Colorado Indian Market..... again!

I'm going back to the Colorado Indian Market!
I'm coming back to Colorado for the Indian Market January 20, 21,22nd.  It has been a long time since I've been able to attend.  I'm so glad to be coming back again.
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The Colorado Indian Market at the Denver Merchandise Mart, located at the corner of I  25 and 58th Avenue has a long history of excellence and excitement.  Some of the finest artists and craftsmen, notable performers, appealing to adults and children alike always fill the Mart.  If you have never attended, check out their website, Colorado India Market, to get some idea of the wonderful people waiting for you to enjoy.

I loved the years I was part of it, although the travel from North Idaho to Denver in January is often a bit interesting.  I was sorry when my late husband's health no longer permitted us to be there.

And this year, my daughter, T Kurtz, will be attending as an artist in her own right.  Many of you have met her over the years when she traveled as my assistant.  Now she has arrived with her own beautiful pastel paintings as her career as a professional artist is well on its way.  Right now you can get a preview of her work on Facebook,  "Starpointer Images".

Yes, I'd love to show some of her paintings here, but a week ago, yes for Christmas, my son gave me a new computer and I am still trying to get everything transferred from the old unit.  To put it bluntly, I still need a lot of assistance getting anything new done on computers, the marvel is that I can get anything at all done with one.  But I persevere. And persevere.  Okay, I also cuss a lot, but then I know I'm not alone in that.  And did I mention that right now we are having a marvelous windy snowstorm that tends to make the power blink and you know what happens then!

If you haven't checked out my website in the last couple of months, I'd like you to see my new format.  My web designer let me know I was hopelessly dated and due for a change.  I think you will like what she has done for me.  Bless you Jessica Levant!!!  She does such great work.  (And she is a incredible  photographer, too.)
Meet "SLICK" who will be attending his first art show.
How would you like to have your own river otter to pet in your  living room?
SLICK is an original wax/clay to be cast in a limited edition of 30.  He is 20 inches tall, the pre-cast price is $1800.00.  I am taking orders now.  He will be patinaed with the markings of the otter unless you have other specific instructions.
He is delightful, but that IS the nature of the guy. 

I wish you all a very Happy New Year.
Gabe Gabel
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