A Backward Glance 
What's New at the Gallery

"I drifted into a summer-nap
under the hot shade of July,
serenaded by a cicada
lullaby, to drowsy-warm
dreams of distant thunder."
-Terri Guillemets

Plein Air in Downtown
with Susan Patton, 
Curtis Jaunsen, Leslie Dobbins,
and Sherry Carlson

If you saw these 
Mignon Faget glasses in person, 
you would smile too!

Mother and Daughter shopping trip was a success with the purchase of a 
Mia Kaye bracelet

A newcomer to the Mississippi Gulf Coast with a 
Billy Solitario
piece to add to his collection

Where liberty dwells,
there is my country.
- Benjamin Franklin

Sandra Halat
featured artist

Billy Solitario and Mignon Faget Galleries
in New Orleans

We love when Stig comes to visit, and despite his face, he loves it too

You know you want it!

Friends from Fairhope
visiting the Gallery
and enjoying Ocean Springs

We tried on every DeAna Autry bracelet, 
but left some for y'all!

Valerie Winn celebrating the 
50th sale of her novel, 
The Dance Between,
 at The Pink Rooster

Our Furry Friends





 New pieces by artist,
Billy Solitario

A variation of Vincent Van Gogh's 
The Starry Night
Valerie Winn, hand creates these vibrant bottles.  Readers receive a complimentary bottle with the purchase of her novel. 

At the gallery to pick out a 
French tea set for Nora
with mom and grandma

leads us
on a search
within the world
within the work
within ourselves
- Lesley Frenz

The Pink Rooster/Gallery Garbo
622 Washington Ave.
Ocean Springs, MS  39564