IT IS SHOWTIME!!!!!!! and some other stuff, too
44th National Fine Art Show  May 20, 21,22   Ellensburg, Washington
Art on the Plaza  May 27,28, 29th   Ritzville Washington
Upcoming Events

Introducing GYPSY, my contribution to the Auction at the Ellensburg National Fine Art Show.  May 20, 21, 22nd  In a special category as a fund raiser, Gypsy is a one of a kind variation and  part of the limited edition of THE BLACK KNIGHT.  I have reworked this sculpture extensively, creating the fantasy of the Gypsy Vanner.  The original edition is priced at $2000, to create this bronze on order would be $3000.  He is a delicate light grey and snowy white with a rainbow of yellow to red roses.

ABSENTEE BIDS are encouraged if you are interested and cannot make it to the Art Show in Ellensburg.  It is simple, go to the web page for the National Fine Art Show  www.westernartassociation.org  to download the form and information, or you can call them at 509 962 2934.  I will be happy to email you more photos of this bronze if you would like to see them.  Why not consider making a bid, it could go for far less than it's value and you could win it for your very own collection.  More questions about bidding, feel free to call me.

The National Fine Art Show and Auction was formerly known as the Ellensburg Western Art Show.  Still so many of your favorite artists  but a much more wide open variety of art.  I'll even be bringing my dragons this year.  The show is at the Ellensburg Kittitas Fairgrounds right in town.  Come and enjoy this fine art event, meet the artists, and add some wonderful pieces to your collection.

ART ON THE PLAZA    May 27, 28, 29th  (Memorial Day Weekend)  Ritzville Washington
After a gap of several years the Ritzville Western Art Show is back as Art on the Plaza.  Ritzville is a delightful small town and so is the art show.  Right down town, with lots going on, it will be an event the whole family can enjoy... and find that special piece to take home with you.  I do hope to see you there.   


Have I ever mentioned that usually I hate giving sculptures a title?  I've renamed this one FREE SPIRIT, I like that better.  It will be shown at the National Art Show in Ellensburg and possibly at the Ritzville sow, too, depending on how hot it is.  Waxes don't always do well at an outside show.

FREE SPIRIT is available at the precast price of $2700.00.  The issue price will be $3800.00.  As always, your choice of patina and your delight is your sculpture is guaranteed.  One half down to start your sculpture casting.




Other gallery /farm news...  It is an awfully early Spring.  The vegetable garden is in and thriving.  I even have tomatoes and cucumbers doing well, it was a gamble but it looks like it paid off.  We are still recovering from a moose winter in a lot of our landscape but a moose gets whatever it wants to take.  Including six feet off the top of my yard aspens.  It could be worse.  He could have found the blueberry bushes like the deer did and he would have eaten much more than the deer. 
     The grass is in and the horses are very happy.  I did actually get the nerve to climb on my paint mare Feather bareback a couple of weeks ago.  It has been years I'm afraid since I rode that way and all I can say is that it worked for about a half hour.  Then my legs let me know they quit.  Luckily she has a nice full mane cause it was the only thing that kept me from sliding all the way to the ground when I dismounted.  At my age, when your legs let you know they are quitting, they aren't kidding.  Bless her heart, she just let me hang around for a few minutes, and I do mean hang.  I also discovered that paint mares are not as round and soft as Fjords, another life lesson to remember.  And it used to be so easy. 
     I'm busy working on our July Art Show, THE GARDEN OF ARTISTRY.  It is July 22, 23, 24th this year, at the Ponderay Garden Center just north of Sandpoint.  We have some wonderful new artists.  This year we are inviting Sponsors to help with expenses and I do love the businesses in this area.  Even some individuals have stepped up to help.  My goal is to have some special cash Awards of Merit.  We have a way to go yet to achieve that but I have hope.  It will be our fifth year and better than ever.  My thanks to all the artists who have been with us.
     If you are in the area and would like to stop by the gallery, just give me a call.   208 265 9613 And the way the gardens are going this year, I will have lots of flower plants to share too.