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September 2015 Newsletter
September brings lots of happenings at Zack's Place.

I caught this funny moment with Fred and Karissa
Whatever Fred did or said Karissa is bent over with laughter

The two of them are now in hysterics!
Here are some of our exciting events, outings and more in September!

In this issue:

  • August in Review

  • "The Upcoming Tournament of Champions" Sign up now for the Zack Frates Memorial Golf Tournament to benefit Zack's Place.

  • The Italian Night Dine Around on September 18th

  • Zack's Place Competed in the Special Olympics Golf Tournament

  • A Big Thank You to our Awesome Summer Student Volunteers

August in Review
On August Mornings... we worked on a new greeting card series with Grace McKeon, we made healthy vegetable chips with Dail,  we colored with Kitty, cooked with Sarah and played games.


Mid-day we had fitness classes with Bari, went to some interesting farm programs at Billings Farm and learned about what it was like for children 200 years ago on a Vermont Farm. We also learned how to make quilts. We went to see West Side Story performed by Opera North at the Lebanon Opera House. We played games at Vail Field, went to the "Junglebook Performance at Barnarts, we did pottery with Fiona, went bowling in Claremont, we kayaked and canoed on Silver Lake with Vermont Adaptive Sports. We enjoyed the brown bag concerts in the park, went horseback riding at Moonrise Farm, we competed at the Equinox in Special Olympics Golf, we went to the Precision Machine Museum in Windsor, we did arts and crafts with Kitty, we learned about seeds and how a vegetable grows at Marsh Billings National Park, We picnicked at Frates pond, played gmes at Vail Field and swam at Kedron Pond.


Late in day we played golf at Woodstock Country Club, did yoga with Tita and Lalita, we had art classes with Mary and Jools, sang with Kerry and went to the Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center.

Out for a pond swim
Zack's Place at Marsh Billings National Park
Learning how plants grow
Fred and Joan working on the parts of a plant
Amanda and Marty work on a quilt at Billings Farm

Keegan Bowling at Maple Lanes in Claremont
Denise and Ted picking out the balls
Reading about quilts
Group coloring project
Zack's Place visits path of life sculpture garden.
Josh gets a fresh look at things through the stone.
Josh looks at how the machines are run at Precision Museum
Frank making an air powered car at Precision
Jessa rides Barrister at Moonrise Farm
The gang at Moonrise Farm
Jessie kayaking at Silver Lake
Josh rides without hands
Erin sits up straight on Barrister
Zack's Place Special Olympics Golf Team Competes at the Equinox
Zack's Place brings home the medals

Zack's Place was able to form a Special Olympics Golf team this year, thanks' to the Woodstock Country Club and Resort, our volunteer coach Yvonne Frates and the many volunteers that came to help at practices. When we started practicing at the end of June, most of our team had never even picked up a golf club before. Each team member worked one on one, with the many volunteers each week putting, chipping, driving, and pitching. It was challenging for our participants as it is anyone learning these essential skills to the game of golf. After 10 weeks of perseverance, training each week, our team met at 6:30am on August 17 th, 2015 to take the bus to the Equinox in Manchester, VT to compete at the State Special Olympics Golf Tournament.
Keegan takes a swing at the drive competition
There were over 100 competitors playing on 5 levels. The competitors ranged from a nine hole unified partnership, 18 hole individual tournament and our group, which was level one, competing in 9 areas of golf skills. Our group worked very hard at the competition and I have to say they were really good. We took turns with other groups in each of the skills. The home team, Manchester, was welcoming and helpful. The coach and I held our breath as each member took their turn. It is not about the medals but we were delighted at the end of day when every single one of our golf team members was invited to the podium to receive their medal. We were even more excited about the personal success of each of the team members, the new friends we made and the success of our golf team. Zack's Place now has another new sport and we look forward to many more competitions!

Karissa practices her put

The awesome fan club
Sign up For The Zack's Place Tournament of Champions on September 25, 2015

Italian Night at Terri And David Long's September 18th 
Please join Dave and Terri Long for an evening of Italian food, friendship, and festivities.
The evening begins with wine and Italian flatbread appetizers, served on the patio overlooking the Ottauquechee River, accompanied by the quiet strains of Italian music. From here, we'll proceed to the dining room for a three-course dinner, consisting of a delicious Italian salad, followed by pappardelle bolognese, and our main dish, chicken marsala and broccoli rabe--all prepared by the fabulous chefs at Pi Brick Oven Trattoria, located in Woodstock village.
Following dinner, interested parties will compete in a round-robin bocce tournament on the front lawn. 
We'll cap off the evening with coffee and Italian cookies, from a terrific Italian bakery in Boston. 
Date-September 18, 2015
Host: Terri and David Long
Address-474 Carlton Hill Rd Woodstock
Time -6 PM
Attire: Your finest Italian clothing
Limit- 24 People
Price- 100.00 per person
Click Here to Register online 
September 2015 Calendar

~ September 2015 ~
Killington Mountain School Cleaning Billings Farm Garden for ZP on 2nd of September
11A-Aquaponics 101 with Emily (Fish and Plants)
1230PM-Walk to Billings for Farm Program
4:15P-Reading with Pam Pickett
11A-Aquaponics 101 with Emily (Fish and Plants)
12Pm Bus leaves ZP for -Cycling with Vermont Adaptive at the Rail Trail in Lebanon Meet at 1PM. Return 2:30P
(3PM-Greeting Card Business Program with Grace
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
 11am Science Adventures with Finnie Trimpi !
1PM-Games at Vail Field with Sarah
3PM-Art with Emily
1030A-Cooking with Sarah
1PM-Expressive Arts with Kathleen Dolan
3PM-Games with Carl
11A-Garden Clean up with Martha
1250P-Walk to Dana House for history program
4:15P-Reading with Pam Pickett
10A-Outing Club Hike on the rail trail
(3PM-Greeting Card Business Program with Grace
10am Pentangle Theater Arts in Education The Vil lalobos Brothers
1PM-Work out with Bari
3PM-Art Jools
1030A-Cooking with Sarah
1PM-Expressive Arts with Kathleen Dolan
3PM-Swimming at Frates Family Farm
11am Independent Living Skills (Managing Our Money) with Kitty
1PM-Pottery with Fiona
3PM-Apple Picking at Maple Wood Farm
1230PM-Walk to Billings for Farm Program
3PM-Yoga- Tita
4:15P-Reading with Pam Pickett
12:00P-Cycling with Vermont Adaptive at the Rail Trail in Lebanon Meet at 1PM. Return 2:30P
3:15P-Singing with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
11 Science Adventures with Finnie Trimpi
1pm Work out with Bari
3pm Art- With Emily
10AM- Leave for the Tunbridge Fair Return at 4:45P
21  11am Independent Living Skills (Managing Our Money) with Kitty
1PM-Pottery with Fiona
3PM-Kerioki and Dance with Kitty
11A-Planting Mums with Martha
1230PM-Walk to Billings for Farm Program
10A-Outing Club Hike on the rail trail
3:15P-Singing with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
11 am Wacky Science with Anthea
1PM-Work out with Bari
3PM-Art Mary
1030A-Cooking with Sarah
12PM-Go to Woodstock Country Club to help register and cheer on Golfers
3PM-Games with Carl
930 leave for HOP Junie B. Jones (program starts at 10 am) over at 11AM return to Zack's Place
1PM-Pottery with Fiona
3PM-Mount Tom Hike with Dail and Kitty Prosper Road Trail
 Intermediate Aquaponics with Emily
1PM- Around the World with Alecia Artessa a world culture class
4:15P-Reading with Phil Swanson
10A-Outing Club Hike on the rail trail
3:15P-Reading with Kerry
4:15P-Reading with Bettyanne
Bold represents fieldtrips

Back to School for our Student Volunteers
We will miss all of our dedicated summer interns and volunteers, Brendan Amos, Sam Matel, Abbie Jameson, Graham Jameson and Andrew Jameson, Lizzy Miller and Katie Miller, Emily Donaldson and Bailey Gannon.

Thank you for an amazing summer of fun and friendships!
Abbie, Graham and Andrew Jameson volunteered for the entire month of July
Sam Matel spends his free time volunteering at ZP
Brendan Amos volunteers in between music programs.
Emily Donaldson, from cultivating action, brings interesting projects for us.

Thank you for reading our newsletter!
We also want to remind you that it is time to donate your quality unwanted clothing and small household items to glad rags. To find out more information on when and where to donate and their upcoming sale Click here

 Enjoy this beautiful month!
Dail Frates
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