Please join us in a night of giving and celebration,
14th Annual Auction Saturday, March 11, 2017
"Message in a Bottle"
March  2017
Dear Friend,

This year's 14th Annual Auction Party Fundraiser is Saturday, March 11th at the Lakehills Covenant Church in El Dorado Hills. Our annual auction is our school's largest fundraiser, providing much needed funds to bridge the gap between our tuition revenue and our annual expenses. This year, our theme is "Message in a Bottle".

Auction chair, Kate Barba, CSWS Parent to Gwyn and Drew in Lily KG beautifully stated, "... our  children, who are our "Message in a Bottle." They are fille d with love, hopes, dreams,  curiosity, knowledge, and a desire to make the world a better place. We care for them, do our best to prepare them, and then we send them out into the ocean of life and watch where the currents take them. We hope they use their message to be a positive force in the world."   Please consider coming for a lovely night out and gathering of community in support of CSWS programs and the education we provide.

This year's invitation was hand-painted by CSWS Alumna, Hannah Gunasekara, Class of 2012, and youngest daughter to Lily KG teacher Veronica Gunasekara. Thank you Hannah for such a beautiful image and vision for our event! Be sure to visit our website, for more information.  Tickets are still available for $40 each (online) and $50 at the door.  

Our   Alumni feature this month is an interview of the very fun Megan Gaydosh, CSWS Alumna Class of 2002 by Amanda Mossman Steiner. Thank you Amanda for your lovely interviews and articles featuring our alumni. We love to read about our former students and what paths life has taken them on.

For parent education articles we have another great piece from Beverly Amico from the AWSNA blog Essentials in Education titled In Praise of Kindergarten as well as  another very popular article this month, by Tim Adams, published in The Guardian, Sherry Turkle: 'I am not anti technology, I am pro-conversation'.


Jennifer Bumgarner
Director of Community Development

Inspiring our students to reach their highest potential as free-thinking, creative human beings who have a life-long love of learning, Cedar Springs offers a Waldorf Education to families and their children, infants through Eighth grade.   - CSWS Mission Statement

Art by Hannah Gunasekara

Ahoy Mates, buy your tickets online today!
Ticket price: $40 (guests, 21 and older please)

Vintage Nautical Attire Suggested
Admirable Silent Auction
Exciting Live Auction
Seashore Inspired Food and Drink
Raffle and Games

Back again this year, The Golden Paddle Raffle!
Get your tickets on campus this week, purchase online, or the night of!
Only 75 tickets available! (must be present to win)

New this year, The Wine Toss
$20 Every toss wines!!
One lucky player will win a Golden Paddle Raffle ticket.

Alumna Megan Gaydosh, CSWS Class of 2002

A Teacher's Perspective by A. M. Steiner
Download the article here
 technologySherry Turkle:  'I am not anti-technology, I am pro-conversation'
The Guardian
By Tim Adams
October 18, 2015

Photo credit: Blake Fitch
For nearly 30 years now, Sherry Turkle, professor of social psychology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been exploring the effects of digital worlds on human behaviour. Her books, Life on the Screen, The Second Selfand Alone Together, have charted the seductions of "intimate machines", the advance of social media and virtual realities and the all-pervasive internet, and the effect these things have had on our culture and our lives. Her latest book, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in the Digital Age, is a call to arms to arrest what she sees as the damaging consequences of never being far from email or text or Twitter or Facebook, in particular the impact it has on family life, on education, on romance and on the possibilities of solitude. Using extensive interviews and half a lifetime of research, she suggests - with reference to the birth of the environmental movement in the 1960s - that we are at a "Silent Spring" moment in our infatuation with life on screens rather than life in the real world, never wholly in one or the other. She measures these effects in a breakdown of empathy between children, in the consequences of increasingly distracted family interaction and a growing need for constant stimulus. Her antidote is a simple one: we need to talk more to each other. This interview took place by telephone last week.  Read full article here.
Essentials In Education Blog
By Beverly Amico

Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School by Eric Limon
"The heart of the Waldorf method is that education is an art - it must speak to the child's experience. To educate the whole child, his heart and his will must be reached, as well as the mind."  - Rudolf Steiner
Speaking to a child's experience and level of development is the key to reaching students, and teaching well, in all grades. But nowhere is this more essential than in kindergarten. Children ages four to six experience their world with their will. They are the center of every action and activity, and they move through their day by the force of their self-centered, self-driven curiosity. Read full article here.

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