A Backward Glance Plus
What's New at the Gallery

The grandeur of 
Phil Sandusky's
"Oak Alley" heralds a new season at
The Pink Rooster/Gallery Garbo

Rockin' at
The Pink Rooster/Gallery Garbo during
Cruisin' the Coast

Participants toast the magic of art
during "Moonlight Over Water" workshop by
Lolita Dickinson 

To register for other workshops,
 please call or stop by the Gallery
Lolita Dickinson, above, paints in gallery in preparation for workshop

It's time to purchase the colossal coastal
Christmas cards of  
Stig Marcussen

Stig displays the original watercolors from which his cards are made.

Gallery consultant Lynn Smith  welcomes a delightful guest who
is also a cook from Drago's Seafood  Restaurant in  New Orleans.

Gallery painter
Jerry Mauldin
Works on yet another vibrant still life

Gallery hosts
book signing for
Valerie Winn 
and her new novel
While Valerie signs books, Myrtle, a sock monkey, represents a novel character and serves as an intriguing conversation piece. Signed first editions of The Dance Between are available for purchase in the Gallery.
A writer's process

Happy Birthday
Nancy Dorroh

Trick or Treating 
 The Pink Rooster/Gallery Garbo way!

Geenery, in its beauty, is all aglow at
The Pink Rooster/Gallery Garbo

The Pink Rooster/Gallery Garbo
622 Washington Ave.
Ocean Springs, MS  39564