No doubt you have heard of phantom limb pain.  People who lose an arm or leg to amputation claim to experience sensations coming from the limb that is no longer  there.  

Can people who have lost their vision have a similar  experience? Absolutely! Affirmations

1.   Surround yourself with positive people.   Spend your time with people whose outlook is sunny and who will help you put things into perspective. 

2.   Remember things could be worse.   No matter how bad things get, remember they could be worse.  Be grateful for the good things in your life.

3. Give yourself credit.  Living with AMD is tough.  Don't dwell on what you can no longer do, but give yourself credit for the level of independence you still have.   

Implantable Miniature Telescope
For patients with severe, end-stage AMD, this small telescope placed inside the eye may bring new hope for improved vision. 

Did you guess the subject of last month's picture?

UC-Irvine scientist Bryce McLelland is performing an animal optical coherence tomography (OCT). The machine (with a beanie baby where a rat would be placed) was specially constructed to image the retinas of rodents.



Researchers are looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of the anti-VEGF treatments that have preserved the vision and improved the lives of many patients with wet AMD.   Read about a new clinical trial underway that combines anti-VEGF with anti-PDGF.


The NIH Senior Health site is a great resource! Here you can find advice on various health topics, tips on exercising and helpful articles on multiple topics, including vision, hearing and mental health. We love this site because of the wealth of information at your fingertips. In addition to all this great information, you can sign up for a helpful newsletter all about healthy aging.

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