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The Benefit of Having a Real Estate Attorney Involved in the Closing Process

Buying or selling a home can be both a stressful and exciting time. Many individuals may have no idea what to expect as they are entering into this process for the first time. The closing process can be confusing or overwhelming since there are many moving parts and documents with unfamiliar legal terms and conditions.

Sapphire Title has attorneys on staff to oversee the entire closing process and handle whatever legal iss ues may arise during your transaction, many times without any additional fees.  Having an attorney...
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US probing high-pressure mortgage sales that target veterans

WASHINGTON - The U.S. is investigating lenders for allegedly pressuring veterans and members of the military into unneeded mortgage refinances - unsavory conduct that not only leads to higher consumer costs but has consequences for one of the world's largest bond markets.
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10 Things to Know About Hurricane Insurance Claims

After the devastating hurricanes in Texas and Florida, residents are now assessing the damage, contacting their insurers, and starting on the long process of physical and financial recovery. If you were affected by Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma, here is how to get the money you deserve from your insurance company and ways to make the most of other assistance to fill in the gaps.

5 rules of engagement for requesting repairs from seller

In many parts of the country, real estate sales and continually increasing prices have been on a six-year romp. With sellers firmly planted in the driver's seat, a significant percentage of homes have been sold "as-is" with little or no regard for repairs.
As we begin seeing shifts in some markets, however, requests for repairs are beginning to reappear like spring flowers after a long winter freeze.
Because many newer real estate agents have never written a request for repairs, we are seeing "requests" that are totally unrealistic. It's time to re-examine the rules of engagement.
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These days most people have a smartphone, but they still don't know these 12 tricks. Be smarter!

Smartphones for smart people

In recent years smartphones have taken on an important role in many people's lives. Whether for checking train schedules, planning your appointments, taking photographs, or listening to music and watching videos, these devices are an integral part of modern life.
But if you really think that you're using your smartphone to its full potential, you might want to take a look at these tips and tricks. You might just find a new use for your handy sidekick that you hadn't yet thought of...
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