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2015 Convention WRAP!!

From the first step into the beautiful Boyne Mountain Resort guests who traveled from all over the State and beyond were treated to HOSPITALITY - MFEA style as they registered for Convention. Our sincere thanks to the 41 sponsors that provided hospitality and education throughout the entire weekend.  Each sponsor played a crucial role and helped contribute to a successful and enjoyable convention. See our article below detailing sponsorships and a picture of our banner which captures each sponsor.  

Many attendees had scheduled the educational seminars they wished to attend ahead of their arrival. Education was front and center as the attendees found a priceless thread connecting every aspect of the Convention...awesome NETWORKING. From the vendors exhibiting and offering great buys in the trade show to the dynamic showcase entertainment and pure enjoyment of meeting old friends and making new friends- Boyne Mountain Resort became the "Party @ MI Place" destination in celebration of MFEA, our volunteers and the 23rd Annual Convention! 

"Ideas shared...Visions Formed...A New Level!"

By the numbers...
  • Over $2,800 for MFEA scholarships and education was raised with all of your help from our silent auction
  • 315 #MFEAboyne2015 social media posts (Learn some social media tips from Cassie Roberts of Saffire)
  • It takes 15,840 Koegel hot dogs to reach the top of Boyne Mountain!(Winner: Ed Smietana)
MichiganFun Award Winners
Under $20,000
   First Place: Lansing Jazzfest in Old Town
   Second Place: Tommy Tropic


Above $50,000
   First Place: Cheeseburger in Caseville
   Second Place: Battle Creek's Fantasy Forest

People's Choice: Cheeseburger in Caseville

Attention Vendors:

The 2016 Buyers' Guide is underway and MFEA is accepting your ads. Please submit your form and payment today. 

Deadline is January 15, 2016

Funding: Grants

The Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) coordinates grants to arts and culture organizations, cities and municipalities, and other nonprofit organizations to encourage, develop and facilitate an enriched environment of artistic, creative and cultural activity in Michigan. Submitted grants are reviewed by a panel of arts and cultural professionals, providing the Council with the depth of experience and expertise that is the foundation of their informed funding decisions. Below are the MCACA grant program opportunities:
  • Operational Support
  • Project Support
  • Capital Improvement
  • Arts in Residency
  • Retention and Engagement
MCACA also has a Minigrant Program with 15 regional regranting agencies. These are special opportunities to address local arts and cultural needs as well as increasing public access to arts and culture. For those who have yet to submit a grant, the Minigrant program is a great place to start. Locate your regional regranting agency.

All grants must be submitted via the online egrant system and must follow the provided guidelines. Take a look at the guidelines on the website now, so you are prepared to have a successful grant at the deadline. Also, the workshop slides, are a great resource for better understanding the process.  If you have any questions regarding grant guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact board member, Ashley Rop, via email at, or MCACA Program Coordinator, Alison Watson, via email at Watch the website for grant deadlines.

Funding: Sponsorships

In addition to grants, sponsors are an effective way to raise the money you need for a successful event. The 2015 MFEA 23rd Annual Convention could not have happened without the help of SO many sponsors. A few things to keep in mind when seeking sponsors...

  • Research similar successful events in your region - look at the who, what, why of their sponsors and materials. 
  • Finalize sponsorship materials at least six months before your event
  • Sponsorship materials should clearly indicate what type of benefits each sponsor level receives.
  • Share numbers with your sponsors - how many attendees, age of average attendees, economic impact of your event on your town, etc.
  • Utilize your local charities for volunteers, as they may not be able contribute much money.
It is important to remember that majority of sponsors are not purely philanthropic, but are looking for advertising opportunities at your event. Make their sponsorship of YOUR event worth THEIR while! 

MFEA is so thankful for all of our sponsorships for the 23rd Annual MFEA Convention
Photo taken from TICOM website
Promoting Tourism and our Great Lakes

In early November, Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Canada's Prime Minister. The Tourism Industry Coalition of Michigan (TICOM) works closely with Canada to promote Michigan tourism and protect our waters.  At a recent TICOM Board meeting and subsequent Membership Meeting, it was decided to send a l etter  to Prime Minister Trudeau on behalf of the organization. "We share many of the same principles, values and traditions. Importantly, we also share the largest concentration of fresh water on the face of the earth our invaluable, irreplaceable and sacred Great Lakes."
Check out the letter:  Click here .

Copies of the letter will also be forwarded to those legislators at the State and National level who have been advocates of this issue on behalf of Michigan. 

The mission of TICOM is to strengthen Michigan's travel and tourism industry as a vital component of economic development and quality of life through governmental advocacy, public relations, collaboration, and other promotional and educational efforts.

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Sherri & Nate from Discover Kalamazoo posing with Jack Daniels at the MFEA 2015 Convention
Gentleman Jack Welcomed Back!
2016 Convention - Kalamazoo

Save the date for the MFEA 24th Annual Convention

November 3-6, 2016
   100 W Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo 49007

Start Budgeting...
Average Registration: $150
Average Night Stay: 2 nights 
  Watch our website for Scholarship Opportunities!

Who to send...
-Board Members
-Event Organizers
-Event Supporters

Learn more about Kalamazoo at Discover Kalamazoo
New Members

Festivals and Events
Tall Ship Celebration, Bay City, MI
AppleFest and Craft Show, Coldwater, MI
Pigeon Summerfest, Pigeon, MI
National Blueberry Festival, South Haven, MI
North Central Security LTD Alpena, MI
Pure Pro Wrestling Goodrich, MI
Tourism Colleagues
Jacob Roberts, Michigan State University

2016 MFEA Association and Foundation Board
Congratulations to all of our new and returning board members. MFEA is lucky to have you all and we are excited to begin a new year with you. 
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