Letter from the Top

Hi Friends and Happy New Year to you.  

We hope your longarm quilting is going well but if it isn't please call us, we're here to help.

Even though it's cold and in many places snowy, we're busy.  This is the time of year that we "sharpen the saw". There's all kinds of activities like:
  • Motor Carrier Safety Inspections and repair of each truck and trailer
  • Teaching our drivers how to use the new Federally required Electronic Logging Devices
  • Bringing new team members aboard, organizing and training our team
  • Signing up and setting show schedules
  • Getting the trade in machines refurbished and ready to sell and
  • Continuing to make great deals, professionally install and service.
There's more and the list could go on so in a nut shell, my message is: Our AQ Team is fully committed to more effectively and safely serve you in 2018.  We're here to make your longarm quilting easy!

Thank you for the good faith that you have in us.
Best regards,
Jeff Benedict
Own your classroom machine today!  Call one of our stores to speak to an associate. 
Offer good through Jan. 30, 2018 
Can not be combined with any other offer. 
Used Longarm Quilting Machine Sale

 CLICK HERE for complete details. 
2010  INNOVA AutoPilot with Mach 3 on 12' frame                  
SALE PRICE:  $25,999

2001 Gammill Optimum Statler Stitcher on 14' frame with Creative Studio 4.2   Regular Price   $22,199                           
SALE: $18,499
2013 Vision 22 2.0  with a 12' frame  Regular Price  $13,699.00       SALE: $10,959          With Q-BOT  $16,759

20 10 Gammill Vision 2.0 26  with a 12' frame   
Regular Price $13,199
SALE   $10,559       With Q-BOT $16,359

2001 Gammill Classic 26 with Intellistitch Turbo on 14' frame   Regular Price $9,100
SALE   $7,280         With Q-BOT $13,180

2001 Gammill Classic Plus 26 on 14' frame  Regular Price $8,899
SALE   $7,099        With Q-BOT $12,999

2016 INNOVA sitdown with standard regulation
SALE PRICE  $6,899

HandiQuilter HQ Sixteen on 10' frame  
Regular Price  $3,999  
SALE: $ 3,199    

Babylock Tiara Sitdown   
Regular Price  $3,999  
SALE: $ 3,199          

Nolting FunQuilter on 7' frame   Regular Price  $3,800  
SALE:   $ 2,999   

Tin Lizzie 18-8 with a 10' Wooden Frame    Regular Price  $3,599  
SALE: $ 2,879          With Q-BOT $8,679

KenQuilt on 11'  Frame     Regular Price  $3,125  
SALE: $ 2,500            With Q-BOT $8,400

Tin Lizzie Empress   18x8  on 10' Frame  Regular Price  $3,500  
SALE: $ 2,240            With Q-BOT $8,140
Juki TL-98Q with a 8' Wooden Frame
Regular Price   $1,399                              
S ALE: $1,119       With Q-BOT  $6,919            

Janome 1600P with a 8' Wooden Frame
Regular Price   $1,399                              
SALE: $1,119       With Q-BOT  $7,019   
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Accomplish Quilting has a NEW dealer! 

Ruth Grihalva -- RuthG@ForeverInStitches.com
Rick Grihalva -- RickG@ForeverInStitches.com

Contact Rick and RuthAnn for a free demonstration of a Lightning Stitch INNOVA machine with AutoPilot.
The Indiana Report

Quilter of the Month:   Suellen Fletcher
Suellen has been quilting for 48 years.  Her husband has always been extremely supportive of her quilting and she says that he contributes to the delinquency of a quilter on a daily basis.   

Her quilting business began when her husband saw an article in a magazine at the barbershop about a retired couple that bought a quilting machine and began quilting for folks.   He came up with an idea to take any business that he did with his construction company for a 6 month period and put it toward a quilting machine and Suellen's  business was born.  

She had 4 people on her doorstep right away and she hasn't slowed down since.   She purchased her Innova longarm machine about 3 years ago and is really enjoying it.   She is sharing some of her beautiful work with us at the store.   We have her Aunt Grace's circle of friends quilt, a Marti Michell pattern of cross canoes and diamonds too and another Marti Michell design of Job's Tears.   Please come in and enjoy her gallery of work on display at our store. 

Upcoming Events:

Announcing AQU. Accomplish Quilting University!

The Indianapolis Store, Mel
issa and Terri, came up with the idea and have started a series of Educational Lectures.

This first lecture will be about Edge to Edge quilting.

Easy Edge to Edge is a beginner class introducing students to six simple edge to edge free hand quilting designs.

This is a lecture with emphasis on drawing. Perfect for the renter who is looking for ideas to start free motion quilting. 

We are offering this class at 10am and 2pm on Saturday, January 13, 2018. Class will last approximately 1 1/2 hours and costs $35.

Space is limited and students must preregister for class. Please stop by or call the shop at 317-478-1422 for more information.
View the class listing on our website.  click on the link below:

Call the Indy store at 317-478-1422 to sign up today!

AQU for February:  
Come discover your signature swirl and how to use it in all over and custom designs.   February 10th at 10 AM will be out lecture on swirl, curls, and spirals.   

This is our 2nd lecture in our AQ University series presented by Melissa Snyder.  Cost is $35.00 and seating is limited so call us at 317-478-1422 to sign up. 
Please go to the calendar for more classes: 

Need a speaker for your group?  
Are you looking for a speaker for your quilt guild or do you need a vendor for your upcoming quilt show?  Contact your Indy AQ team and see if we are a good match.    
                                  The Michigan Report

We are thrilled to announce that Sue Heinz will be teaching a two-day workshop at the Michigan store August 3th and 4th! Plan your summer trip to include a few days learning from a fabulous longarm instructor. Space is limited so call us today at 866-556-2552.

More Educational Events at the St. Joseph Store and Shows
(Please call to reserve your spot.)

Jan 11 (10-1 PM) License to Longarm. In just 3 hours you will be equipped to come back to our store to start finishing your quilts on a new INNOVA.

Jan 13  (9-3 PM) New Owner Training is the perfect class for meeting other new owners and learning a lot of basic longarm skills such as loading a quilt, starts and stops, and exploring the ease of using your machine. 

Feb 3 - (9-3 PM) New Owner Training
Feb 8 - (1-4 PM) License to Longarm

Feb 18-20 Quilter's Winterfest in Frankenmuth, MI 
Three days of quilting in mid MIchigan's Little Bavaria. Come test drive the INNOVA machines! Find out more at  www.quilterswinterfest.com

The Tennessee Rep ort

Quilter of the Month:  
Pat Haley
"I have been sewing for over 50 years but only started quilting about 13 years ago.  I am self-taught and learned a lot by my mistakes and am still learning from my mistakes.  It is the most relaxing therapy I know of.  
For someone just starting to quilt there is so much out there to make things easier. It's very rewarding not only for the quilter but also for the recipie
nt.  I have enjoyed coming to Accomplish Quilting as I can actually say I did the whole quilt.   The best feeling ever!" 

Educational Events at the Goodlettsville Store 
(Please call to reserve your spot.)
Jan 5 - License to Longarm Rental Training (10 am - 1 pm) 
Jan 13 - New Owner Training (9 am - 4 pm)
Jan 19-20 - Autopilot Intermediate (9 am - 4 pm)
Jan 22-26 - Top Tenn Longarm Guild RETREAT*  (Call for details)
     Limited number of spaces for the Top Tenn Retreat.
Feb 6 - License to Longarm Rental Training (5:30pm - 8 pm) 
Feb 10 - New Owner Training (9 am - 4 pm)
Feb 21 - Top Tenn Longarm Guild (10am) 
Feb 23-24 - Hand Guided Intermediate Training (9 am - 4 pm) 

 Did you know that Accomplish Quilting is the Number One Dealer in the USA with the Number one Machine in  the USA? 
The research shows that we hold that destict position. 

We have added a new page to our website that explains why.  Please take a moment and read. 

Please click here to see! 
                               CLICK HERE
challengeAccomplish Quilting - Quilting Challenge!
AQ is hosting a quilting challenge 
with the theme of "Hidden Treasures"
The challenge theme will be in the quilting! 
This is a wholecloth challenge - use any fabric, any thread (type or color(s)) and quilt your wholecloth in any way that you wish. 
No seams - how great is that!? 
For all the rules and details check here.



Fixing the Hand Crank 

Is your hand crank being bit cranky and not cranking?  

Mark Nothdurft, Tech for AQ, has the solution! 

Watch the video below and fix your cranky crank.  
Still having and issue, never fear.  Call the store and we will walk you through it.  

To see PAST tech tips, please CLICK HERE


CLICK HERE to watch the video

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