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Title Insurance FAQs

Are your clients asking you why they need title insurance?  We have you covered with quick explanations on escrow, recording fees, e-recording fees, a breakdown on fees, intangible and transferable taxes, as well as surveys.

5 key steps in the mortgage underwriting process

An underwriter is an entity, typically a company, accountable for analyzing and assuming the risk of another entity. Underwriting typically happens behind the scenes but is an important aspect of mortgage approvals. The mortgage underwriting process has five key steps: 

Seller not obligated to pay commission to buyer's agent

Q:  A real estate agent approached us, saying that our tenants want to buy the house they are renting from us. We are open to the idea if the price is right, but the agent wants us to pay her commission. Do we have to? If not, should we? - Angela

Real estate Q&A: Homeowner could sue neighbor over barking dog

Q: Our neighbor's dog barks incessantly day and night. Short of moving, what can we do? - Karin
A: The law holds pet owners responsible for their pets' actions. Barking, or any noise, can become a problem when it's constant or when it happens at night. The legal concept at play is that of a nuisance and is usually defined as an animal that continually barks, howls or otherwise disturbs the peace.

F ive Tips For Starting A Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm

I started my first brokerage firm in 2005 after being a successful broker of apartment buildings for eight years. I currently own three real estate companies all related to multifamily properties (two brokerage, one technology). I wish someone had given me some advice and/or tips on the business of brokerage - or that I had been smart enough to ask. Instead, I've taken some hard knocks by learning the difference between brokerage and the business of brokerage. I hope the following tips are helpful to you:
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