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A Few Dates To Remember: 

July 2- 4:Help out with the food booths at the lake.   Sign up here.
August 30: First Day of School!

Download the 2017-18 School Calendar here. 

ReEnrollment is still open, but some classes are close to full! Make sure you secure your spot for next year, by completing the online enrollment packet and paying your registration fee. 

Questions? Call our Director of Advancement, Lauren Brotherton at 360-423-4510 ext 309. 

... To help Three Rivers Christian School at Longview's popular "Go 4th" event. We will once again be hosting two booths and be serving shaved ice and Frito pie. Please consider signing up to serve a shift to help make this fundraiser a successful one! 

Shifts* are only three hours long and it's FUN!!!

*For health code and safety reasons, please arrange childcare for your shift

Jog-A-Thon raised almost $15,000! 

Our 2017 Jog-A-Thon was our BEST one ever! It was a day packed with fun and we raised $14,975 for the school! 

It's such a wonderful thing to have some of our high school kids on campus -- alongside a bevy of amazing parent (and grandparent) volunteers.  We are very blessed!  Thank you to everyone who made the event such a success! 
Administrator's Message

A Great Year!

For me, the 2016-17 year is a landmark in our school's history.  It was not without challenges, but it also gave us a list of great things to celebrate:
  • We earned accreditations through ACSI and AdvancEd.
  • Enrollment is growing and continues to exceed our expectations!
  • The high school missions program launched, sending teams to New Orleans and Ecuador, and students are already planning for next year's locations (Nepal, Uganda, Ecuador, Washington D.C. and Molokai, Hawaii).
With new staffing coming on this fall, the addition of Chromebooks to the middle school grades, and the launch of the garden programs, next year is also looks to be one of great change and progress!
  One of the changes I'm not happy about is the retirement of Randy Lemiere.   Randy Lemiere has served at TRCS for nearly 9 years - from teaching to Athletic Director to High School Principal to K-12 Principal and back to 5th grade teacher.  He's followed wherever God called him with passion and grace. 

When he told me a couple of years ago that he was planning to maybe semi-retire, I tried to pretend he was joking.  I took this job because I knew Randy was right there beside me, equally passionate, incredibly hard-working, and unfailingly kind.  We both started praying that God would provide great leadership on both campuses to replace his Principal roles.  (Yes, he was doing the work of at least two people.)  Jeanne Nortness and Brice Richards were the answers to that prayer, and after a mid-year need arose, Randy Lemiere stepped back into the classroom to teach 5th grade.

Randy insisted that he didn't want recognition or a big party, but we couldn't let his nine years of service go unnoticed.  At last week's graduation, he was inducted as "Principal Emeritus."  The word "emeritus" is Latin for "veteran soldier," and is given as a title of honor for perpetuity.  As I told Randy at graduation, he's now Principal forever.

All of those good things that I mentioned in the beginning of this article:  Randy Lemiere was a huge part of those successes.  Randy, may God continue to bless you richly - and may you never get too far away from your family at TRCS!  We all love you!

In His Grace,

Erin Hart

A Message from The Early Learning Center

Happy Summer Days

The past couples of weeks TRCS graduated 44 preschool children from the Early Learning Center. The graduates did so well in their practices and performances.  It was great to see so many families and friends come out and support them on their big day. This fall these children will be attending kindergarten classes all throughout Kelso, Longview, and beyond. Our prayer is that the foundation which has been laid here at TRCS has equipped the children for a lifetime of learning and walking with the Lord. Thank you to every family for choosing our school and allowing us the opportunity to work with your children. I also want to thank our teachers who do an amazing job of giving the children not only quality care but also a quality education.

This summer we will launch our new electronic records program 'Sandbox.' This system will allow you to sign your children in and out with a pin number and your initials on the iPads in each classroom. The Department of Early Learning is in the beginning process of having every center move to an electronic check in and out system and we are taking the first steps to be ahead of the requirement. It is also an added security measure for keeping track of who picks up your children. As we begin moving towards fully implementing Sandbox, we will still have you sign in and out on the clipboard. Sandbox also has a Parent Portal that allows parents to track attendance, communicate with teachers, update important information and grant access to who is allowed to pick their children.

We are looking forward to a very fun summer with various field trips and activities planned. One of the events we will be offering is swim lessons through Briarcliff Pool at Rainier High School, July 10-21st. The lessons will take place daily from 10:00-11:00 am. The cost will be $55.00 per child. Space is limited to 46 children. The lessons will be available for our preschool and school age children. Registration forms are available at the front desk.

As  you may be aware, we recently changed the lunch menu at the Early Learning Center. One of our goals is to teach children healthy eating habits which will carry over into a lifetime of healthy living. The new menu provides greater nutritional value as we include more fruits and vegetables, protein, and whole grain. We are going to be eliminating processed foods, as well as reduce the amount of sugar and saturated fat.  Most importantly, the children will be eating a healthy diet which is essential to their well-being and happiness! This is the first major revision to our menu. More changes to our breakfast and snack menu will take place soon.
I wish everyone a joy filled and safe summer!
James Murphy, ELC Director

Principal's Message
Elementary Update

Students and faculty shared a fabulous ending to a wonderful year.  During the last few weeks of school we welcomed new students, thoroughly enjoyed the Jog-a-Thon festivities, and took time to celebrate our students.
Word is getting out about our school, and we are seeing an influx of new students and people inquiring about TRCS.  New students in the last few weeks were welcomed and felt at home here right away.  Each new student adds something special to the mix in classes, and the excitement is contagious.  
The jog-a-thon this year was just plain fun!  We were blessed with perfect weather for the day, students looked good in their new t-shirts, and they really worked and ran hard.  The carnival was first-class with a bouncy-house obstacle course, and some beautiful, creative face paintings.  I recall one student stating, "The jog-a-thon is the best day of the year!"  Thank you, Kaylene Partridge, Marie Erickson, and the many other volunteers who made it possible. Melissa Peabody did a wonderful job planning a fantastic day.
We celebrated in two special activities at the end of the year.  Our final chapel for the year was a chapel we called, "Celebrating our Students."  Classes sang, students shared some of the great things they had learned, recited Bible verses, and a few students shared personal testimonies.  Some shared ways they value TRCS, and a couple of girls shared the ultimate--sharing Jesus Christ and how to have Him a part of one's life.  It was touching, and warm, and beautiful!
The other event highlighting our students was our annual awards assembly on the last day of school.  We gave awards for participation in groups, diligence, excellence in academics, outstanding citizenship, and learning all the memory verses or passages of Scripture.  The Principal's Award (for improvement through the years here at TRCS) went to David Woodman, and the Outstanding Student Award (for outstanding academic, spiritual, relational, and all-around great qualities) went to Mabrie Richards.  Speaking for all the staff, we love our students, our families, and our supporters.  Thank you for making it all possible.

Jeanne Nortness
Elementary Principal

Principal's Message
High School Update

Wow, the whirlwind of end of the school year activities has concluded. We went through great awards ceremonies, baccalaureate, and graduation. We celebrated successes and honored achievements of our students. The Lord has gifted our students with many talents which we got to be part of celebrating.
Our missions program has started official signups for 2017-2018 trips. There are still spots available on each of our locations, and signups will continue until trips are full. We will be closing trips as the number of students is at is maximum or at the latest, September 15th. I would encourage all who are considering a trip to begin fundraising over the summer. Starting to save money now will give you a great head-start. Take advantage of the summer months by helping a neighbor, washing cars, mowing lawns, babysitting, or even having a garage sale. All of these are great ways to save money for your trips.
When taking a look to the 2017-2018 school year I would like to share with you one of our new class offerings. Media and Design is a new elective being taught by Brady Backstrom who is joining our staff in the fall. A description of the class and its purpose is as follows. The intention of this elective is to introduce students to new technologies and software in order to expand their creativity in the realm of media and design. Through exploring this new knowledge, the desire is to see students continue to expand their skills by actively involving them in the current and emerging media platforms in the school. Students will have the opportunity to work hands-on in the arenas of digital photography, Adobe design and editing programs, website design, and marketing through applicable training and assignments.
God Bless!

Brice Richards
High School Principal

Athletic Director's Message

For my final newsletter at TRC I would like to share with you some "Nuggets" from " Timothyology." Never date anyone by the name of Jezebell, Delilah, Ahab or Beelzabub. Never roto-till on a side hill. Never use baby oil as sunscreen. Never use a baseball bat to hit a giant rubber ball that is resting on the ground. Teach your sons not to wet on an electric fence. Never take life too seriously, but view eternity with utter seriousness. Adopt a child. View God everyday with wonder. Talk to Jesus like a best friend. Be a friend to someone who needs one. Memorize scripture. Remember all of your possessions are on loan from God, so use them for God. Make a child laugh everyday. Make sure you laugh everyday. Laugh with others everyday. Laugh at yourself all day ! Most importantly, enjoy God so much that you are laughing with Him. 1 Timothy  6:17    "...put your hope in God who richly provides us with everything for our ENJOYMENT." 
tim carns
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