Winter has arrived in full force at the Allegheny County Parks!!

Wildlife sightings at the Allegheny County Parks
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Photographer Larry Roberts captured this handsome blue jay recently on the rooftop of a North Park shelter.  Larry said he often visits our parks in search of feature photos and he was able to get out of his car just in time to snap this before it flew off in search of winter berries.  He used a 600 ml lens with no tripod. He also caught a red bellied woodpecker on this trip but he and his editor decided this was the best one to go with. It was published on the front page of the Local News section on Dec. 29. 
Larry visits North Park during warmer months in search of herons. He's also found turtles, snakes and lots of dragonflies near the lake. 
He's been a photographer at the PG for 12 years. He loves visiting the Allegheny County Parks and North Park is his favorite! 

Which park is YOUR favorite? Use the link to find one of our active Friends groups who, along with the Allegheny County Parks Foundation, are preserving these valuable assets.

Lots to Explore on Ranger Hikes

Two Mt. Lebanon families joined Senior Park Ranger Max Bader recently at Settler's Cabin Park for a kid-friendly discovery hike.  Meghan and Mike Engelhardt and their son, Rowan (l) and Kelly and Jeff Koslow, with their sons Tyler and Andrew, ventured to the waterfall where they snapped off lots of icicles, stomped in mud and foraged for walking sticks during this late morning walk. Rangers Leah White and Dalton Viering provided informative commentary on the wildlife.  
The Rangers have lots of activities planned all winter long - including affordable snowshoeing! Click here to learn more: ALLEGHENY COUNTY PARKS
                 Run For A Reason

Considering running in the Pittsburgh Marathon? We're offering free registration to anyone running to benefit the Allegheny County Parks Foundation. Click here to sign up, get your friends to support you and start training in one of Allegheny County's nine parks! 

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