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Thank you to Peter Feigin, the Milwaukee Bucks, our fantastic roasters, all of our sponsors, the roast committee and all of our amazing attendees for making our 2017 Roast one of the best yet!

2016-17 Annual Report is out
Our 2016-2017 Annual Report is hot off the press and hitting doorsteps! It features stories about our excellent providers, inspiring patients, work in schools, collaboration with the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership, success in transforming our community's natural and built environment and more! It's been an exciting year and we hope you enjoy reliving some of our best moments.

Community Schools Partnership working with local artist to beautify physical environmental around Lincoln Avenue School

Sixteenth Street and Lincoln Avenue School are working with
the Healthy Neighborhoods Block Project grant from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to revitalize and beautify the physical environment immediately surrounding Lincoln Avenue Elementary. Local environmental artist, Melanie Ariens, is working with 20 Lincoln Avenue students from the Boys and Girls Club after school program to create an outdoor bilingual mural that depicts the importance of water and green space in their everyday lives. The brightly colored medallions are designed and painted by the students themselves. They will be installed permanently along the fence on the southwest side of the building to accent the school gardens and add a "wow" factor to the space.

The partnership is also working with neighbors to install free motion-activated solar lighting on the garages adjacent to the school playground to illuminate the alley and highlight the artwork. Sixteenth Street and Lincoln Avenue are thrilled to kick off the MPS Year of the Arts with this amazing project boosting neighborhood pride and safety.
WIC serves more than 6,100 and tests 188 children for lead in the last month
The Sixteenth Street WIC program plays an essential role in addressing the health and wellbeing of our patients and community. Access to food, nutrition education and breastfeeding education and support are essential for families to be well. A service unknown to many provided by WIC is lead testing. WIC tested 188 children for lead in August alone. Recently, WIC has also begun distributing water filters provided by the Milwaukee Health Department and offering education for families living on lead services lines.
Flu Fit Campaign targets colorectal cancer screening during flu season
Sixteenth Street has launched a Flu Fit campaign to double up on
prevention this flu season. The campaign couples Fit Tests (at home colorectal cancer screening tests) with flu shots in an effort to make receiving and taking the screening tests more accessible and convenient. Patients due for colorectal screening are encouraged to take home a FIT test when they come in for their flu shot. It eliminates extra visits for screening and the quick and painless test is done in the privacy of your home, with the option of bringing or mailing back the completed test.

Are you due for colorectal cancer screening? Don't wait - get your flu shot and your fit test today!
My Sixteenth Street Story | Barbara

"When you are around positive people, you get that positive feeling, and walk out feeling good about what you can do to improve. For someone like me, who struggles, I still leave Sixteenth Street feeling like I can do better and be better"

"When I found myself unemployed, with no insurance and unable to afford my diabetes medication or doctor visits, my friend suggested I try Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers. So, I went there and made an appointment. Right away they sent me downstairs to talk with the financial counselors. They were so kind and explained everything, like the sliding fee scale, and made sure I was all set and good to go. That was it! I started seeing a doctor, diabetes nurse educator and getting my medicine with no problems. Now I'm retired and have insurance, but I've been so happy with Sixteenth Street I never changed. People ask me why I still go to Sixteenth Street now that I have insurance. I say, well, I like the doctors, I like the staff, I'm established, they know me and there is no hassle. Another big reason I stay is because of Eida, my diabetes nurse educator..."
Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cancer killer in the United States among Hispanics. But do you know what? It doesn't have to be! So, I'm going to give you a quick snap shot of everything you need to know about colorectal cancer screening, so you can get screened, stay ahead of colorectal cancer, and be around for many years to enjoy your family friends!

It's preventable!

Colorectal cancer doesn't have to be deadly! It can be prevented or found at an early stage. Colorectal cancer starts with a polyp in the large intestine. Polyps are very common in people age 50 and older, but they can be detected and removed before they turn into cancer through screening. . .. CONTINUE READING

Clinical Interpreter and Patient Navigator

If interested in volunteer opportunities listed email Kate Jaeger at  kate.jaeger@sschc.org
Growing Healthy Soil Community Action Workshop

Wednesday, October 18
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Escuela Verde | 3628 W Pierce St

Contact Alejandra at 414-897-5597
What is public policy and how is it created?
What is your role as a community member to affect change in your city?

Learn about your city and state governance structure and policy that affects us. Also, learn about how we can be involved in the local policy making process.

Free Workshop | Free Dinner | Children's Activities

Featured Speakers: 
  • Chris Rasch, Director of Government and Community Relations, Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers
  • Aaron Szopinski, Policy Director, Office of the Mayor, City of Milwaukee
Kinnickinnic River Neighborhood Tour of Homes

Saturday, October 21
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Pulaski Park Pavilion

Contact Stephanie at 414-897-5596
Join us on a free guided bus tour of homes for sale in the Kinnickinnic River Neighborhood on Milwaukee's southside.

Participants will be able to tour homes and the community to learn more about neighborhood assets, the revitalization of the KK River and more.

Light refreshments provided.

Marketplace Insurance Enrollment Assistance Events

Sixteenth Street - Chavez Location
1032 S Cesar Chavez Drive
November 11
December 2
December 9

Prince of Peace School, Upper Campus
1646 S 22nd Street
November 18
Questions? Call Patient Financial Services at 414-897-5534

At these events we will:
  • Help you find out what insurance you are eligible for
  • Help you enroll or re-enroll in Marketplace Insurance or BadgerCare Plus
Questions? Call Patient Financial Services at 414-897-5534

KK River Neighbors in Action

Second Wednesday of every month
6:00 PM
Pulaski Park Pavilion
The KK River Neighbors in Action (NIA) meet monthly with members of the community, local elected officials and other influential partners to discuss and vote on issues they deem important to the neighborhood and take action!
Adult Nutrition and Cooking Classes

Starting June 12th, 2017
3:30 - 5:00 PM
Chavez Location

Contact Delia at 414-897-5293
  • Learn how to chose healthier foods at home, in the grocery story or eating out
  • Learn how to develop healthy habits for you and your children
  • Learn how to prepare healthy, affordable and delicious meals

Every person who gets a flu shot and takes home a FIT test receives a prize!
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