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President and CEO John Bartkowski retiring after 27 years; Dr. Schuller appointed by board

The Sixteenth Street board of directors appointed Executive Vice President Julie Schuller, MD, MPH, MBA, FACP, as incoming President and CEO. Dr. Schuller will succeed John Bartkowski, DrPH, who has served as President and CEO for the last 27 years and recently announced his retirement as of March 31, 2017.
"We are extremely grateful for John's superb leadership and vision," said Board Chair Rick Walters. "This is a natural fit for Julie, and I'm confident she will carry on John's legacy to the fullest."

Sixteenth Street has grown exponentially under Dr. Bartkowski's leadership, 
starting as a storefront clinic with 45 employees and five doctors to now having three clinical sites-including a new market in Waukesha - with two more sites in process.

"John achieved a legacy of tremendous growth and success for Sixteenth Street-from community partnerships to increasing our physicians by ten-fold to leadership in environmental health and lead poisoning prevention," said Dr. Schuller. "I'm humbled to fill his shoes. I'm also energized!"
Dr. Schuller has worked with Sixteenth Street for the last 20 years, starting as a clinical provider and then as medical director and, most recently, executive vice president. She looks forward to continuing the organization's emphasis on community health, rather than health center, by going out into the community to address population health and the social determinants of health.
In the upcoming months, she and Dr. Bartkowski will work together to shepherd a new clinic farther south with the help of Aurora and a site on the west side of Milwaukee with the help of Froedtert, as well as navigate an upcoming federal survey this September.
A Healthy Start for a Healthier Waukesha event features important announcements around ADHD testing and expanded AODA services
Thank you to all that attended and made it such a special event!
Sixteenth Street - Waukesha hosted a Healthy Start for a Healthier Waukesha open house event on June 1st to engage and connect with the Waukesha community and share some very important announcements. The morning was complete with tours given by the Waukesha staff, free coffee, tea and breakfast, and a short program of community announcements:
  • Through a contribution by the Waukesha County Community Foundation, we are able to train two Waukesha providers to provide diagnostic ADHD testing at our Sixteenth Street - Waukesha site. We will no longer have to refer out for ADHD testing.
  • Thanks to a substantial HRSA grant, we will be expanding our AODA services to include Medication Assisted Treatment, add another full-time provider, increase training and education around prescribing, and enhance other important services to continue to combat the substance abuse crisis in Waukesha.
  • The re-branding of the Waukesha Community Health Center to Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers - Waukesha
Over 80 individuals attended the event, along with 3 media outlets; CBS 58, the Waukesha Freeman and the Waukesha Business Alliance.
Bublr Bikes now at Sixteenth Street on corner of Cesar Chavez Dr. and Washington Street.

Bublr Bikes have been installed at the Sixteenth Street - Chavez location, on the corner of Cesar Chavez Drive and Washington Street. The bikes are officially ready for use!

The addition of a Bublr station so close to the clinic was a strategic decision to connect the Sixteenth Street patients and community to an affordable, fun and healthy means of transportation.

For more information on Bublr Bike pricing, station locations, and more, visit the Bublr Bikes website.

"Biking is good for the body and good for the soul." - Dr. David Waters, Sixteenth Street pediatrician.
Tatiana Maida named 2016 Go Red Por Tu Corazon Ambassador of the Year by the American Heart Association

At the American Heart Association's annual event, Go Red  Por Tu Corazon,  Tatiana Maida, Sixteenth Street Healthy Choices (obesity prevention) Department M anager, was named the Ambassador of the Year. 

Tatiana was honored for her work with the Latino population fighting the epidemic against obesity, heart disease and other issues that affect Latinos at a higher rate.
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June 14, 2016
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A great opportunity for bikers of all ages and levels! Check out our schedule to find the ride that is right for you!

Would you like to be active and get in shape this summer? Join us for 30 min of walking, then Zumba, Salsa, 
, Nia or Yoga!

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