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CALCAP Connections                             August  2018


Every fall, as our kids head back to school, the CALCAP management team begins its strategic and financial planning process for the upcoming year. We will usually start the process by asking a few simple questions like...what are the company's core objectives, or why do investors invest with us. 

So far during 2018, CALCAP has reached several significant milestones:
  • Surpassed $200MM in assets under management
  • Surpassed $110MM in equity under management
  • Surpassed $30MM in the CALCAP Income Fund I, LLC
As exciting as these milestones are to us, we recognize that many investors are largely unfamiliar with CALCAP, how we operate, and the types of investments we create and sponsor. Furthermore, because we operate as an alternative real estate investment sponsor and manager, we recognize that the need to deliver excellent and predictable investor returns is just as important as maintaining transparency and consistency.
To that end, we recently engaged a well-known New York based investor & SEC compliance firm to come in and review our operations.  We hoped to learn a few best practices that would enable us to be a better company and a better investment manager. More than 300 individual investors have invested with us over the years, with over 230 investors invested with us today. The preservation of their capital is job #1 for us and a role we take very seriously.
For the kids, a new school year brings with it many new challenges and learning opportunities.   For the team at CALCAP, it forces us to reset our focus, and open our minds to new possibilities and opportunities. As those opportunities present themselves we look forward to sharing them with you.

Edward M. Aloe
President and CEO
Latest Headlines...
The rise of renter nation and why it's here to stay       
"Renting remains more common years after the recession ended and after a historically long national economic expansion. Some of this shift is attributable to lifestyle choices, including young adults delaying marriage and starting families, and a strong preference for living in urban cores where renting is often more convenient and financially feasible,"  
Terrazas said."Some is also driven by economic necessity - quickly rising home values can make it difficult for some to enter the market to begin with - and many previously foreclosed-upon families remain unable to purchase again, even years after foreclosure."
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Housing stock age shows desperate need for new construction
Because many homes are growing older, and new construction is not keeping up with demand, it has caused a surge in the remodeling market, according to the report. And as home prices continue to rise, many homeowners also turn to home improvement as an alternative to moving.
Report: Multifamily Remains Attractive to Investors

Further, homeownership rates have shifted down over the past 10 years, as fewer Americans can afford to buy a home or simply prefer to rent. As a result, multifamily demand is growing across all demographic groups, not just among millennials, and especially in urban areas. As Will Balthrope, senior managing director with IPA in Dallas, notes in the report, "people need a place to live." And that fundamental human need is one of the market's main drivers.
On the lighter side....

California Capital Real Estate Advisors, Inc. (CALCAP) is a real estate investment and advisory firm.  Partnering with businesses, asset managers, developers and communities we reposition distressed real estate, and provide liquidity, adding value for our stakeholders and the communities we serve.  
We are proud of our ability to identify opportunities and to move quickly in adding value to a diversity of projects. Through our experience, extensive network and creative problem-solving skills we have established a strong record of success.

CALCAP's work includes the acquisition of distressed residential and commercial properties and debt; the repositioning of real estate; asset management; real estate brokerage; consulting; and real estate financing services.

The Sanborn House
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Pasadena, CA 91106
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Director of Investor Relations
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