Letter From The Top
Dear Friends, 
Welcome to your October Newsletter.  We're thankful for people like you who take the time to read and keep up with our efforts to provide you with great customer service.  This newsletter contains our usual listing of forthcoming classes and events as well as the good news that we opened a new store last week in Indianapolis.  We are thrilled to have this opportunity to be closer to so many of our loyal customers and for the privilege it will afford us to meet new people there and in surrounding communities who have an interest in longarm quilting.
    Along with this month's new store opening, from North to South we have a full schedule of weekend shows where we'll be demonstrating and selling Innova machines.  Providing these venues closer to you is just one of the ways we strive to make your longarm quilting easy.
    So please, step out this month to meet us.
Best regards,
Jeff Benedict
Accomplish Quilting joins Innova in the fight to end breast cancer!
Accomplish Quilting will match Innova's donation of $100 for every machine Accomplish Quilting sells in October.  That means $200 goes to the fight against breast cancer for every machine!  
Double the donation & save on your machine. Join us in the Fight! 

Pre-Owned Machine Sale
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                                  The Michigan Report

 Bea with Penny Webber, and Claudia Friend
Bea Roderick brought us so many quilts to show in September, we are featuring her again in October! Bea and her friends responded to the call for comfort quilts for victims of Hurricane Harvey. They are pictured with a few of the 16 quilts they sent to ABM for distribution.Thanks ladies!

Classes and Events at the St. Joseph Store 
(Please call to reserve your spot.)

Champaign, IL 
October 10 -  License to Longarm (1-4pm)
If you are interested in renting our longarms, this is the class! 
Fort Wayne, IN
October 14-   New Owners Training
October 20-21 -  Handguided Intermediate Training (9am-4pm)
November 4 - New Owners Training (9am-3pm)
November 9 - License to Longarm (1pm-4pm)
November 10-11 - Mach3 Intermediate Training (9am - 4pm)
November 18 - 
Quilt IN  
Indiana Report

The Indianapolis store Grand Opening will be the 28th of October from 10 am to 5 pm.  Come one, come all for a day of fun and celebration.  Enjoy free eats(hot dogs, chili, pie) and free drinks.  Stop in and test drive our new Innova longarms.  We are so excited to open our beautiful new store next to Quilts Plus in Indianapolis.

Classes and Events at the Indianapolis Store 
(Please call to reserve your spot.)

Westfield Middle School ~ Quilt, Eat, Sleep,Repeat! 10am-5pm
There will be over 400 quilts in 14 different categories displayed.   Our store will be  closed during these times to assist you at our booth at the show. 
October 10 -  License to Longarm (1-4pm)
If you are interested in renting our longarms, this is the class! 
October 14-   New Owners Training
October 20-21 -  Handguided Intermediate Training (9am-4pm)
November 3 - License to Longarm (12pm-3pm)
November 11- License to Longarm (1pm-4pm)

The Tennessee Rep ort

Quilter of the Month: 
Mari Paradise has been quilting for 30 years.  The colors and the designs are her favorite aspects of quilting.  She does not make the same quilt pattern twice, she loves the variety.  She decorates her home with her quilts as the seasons change.  She also incorporates applique in to her quilt designs.  The quilts on display this month illustrate her love of color and the bold patterns that she chooses as she learns new techniques. 
Mari completed the License to Longarm class this past August.  She is also very active in the Sewcial Quilters Guild, in Lavergne, Tennessee.   She is currently serving as the Vice President of the guild.  
Educational Events at the Goodlettsville Store 
(Please call to reserve your spot.)
Oct 3 -  License to Longarm Rental Training (5:30 pm - 8:30 pm)
Shepherdsville, KY
Oct 14 -   New Owner Training (9 am - 4 pm)
Oct 18 -  
T op Tenn Longarm Guild  (10 am)
All are welcome, no machine ownership or skill level requirements We will be making the Quilt Carrier!
Oct 27 -   Hand Guided Intermediate Training (9 am - 4 pm)
Oct 28 -   20 Fills with Carol Ann McCandless (Day 2 of Intermediate) (9 am - 4 pm)
Nov 3 -  License to Longarm Rental Training (10 am - 1 pm)
Nov 11 -  New Owner Training (9 am - 4 pm)
Nov 15 -  Top Tenn Longarm Guild  (10 am)
       All are welcome, no machine ownership or skill level requirements.
Nov 17-18 -   Autopilot Intermediate Training (9 am - 4 pm)



What a Great Idea! 

Lost and found quilts! Cindi Allen puts these wonderful labels on all her quilts. They read "If you find me scan this code. You'll help send this quilt home!" She generates the QR code here:

usedsaleOur October Pre-Owned Machine Special
20 % off the regular sale price!
Regular Price
Sale Price
2004 Gammill Optimum w/Statler Stitcher 
Creative Studio 6.0/7.0, Windows 7                                                  12' frame
2004 Gammill Optimum w/ Statler Stitcher - Creative Studio 4.2, Windows XP,               14'  frame
Prodigy 24" w/ QBOT   14' frame
'13 Vision 22 2.0            12' frame
'10 Gammill Vision 2.0  26      12' frame
Tin Lizzie 18-8  10'wooden frame
Juki TL-98Q      8' wooden frame

May not be combined with any other offer.
challengeAccomplish Quilting - Quilting Challenge!
AQ is hosting a quilting challenge 
with the theme of "Hidden Treasures"
The challenge theme will be in the quilting! 
This is a wholecloth challenge - use any fabric, any thread (type or color(s)) and quilt your wholecloth in any way that you wish. 
No seams - how great is that!? 
For all the rules and details check here.
teckTech's Tips
Making sure your machine is level ensures great stitch quality. 
Droopy edges after loading a quilt?  
Check to make sure the post (holding the take-up and leveling bars) on each end of your frame is truly vertical. To accomplish this, place a leveling tool on the back side of the post and use your ½" wrench to slightly loosen the two bolts holding the post. (only slightly!) You can then adjust the post to vertical, hold in place and tighten down the bolts. As always, you can call us anytime to talk you through it!

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