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Volume 9 No. 2
April 2017
In this issue, our Case Study article describes Abbot's recent restoration of a series of five pre-cast concrete portico entrances to the condominiums at 57-65 Babcock Street in Brighton, MA. In our Masonry 101 article, we describe what a portico is and trace its roots. 
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Michael Norman, President
Abbot Building Restoration Company, Inc.

Case Study

Abbot Restores Concrete Portico Entrances at   Brookline Condomiunium 

Abbot restored each portico to its original appearance.
Abbot recently completed restoration of a series of five pre-cast concrete portico entrances to the condominiums at 57-65 Babcock Street in Brighton, MA. Each portico consisted of two pre-cast concrete columns and lintel headers that had severely deteriorated over time resulting in a rough appearance with multiple cracks.

Key to the restoration, Abbot hand grinded the surfaces with a special polishing stone to produce a smooth, aesthetically pleasing appearance and injected an epoxy material to structurally fill the cracks. The epoxy binds both sides of the cracks to result in a structurally sound surface. Abbot also repaired the deteriorated concrete and recoated the porticos to match the color of the decorative stone of the building.
Multiple porticos highlight the condominium entrances. 
Abbot also removed the deteriorated pre-cast concrete urns at top of each portico and replaced them with new, fabricated fiberglass replicas.
To complete the project, Abbot recoated the tops of the porticos with an EPDM roofing material.

Masonry 101

Anatomy of a Portico

The classic, timeless portico design is as attractive today as it was in ancient Greek times.
According to the dictionary, a portico is a porch or covered walkway with a roof supported by regularly spaced columns or enclosed walls. This pedestrian definition does not do justice to the intricate architecture that formed the grand entrances to ancient Greek temples.

From its roots as a principal feature in Greek temples, the portico became a prominent element in Roman architecture and continues in modern times in a plethora of classically inspired structures.

Some noteworthy examples of porticos are the East Portico of the United States Capitol, the portico adorning the Pantheon in Rome, and the portico of University College London
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