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HOA Liens:  How "Super" is Super Priority?

Because of their "super" status, Homeowners Association liens are a particular form of confusion and frustration for Mortgage servicers and their attorneys. The content covers legal and process issues that affect a servicer's ability to assert their position in a property and any other relevant subtopics.

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  Smart homes spy on you, here's how to spy back    
(TECHNOLOGY) Wow surprise, smart homes spy on you constantly. Here's why it matters, and how to spy back.

Last year, Congress thought it would be fun to give Internet Service Providers (ISPs) power to spy on customer internet usage data and sell it. Which means your ISP can see all the data from your smart devices and profit from selling you out to third parties.

Back in December, Gizmodo senior reporter Kashmir Hill set up just about every smart device imaginable in her apartment including an Amazon Echo, smart TV, smart lights, toothbrushes, baby monitor, and even a mattress.

Five Workplace Trends The Commercial Real Estate Industry Must Prepare For

The most significant innovations of the last century have a couple of common elements: They solved simple problems in the lives of everyday people, and almost nobody recognized that these problems needed to be solved.

Legend has it that Henry Ford said, "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." Modern transportation, internet you can take with you, the ability to easily connect with someone on the other side of the planet - no one really wanted these things before they were invented. But soon after these innovations became widely available, people could not imagine life without them. Chances are, you never knew you needed a smartphone. But now, imagine giving it up for a day and being without directions in your pocket or the answer to any question at your fingertips. There's simply no going back.

Why Staging With Plants Draws More Buyers

Wellness-minded millennials are filling their homes with clean-air houseplants, and real estate developers are realizing that a love for greenery can be used as an amenity to attract buyers. 

Millennials are looking for spaces to add indoor gardens. Real estate developers are jumping on the trend.


WHAT WE HAVE BEEN UP TO ...................

Our collection efforts for The Spring of Tampa Bay went extremely well, our staff went above and beyond as usual. Kudos to them!
We now will be focusing our efforts on a drive for our furry loved ones. We will be holding a lunch n learn with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay for our next philanthropy effort. A representative will come and visit as well as bring some little furry visitors with him to discuss what the Humane Society is all about and the services they provide. This will be coupled with a drive to collect items for them as well. Pictures to follow in April's newsletter.

This month we, also, held a professional development seminar, Unleash Your Inner Beast, presented by Tuck Taylor from Beast Athletics. This seminar included a "Brain Engineering" section that teaches you how to regain your personal power and how to wire your brain for success! 

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