Celebrating 10 Years of Ministry
2017 Off and Running
As usual the New Year finds us here at Freedom Hall with full occupancy and waiting list for both the male and female facilities. Both facilities have a great group of residents working hard to change, recover and restore their lives.

Daily these men and women begin their days at 6:30 and it is filled with job task, individual Bible Studies, Group Bible Studies, individual recovery assignments, Cognitive Behavior Theory Groups (2 per day), Individual therapy sessions, evening groups that include: church, family groups and NA groups and their days generally end around 9pm. Many of our residents also begin to find jobs in their 4th or 5th months of residency, many complete their GED and many complete parenting classes as well. As you can see it quite a task to complete this program and graduate within this 7 to 9 month time frame.

2017 is also the 10th anniversary of New Beginnings Outreach Ministries and Freedom Hall Recovery Center and I just want to thank each of you that have partnered with us to make this ministry what it has become because we could not offer this ministry at no charge to residents if it were not for partnerships with giving, loving people such as yourselves.

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Freedom Hall is Life Changing

               My Story starts off good. My childhood was full of all the love I could handle. I was a little spoiled ay times but I couldn't ask for a better family to call my own. I t was like this all the way up till middle school. I start getting picked on for how I talk because I have a speech impediment that causes me to stutter. Then I got to high school and my addiction started to get out of control. I went from smoking weed, to snorting pills and then I found OxyContin and I fell deeply in love with it. Finally a friend introduced me to Heroin and it consumed my life. I started to use intravenously and my life completely fell apart. I came to Freedom Hall and life has changed. I am now sober and getting the things I need to get in order to become ready for life after I leave. It has also introduced me to a relationship with God that I never knew before.
-Joshua Wilson
               Self-will run riot. The chaos and destruction were as much of a part of my life as the drugs and alcohol. All of which consumed me the past decade. Like many addicts, I was an athlete in school taking up wrestling and other physical contact sports from years and years of bullying. It ultimately resulted in multiple surgeries introducing me to prescription painkillers. Then the real "rebellion" began. Dreams such as a career in the military were altered through constant run-ins with the law. After being charged with safe-cracking (a felony) I develop a nihilistic and warped outlook on life. After losing so many childhood friends and close family members I couldn't believe it to be anything but divine intervention. I've come to see God has watched over me and lead me where I am to fulfill His purpose for me. To help the abused, those suffering from alcoholism and addiction and men and women who have made mistakes seeking a new life, new opportunity and most importantly Hope. I've never truly understood personal peace but where I am today and through New Beginnings I am discovering it little by little, each and every day.
-Phil Hertenstein
               My name is Jaymion McCarey. I am 33 years old. I live near Columbus, Ohio. As a kid if you would have told me one day you'll be a drug dealer I wouldn't have believed you. I had dreams like any other child. I wanted to be a professional boxer or even a professional football player. However, at the young age of 16 I began using opiates and Xanax. From there it escalated to gang involvement as well as dealing. I ended up doing a 3 year sentence in prison for drug trafficking and escape. I was broken and my life was falling apart. Prison only made me colder. I was lost. Living in darkness I couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I knew I couldn't live like this anymore, I had to find my faith.  On September 26, 2016 I arrived at Freedom Hall and now I have seen the light. Now that I have God in my life everything is turning around. I am working on furthering my education by getting my GED. After I accomplish this I am going to college so I can pursue a career in social work so I can help young adults. I can't truly express how grateful I am for this ministry and this program. You all have changed my life.
-Jaymion McCarey