Letter From The Top

Dear Friends, 

Our spring trade show season starts next month.  It makes me think about how unfortunate it is that so many people will make their longarm buying decision with just a little information gathered on the trade show floor.  Is the information accurate?  

How much hands on time will they have with the machine being purchased?  Will they really know who their dealer is?  How capable and compete is their dealer's support staff?  Do they have a support staff?  What is their training facility like?  Is it in their garage or basement?  Does their dealer even have the model being purchased to use in their training classes? Are they experienced at training and servicing longarm owners?  

Wouldn't it seem that such an expensive decision ought to be made with more exposure to the machine and the dealer that will deliver and support it?  How  about visiting Accomplish Quilting and spending some real time operating the machine? 

We offer one on one and group introductory classes to get you ready to rent and experience the Innova machines.  They're great machines!  We often hear from experienced quilters that they're less fatigued after spending the day quilting on the Innova.   Further, they rave over the exceptional beauty of the stitches.

So why not buy with genuine confidence after spending a day on an Innova doing one of your very own quilts?   We invite you to contact us to arrange your opportunity to put Innova to the test! 

Best regards,
Jeff Benedict
The Story Behind the Quilts
Bonnie Corson
The Story Behind the Quilts

Meet Bonnie Corson:
Strong, alive and amazing! 
Those words describe Bonnie!

When we say alive, we truly mean alive.  You see, Bonnie is a cancer survivor.  Amazing - after beating cancer a year ago, she decided to buy her machine and start her own quilting business.  Amazing - Bonnie had never quilted in her life when she decided to do this!  Strong - she decided that if she was going to be the best quilter she could be that she was going to take classes from someone who is one of the best, Jamie Wallen.

The interesting part of this story is that Bonnie bought a Harley and two weeks later found out that she had breast cancer. That was devastating because the mastectomy, the chronic infection, five surgeries and the chemo made it impossible to ride the bike.  And so, she sold the bike a year later.
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The Michigan Report
February in Michigan is pretty chilly which makes us all the more interested in getting together with our quilting friends. We have so much excitement to share about our upcoming events.
What's happening this month?

Feb 4-6th, Quilter's Winterfest- Frankenmuth, MI
You still have time to decide to visit us, sign up for classes and plan your road trip to lovely Frankenmuth, MI
Feb 6th, Basic Training        9am-3pm
Class is full! Call us to sign up for our next beginner longarm class.
Feb 13th,   Mach 3 AutoPilot Class!
             FREE TRAINING ($150 VALUE) 
 Meet other fellow AutoPilot users, be there for the "Big Reveal" and be prepared for the release of Mach 3. 
Our talented teachers (Eileen, Doug and Julie) have teamed up to help make your training experience better than anywhere else!
We know that we learn from doing, so developing projects using all
of the great tools in Mach3 is the approach we decided to take. Since November we've been busily testing our beta version of Mach 3, writing instructions, stitching out samples and editing our exclusive training manual. We hope that our investment of time will make getting to know Mach3 easy!!  
Feb 20th, QuiltIN - Stevensville store 1-4pm
Join us with Jamie Wallen and enjoy sharing ideas for quilt borders.
March Events

Need a few fresh ideas? Nancy McNally
is your solution. Spots are still available for her class, Collage Quilting on March 11th and 12th. See the description below. 
It's showtime! 
We're on the road to bring INNOVA machines to you.  
Come see us!
The Gathering of Quilters, Fort Wayne, IN: March 19

The Tennessee Rep ort

Upcoming Events
Quilt Challenge
Beginning February 1, you can come in and pick up your pattern for the Quilt Challenge.  The quilt will be made in black and white fabrics (solids or tone on tone).  Once you have pieced the quilt, the challenge will be in the quilting!  Use any thread (type or color) to quilt your pieced top in any way that you wish.  Turn your quilt in by August 15, 2016, and then come in and vote (one time) for your favorite starting September 1. 
We will have two categories to vote on (computerized and hand-guided).  A prize will be offered in both categories.  Look for more information in your email or stop in at the shop!

Mach 3 Preview
We will be hosting a preview of all of the exciting new updates to AutoPilot!  Join us February 20, 2016 from noon to 5 pm for lunch, an introduction to Mach 3 and then a more in depth look at all the new program will be able to do.  Space is limited, so please call to reserve your space.

Cotton Wool Blend Batting
Our customers have requested that we carry Tuscany Cotton Wool Blend and we've listened! The fiber blend is 80% cotton with 20% superwash wool. Tucscany Cotton Wool Blend (TCW-96) provides superb insulation and natural fibers that breath allowing excess heat to dispense away from the batting. It can be quilted 4" apart and is washable. We recommend washing in warm water by hand and laying out flat to dry.
Tuscany Wool Blend is now available at Accomplish Quilting in queen-sized packages (96"x108") at the low price of $13. 60. Order it on a 10' x96" board for only $66.00! If you are looking for a great natural batting that is soft, warm in the winter and cool in summer, give it a try!

Tech's Tips
Surge Protectors
Something to keep in mind when looking at an Innova (or any other longarm) is what you use to protect it. Often times, when someone needs a surge protector, they'll look around the house and use the first one they see. Other people may go out and buy one, but not all surge protectors are equal, some won't do the job. As a surge protector gets older, they no longer do the job as well as they originally did. Some are rated for less voltage and current than what a longarm needs.
Negatives of a "poor" surge protector:
  • There is a high potential for electric fires
  • Worn protectors may no longer be doing its job as well as it should.
  • Protectors that don't meet the correct voltage and current minimums void the warranty.
  • A poor surge protector endangers your quilting machine investment
When you go to get a surge protector for your machine,
  What you want to look for is one rated for at least 1000 joules of surge protection and rated for 15 amps and 120 volts. 
If a surge protector has all 3 of these, you're in great shape. In addition, you do NOT want to use a Ground Fault Interrupter with longarm systems. The leakage current of a longarm is frequently enough to trip the limit of a GFI protection unit. This month we are offering $5.00 off on the recommended surge protector. Don't wait to protect your machine! 
$5 OFF
Surge Protecto rs

  • Offers the best protection from lightning strikes and surges!
  • 25 Feet Power Cord - Heavy duty
  • Overload Resettable Circuit Breaker (15A)
  • Power ON/OFF Rocker Switch
  • New Metal Oxide Varistor Technology - Provides common and normal mode protection frrom high energy spikes.
  • High-Frequency Capacitor & Choke Coils - Work together to provide maximum reduction of AC Line Noise interference.
  • Grounding LED - The green indicator lights to show the building wiring is properly installed

Offer Expires: Feb 29, 2016