On Monday morning the baby crows woke me before the alarm. They were in a nest behind the house, and they whined and croaked when one of their parents came with food. I hadn't ever seen the nest, even with binoculars - the trees were dense, and I couldn't see into the branches. But I knew where the nest had to be because the mother and father crow always flew to one particular spot, about twenty feet up in the balsam right behind my bedroom. I lay listening to the voices, which were all vowels, and when the caws stopped, I got up.

Maureen Gibbons, excerpt from  Lake 37

Gibbons is a recipient of the 2015 Region 2 Arts/McKnight Career Development Fellowship award which she is using to revise her novel, Lake 37. Pamela Edevold is also a 2015 Fellowship Awardee who is creating paintings for a solo show, "Eighteen in Eighteen." Congratulations to both of you!
Laura and Holly, at the Region 2 Arts office, have excellent insights into the grant application process. If you are interested in funding an artistic venture, do not hesitate to contact them for grant support. Remember that the best time is well ahead of your grant deadline! The success of your grant increases if you have had time to carefully shape and test the ideas of your proposed project. A well-edited grant application should also be taken into account. The Region 2 Arts Board will review all applications, allow time for discussion, and use the point system to rate each grant. For this process they will need to understand exactly what your project entails, how potential funding translates to your budget, and where the benefit lies if your grant is chosen. The Best of Luck!

March 1, 2016
Anishinaabe  Arts initiative
This grant opportunity is for Native artists who are enrolled tribal members, or member's descendants age 18 and up, residing in Beltrami, Clearwater, Hubbard, Lake of the Woods, Mahnomen, Cass, Becker, Roseau, or Itasca counties. Funds up to $1,000 will cover costs associated with an art exhibition, performance or production; or for the cost of supplies, equipment, mentoring or workshop attendance. Miigwech to the McKnight Foundation for funding this opportunity for our area artists! HERE

March 15, 2016
Artist Mentor Grant
The Artist Mentor Program provides 8th to12th grade students, residing in the five counties of Region 2, the opportunity to study art with a practicing professional artist, attend an arts workshop or class series, or attend an arts camp in the state of Minnesota. Grant recipients will receive up to $600 to attend an arts workshop, class or camp, OR reimbursement for up to $600 to work with a mentor artist.  HERE

April 15, 2016
Arts Project Grant
These grants are open to nonprofits, schools, government offices, and community education programs.  Up to $2,500 in funding is offered for project costs related to performances or exhibitions, engagement of guest artists, public art projects, or artists-in-residence. HERE
March 10-12, 2016
The Dining Room,  by A.R. Gurney, will be on stage with Group Therapy Productions at the Rail River Folk School. Tickets at the door or in advance at Wild Hare Bistro and Shannon's Art and Soul, $15 eves 7:30 PM, $10 Sat 2:30 PM matinee.

April 8-10, 2016
Pine to Prairie Fiber Arts Trail is a sure way to escape the winter blues. Join your fellow textile compadres for a weekend full of old and new fiber skills.  HERE

June 20-26, 2016
Minnesota Northwoods Writers Conference, Bemidji State University
Need to behold the summer ahead? Check out this annual writers get-away held at BSU. An event made possible in part by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Region 2 Arts Council via the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. 
Workshops as follows: Rebecca Brown-creative nonfiction; Lorraine Lopez-fiction; LeAnne Howe-multi-genre; Jericho Brown-poetry; Natalie Diaz-poetry. The visiting writer is Joy Harjo. Full conference fee $550 before April 15: includes a daily workshop limited to 13 writers, daily craft talks, publishing and editor Q&A's, afternoon events, and five conference meals. An Auditor Option is available for $150: includes all conference amenities and events during the week, but does not include participation in a workshop. HERE

April 15, 2016
Poetry Slam! Get ready to get down at the Keg 'n' Cork for another round of Slams (and beer). Sign up to participate at the Bemidji Public Library beginning April 1st. Thank you to the library for sponsoring this great community event to celebrate Poetry Month!
February 19, 2016
5:00 PM sharp! Minnesota Fringe Application Deadline
Do you have a steaming or a chilly idea that you want thrown into the lottery of  Uncensored, Unrated, Unbuttoned?  $25 and a 2 minute online form will buy you the opportunity to vie for a spot in Minneapolis's well-known theatrical extravaganza. Lottery draw: February 29th, 7PM, Republic, Minneapolis (also live web feed!). HERE

February 22, 2016
Made Here - Spring/Summer Showcase Session
See below for full opportunity applicable to our region!
Information Session: 7:00 to 8:30 PM, 1011 West Broadway, Minneapolis, MN

March 8, 2016
Made Here - Spring/Summer Showcase Deadline
Made Here temporarily fills empty storefronts and commercial spaces with art by local artists, turning the downtown Minneapolis cultural district into a walkable urban art gallery.  For this round, artists and artist groups are invited to submit proposals for window displays that interpret the word, "Represent."  You might "represent" your community, heritage or ethnicity, a historical event or a change you wish to see in the world.  MH features artists along the spectrum of emerging to professional, and especially those from  diverse communities. On average, 40 percent of artists chosen are from communities of color with a priority for balanced gender representation and the inclusion of seniors, children, artists with disabilities, GLBT artists and artists from Greater Minnesota.   Apply  HERE

February 25, 2016
Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Grant Deadline
Jerome funds support periods of travel for the purpose of study, exploration and growth. The eligible disciplines for 2016 are  dance; film, video, and digital production; and literature-including choreographers, film and video directors, and writers of poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and spoken word.  HERE

February 29, 2016
New American Paintings Midwest Competition Deadline
Are you a painter?  HERE

March 1, 2016
MN Shorts Play Festival, Minnesota Deadline
Do you have a play ready for submission? 

March 11, 2016
McKnight Fellowship for Media Artists Deadline
Are you a mid-career media artist? Apply for this $25,000 fellowship.  HERE

March 12, 2016
Franconia Sculpture Park Deadline
If you're into Hot Metal then this residency application is for you.  HERE

March 24, 2016
Arts Access Webinar, 3-4 PM
This webinar, presented by the MN State Arts Board, is to gain the information you need for a successful Arts Access application. Arts Access is for projects that broaden arts opportunities for underserved groups by reducing or eliminating barriers to participation.  HERE

April 17, 2016 
6 X 6 X 2016 is Rochester Contemporary Art Center's Big Show for Small Art. Yes it's in New York, but there's a Global Call for art that is 6 inches x 6 inches. Each year thousands of works pour in! The anonymous art (signed on the back) will be exhibited both in their gallery and online. Each work will be sold for $20 as a fundraiser for the Center. HERE

Anytime Anywhere
Springboard for the Arts is in St. Paul, but they are here for us too. Their website is a visual treat and worth the time to find the support you need. Springboard's workshops and artist counseling sessions for new-comers as well as seasoned professionals are gems.  HERE
Congratulations to each and every Region 2 Grant Awardee! Watch for upcoming recipient lists with their awards.

Think about it!  The Legacy Amendment has generated nearly $250 million dollars per year since 2010. Split between the Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund, Clean Water  Fund, Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, Outdoor Heritage  Fund and Parks and Trails Fund, these monies continue to assist Minnesotans in leaving an amazing statewide legacy until July 1, 2034. 

Free-Up March 17th and head down to St Paul for Arts Advocacy Day!  You can walk right in and say Thank You to the legislators that hands-down support the arts and an equal Thank You to the legislators that open their doors to be swayed! Register by March 14th. HERE
Here's a few events from the month behind us. . . Bemidji Community Theater's "Leading Ladies," Clearwater Hot Club at Brigid's, Bemidji Symphony Orchestra's "Traveling Together," Craft Night at Bemidji Public Library, and St. Valentines Massacre at Rail River. 

What's Up Babe? Lisa Seter is the rockstar behind this truly catch-all e-mag just for our region. The Bluest of ribbons go to both Babes!  HERE

First Friday's media extraordinaire is Emily Enger, from Watermark Art Center. Jump on her e-list if you have an art event to publicize for a great First Friday turnout. Her next deadline is February 22 for the March 4th Art Walk event.  HERE

R2Arts Google Calendar is a go-to for our regional county events! If you don't see your event, please send us your info (short and sweet) and we'll add it.  HERE 
A poem in your inbox every day? The Academy of American Poets has a treat in store for you:  Poem-A-Day HERE

Zine-Fold Recipe:
Start with a sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper. 
Hamburger fold it, then unfold it.
Now Hot Dog fold it. F old over the Hot Dog ends to meet in the center. 
Unfold the whole thing, and Hamburger it again.
Grab some scissors and cut on the fold line at a 90 degree angle to the folded edge, just to the mustard (that's 1/2 way into the paper).
Now unfold the whole thing again and hold it in front of you, the Hot Dog way, but like a tent. 
See the skylight? Close up the window by pushing both ends inward.
And wrap it around into. . . a mini-book! 
That was an ANDREW STANTON interpretation of the Zine-Fold. In his words (click and watch his TED talk), "The audience actually wants to work for their meal!" 

Our next public board meeting for Region 2 Arts is March 21, 2016 at 4:30 pm at the Region 2 office at the Rail River Folk School, 303 Railroad St SW, Bemidji. Review of the Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant for Organizations begins at 6:00 PM. 
Do you ever see a bit of street art that makes you smile? (The pic above graces a dumpster!) My suggestion this month is: 1. Buy a can of Chalkboard Paint. 2. Tape off a cupboard, a door, or a square somewhere that needs it's own event. 3. Paint it! 4. Scramble through your junk drawer for a piece of chalk, hopefully the sidewalk kind. 4. With that chunky pastel piece of summer, draw a big, big smile.

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