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July 22, 2017

Every summer, Family Resource Center provides backpacks full of school supplies for the upcoming school year to all of our school-aged children in foster care.  This year, we need to put together 900 backpacks!

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Family Resource Center is starting a new program called 'A Sweet Chance'. During this program, we will be giving the girls a chance to experience an unforgettable quinces or sweet sixteen. The girls will be able to dress up in the perfect gowns, have their makeup done, their hair styled, everything they could dream up. They will then be photographed in a beautiful venue with many different poses that they can take home with them. If you are interested in donating to our wonderful program, please visit our website at 
to help us fund this great program; also to make sure to make a note when donating (For: A Sweet Chance). All proceeds will go towards their dresses, professional makeup artists, professional hair stylists, photographer, etc. Let's make their dreams come true.


Be a Part of Something Big on November 16th, 2017!
Join over 20,000 people in raising $5+ million on a single day! And if you pledge to Family Resource Center, a percentage of your donation will be matched by The Miami Foundation. This year, FRC's goal is to raise over $5,000 in 24 hours to provide each of the teens in our care with a $25 gift card to Target for the holidays. Find out more at www.givemiamiday.org.

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A special "Thank You" to all of our supporters so far. We couldn't do what we  do without you!

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