Join us for CSWS Eighth Grade, Class of 2017 Graduation
 Saturday, June 10th at 10 AM in the outdoor amphitheater.
June 2017
Dear Friend,

Another school year comes to an end and we enjoy these final days of school and the traditions that go with them.

Tomorrow morning Wednesday, June 7th (11 AM) our rising First Grade will cross the Rainbow Bridge into the arms of the rising First Grade teacher, Ms. Judith Wares. This much loved and anticipated event honors the transition from early childhood to the exciting journey of the grades. Friends and families are welcome to attend. No photography or videotaping is permitted.

On Thursday, the grades students will honor our graduating Eighth Graders with the final rose ceremony at the closing assembly (8:30 AM) in the outdoor amphitheater. Again we welcome families, friends, and past families to join us for this touching close to our year. A parent reception in the Kindergarten Courtyard will follow our assembly. There is an opportunity to follow the classes through the grades and see the curriculum on display from each student. This will end at 11 AM. One of the most touching moments is the final handshake is at 12 PM on lower campus. Be prepared to pick up your children then, there is no after care.

The Eighth Grade, Class of 2017 will have their graduation on Saturday, June 10th at 10 AM on campus in the outdoor amphitheater. If you have never been to a CSWS graduation, this is a great opportunity to see what the end of the journey here looks like. It is always a touching and inspiring event. I hope you'll join us as we honor these graduates and send them off to the next adventure in their journey.

We are again offering Early Childhood Summer Camps with details and information below.
We have also arranged for group rates for an afternoon event at the Sacramento River Cats Baseball Game on Sunday, July 9th at 1 PM at Raley Field. All past and present CSWS families are invited and we hope you'll join us for this family event. Special pricing $15 seats, and $10 lawn seats available through June 25th in the Administrative Office, (530)642-9903 or onlineThis month there are some interesting articles included on Intuition as a form of intelligence and living in the digital age, screens, and concerns over a  False reality . Enjoy!

A special thank you to everyone for your support of Cedar Springs Waldorf School. We have had an amazing year, finishing with an enrollment of 173 students. Thank you for all your contributions of time and money towards our programs. We are grateful to report Annual Giving brought in $27,000 and Auction $38,000 towards our operating budget. Our Auction Fund-a-Need was an additional $20,000 to capital improvements providing new chalkboards to all the grades classrooms. These will be installed over the summer break. Thank you all! We appreciate you and wish you a beautiful summer.


Jennifer Bumgarner
Director of Community Development

Inspiring our students to reach their highest potential as free-thinking, creative human beings who have a life-long love of learning, Cedar Springs offers a Waldorf Education to families and their children, infants through Eighth grade.  - CSWS Mission Statement

Early Childhood Summer Camp: 8 AM to 1 PM Monday through Friday, with optional Extended Care. Nourishing snack provided daily, outside play, and seasonal crafts and activities. Open to children age 3 and potty trained to children entering Grade 1 in the fall.
$180 per week - camp only
$230 per week - camp plus extended care until 3 Pm daily
$255 per week - camp plus extended care until 5:30 PM daily
Date of Camp                 Theme
June 19 - 23           In the Summer Garden with Ms. Veronica & Ms. Christl
June 26 - 30           A World of Watery Wonder with Ms. Veronica & Ms. Christl
July 31 - Aug. 4      Row, Row, Row Your Boat with Ms. Inge
August 7 - 11         Ladybugs, Butterflies, Beetles and Bees with Ms. Inge
CSWS Sunday FUNday at Raley Field
The Sacramento River Cats vs. Tacoma. July 9th at 1 PM

All CSWS past and current families are invited! Tickets on sale until June 25th through the Administation Office or on our website.
We have arranged for a group ticket price. Choose tickets for a seat or for the lawn and play area. A stadium map is on the reverse side of the attached flier or visit the River Cats website at

Seats $15 per person
Lawn $10 per person
Meal Deal $7 (hot dog, drink, & chips)

Tickets must be reserved and paid no later than June 25th to receive the group rate. Tickets at the regular price may or may not be available at the gate the night of the event, so get your tickets today!


Intuition Is The Highest Form Of Intelligence

published in
By Bruce Kasanoff
February 21, 2017

Image: R~P~M/Flickr
I ntuition, argues  Gerd Gigerenzer, a director at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, is less about suddenly "knowing" the right answer and more about instinctively understanding what information is unimportant and can thus be discarded.  Read full article here.

Growing Up in a False Reality

Kids today are out of touch with themselves, others, and the world around them.
Guest Post by Cindy Eckard
May 20, 2017

Source_ Cindy Eckard_Creative Commons
Many people are focused on reducing screen time for children; I'm one of those people. The  health  risks are enormous for our kids, in a variety of ways, from their vulnerable, undeveloped eyes to their growing bodies and minds. And while I am the first to advocate for schools and  parents  to limit the amount of time our children spend on digital devices, per se, I am also growing increasingly convinced that our emotive relationships with these machines - which correlates to screen time - needs more exploration. What psychological needs are these digital devices filling - and what price is being paid when they dominate our lives?
Being Human and the Life Cycle of the Plant FREE Workshop

"Here, when our inner seeds of sincere seeking fall onto the fertile soil of our heartfelt reverence and devotion, they bear forth rich fruit." - Tom Altgelt

Dear Friends, 

This past November at the Biodynamic Association Conference, I snapped a picture of a beautiful drawing depicting the growth of a plant and the inner growth of the human being. The artist, Tom Altgelt, will be in California in a few weeks, and is offering a workshop, Being Human and the Life Cycle of the Plant, at our home.

When: 5:30 PM Friday, June 16. Potluck after!
Childcare provided with RSVP. Cost split among families)
What: Being Human and the Life Cycle of the Plant
Where: 3260 Clark Street, Placerville, CA. 

Please RSVP by June 12 and include the number of children for childcare.

Please pass this along to anyone whom you think might be interested!

Laura Scappaticci
RSVP (484)274-4567 or

Tom Altgelt is a landscape architect and longtime student of Anthroposophy. He facilitates study groups in Boulder, Colorado. Tom is preparing an upcoming book with related presentations and workshops on this topic. Tom presented this work at last year's National Biodynamic Conference in Santa Fe. For more information, contact Tom at
AWSNA Community Newsletter

Read this month's AWSNA  Community Newsletter   INFORM here.

Private Summer Camp Offered for Grades Students

Pixies and Pollinators Camp
When: July 5, 6, & 7, 9 AM - 1 PM
Who: Ages 6-8 Limited Spaces Available!
Where: Located on Clark Street in Placerville, near Rotary Park
What: Children have an innate sense of beauty. They, like many pollinators, offer love to the Earth selflessly, with tenderness. At Pixies and Pollinators Camp, we will nurture our connection to the land by engaging with the elementals and jointing the paths of our dear pollinator pals while learning to tend them. Our hearts are our guides, crafting a life of love, with love!

Led by Wren Christensen, Biodynamic Farmer and Teacher, and Christopher Scappaticci, Cedar Springs Waldorf School Grades Teacher.

$100 - $125 sliding scale (Sibling discounts and financial assistance available). Materials and take home crafts included!

Pollinator Pals Camp
When: July 17 - 21, 9 AM - 1 PM
Who: Ages 9-12 Limited Spaces available!
Where: Clark Street in Placerville, near Rotary Park
What: Who are the pollinators? Why are they important? What can be done to care for them? Pollinator Pals Camp is a space where we will learn to tend to these beings through heart-centered play and Earth crafts! 

Led by Wren Christensen, Biodynamic Farmer and Teacher, and Christopher Scappaticci, Cedar Springs Waldorf School Grades Teacher.

$175 - $200 sliding scale (Sibling discounts and financial assistance available). Materials and take home crafts included.

Come One, Come All, NEW FolkSchool & Afternoon ArtSchool BeeLoved Farm is Expanding! FolkSchool for 5, 6, & 7 Year Old Children ~ Coming Fall 2017

FolkSchool for 5, 6, & 7 Year Old Children ~ Coming Fall 2017

* FolkSchool Taught by Certified Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher, Jenny Gannon Former Lead Kindergarten Teacher for 8 Years at Camellia Waldorf School in Sacramento, CA 

* Afternoon ArtSchool Taught by Waldorf Parent & Professional Artist, Carrie Gamble B.A. in Fine Arts (emphasis in painting), CA Teaching Credentials (2), Waldorf in Public Schools 

About FolkSchool*: Mainly an outdoor, folk-craft program with an emphasis on creativity and transformation through old-world processes performed by one's own two hands and developing will-forces. BeeLoved Farm is a 5-acre biodynamic Early Childhood Center providing vast opportunities for children to develop a sense of autonomy and initiative through crafts and the art of self-sufficiency. A child's body, soul and spirit is nourished through the efforts of their own hands. Even observing a craftsperson at work fills a child with enthusiastic love and light in their heart. Children ages 5, 6 or 7-years of age are extremely capable, filled with wonder and exemplify powers of imitation wherein they thrive while engaging in meaningful work. Jenny earned a B.A. and M.F.A from CSUS. Offered in 16-week semesters in fall and spring and an 8-week mini-semester is summer (2 day/wk. minimum enrollment) 

About Afternoon ArtSchool: The children will explore various mediums of art such as painting, modeling, printmaking, jewelry making (using beads the children have made), visual and performing arts. Afternoon ArtSchool will be carried by Carrie Gamble, Waldorf parent, a professional artist and former teacher. Afternoon ArtSchool follows lunch and will begin with story-time and a short rest period until 1:30. Carrie received her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from Sonoma State (emphasis in painting) and has her CA multi-subject AND single-subject art Teaching Credential. Carrie took classes at Rudolf Steiner College during the Summer Public School Teacher's training. Carrie has also studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and traveled extensively throughout the world studying historic, cultural and modern/current art. Afternoon ArtSchool is Offered in 16-week semesters in fall and spring. 
NOTE: 8-week mini-semester in summer from May-June (2 day/wk. minimum enrollment).

Call Kelly Hodgkin to Register (530) 306-8739


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