welcome, no machine ownership or skill level requirements We will be making the Quilt Carrier!
Dec 15 -16 -   Hand Guided Intermediate Training (9 am - 4 pm)
Dec 16 -   20 Fills with Carol Ann McCandless (Day 2 of Int) (9 am - 4 pm)


2004 Gammill Optimum Statler Stitcher on 12' frame with Creative Studio 7  Regular Price:  $27,499                 
SALE:  $21,999

2001 Gammill Optimum Statler Stitcher on 14' frame with Creative Studio 4.2   Regular Price   $22,199                           
SALE: $18,499
2016 INNOVA sitdown with standard regulation
SALE $6,899
Prodigy 24' wit Q-Bot  with a 14'    Regular Price $14,299                   SALE: $11,439        
2013 Vision 22 2.0  with a 12' frame  Regular Price  $13, 699.00         SALE: $10,959          With Q-BOT  $16, 759

20 10 Gammill Vision 2.0 26  with a 12' frame   Regular Price $13,199
SALE   $10, 559       With Q-BOT $16, 359
Tin Lizzie     18-8 with a 10' Wooden Frame    Regular Price  $3,599  
 SALE: $ 2,879          With Q-BOT $8,679
Juki TL-98Q with a 8' Wooden Frame
Regular Price   $1,399                              
S ALE: $1,119       With Q-BOT  $6,919            

that we have Stories Behind the Quilts?  Go to the Community button on the left side of our web site and the Icon for Strories Behind the Quilts is the 4th one down! 


Did you know about Section 179 as mentioned above in the Letter from The Top?   Go to the tab WHY BUY INNOVA? and it is the third tab down. 
challengeAccomplish Quilting - Quilting Challenge!
AQ is hosting a quilting challenge 
with the theme of "Hidden Treasures"
The challenge theme will be in the quilting! 
This is a wholecloth challenge - use any fabric, any thread (type or color(s)) and quilt your wholecloth in any way that you wish. 
No seams - how great is that!? 
For all the rules and details check here.

Ever wanted or needed to know how to remove the sewing head and  carriage from your frame to move or take in for service?  
Randy Veldman of our Tennessee store is with us to show you just how simple it is!  You will need someone to help you lift the sewing head.

To see past tech tips, please CLICK HERE
Removing the Carriage for transport or service.

Transportation Tips for driving with your Sewing Head: 
  1. Place the sewing carriage/head into the back seat, trunk or rear storage of your SUV and make sure that you tie or bungy it down!  Lean it against towels to support it. 
  2. Make sure that nothing can come flying loose inside of your car if you have to stop quickly. Flying objects can damage your machine.  
  3. It is best to take a moving blanket and wrap the machine to protect it.  
  4. Always make sure that you have someone to help lift the sewing head.
Please disregard the DATE and BREAST CANCER DONATION.  The donation is not active this month.  

Stories Behind the Quilts
This month:  Fena D'Ottavio, a non-quilter

When I was a young girl growing up outside of Vicksburg, Mississippi, my mother and I used to spend evenings after supper dishes were done, with our needlework and watching television.

Growing up in Mississippi in the 50's and 60's was a simple, poor and life changing time.  Simple because of the way we lived yet we were in the very heart of desegregation and many changes in the south.  What I remember the most was the simple.  As I get older, I have found that I am gravitating back to the simple life.  Rather than wild or really fancy parties,  I enjoy quiet times on the couch reading, canning, cooking and yes, needlework. 
Fena's Grandmother and Mother. 

Learning to crochet when I was only 8 or 9 came from my wonderful next-door neighbor, Mrs. Eva and then her sister-in-law taught me to knit. I wish I could remember her name, but I can see her face as clearly as if she were sitting next to me.   For a quiet rather poor kid in rural Mississippi the evenings were spent, when possible, sitting with those two ladies and listening to them talk.  I learned a lot about how older people think just by spending time with them.  I learned a lot about how women think in general.  They were oh so special and I am sure my mother was happy to have me out of her hair for a time.

Do you have a story to tell?  Do you know of a special story that should be told? 
Write to Fena@accomplishquilting.com or call her at 269-769-4390

Let's not let the stories die! 

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