New little library in Waukesha, walking school buses and more!
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Waukesha Rotary makes generous donation to Sixteenth Street Waukesha to build new little library for children
The Waukesha Rotary made a generous donation allowing us to build and stock a new little library for children attending appointments on the behavioral health side of Sixteenth Street Waukesha.

The medical side has an existing library for children, but children couldn't access the books on the medical side without leaving their parents' line of sight - which means they often couldn't get to them at all.

This new little library is stocked with over 1,700 books that span an age group starting from 3 years old to junior high. Half of all the books are bilingual and have characters that young readers can relate to. Kids can sit with a book while they are waiting or they can take a copy home.

The second little library is a very special addition to the clinic. Our staff and patients couldn't be more grateful!
Walking School bus at Lincoln Avenue School keeps kids safe and exercising!

The Walking School Bus Program at Lincoln Avenue Elementary (Milwaukee Community Schools Partnership) has launched. A total of 5 students participated the first week and more are expected in future weeks. The route leaders are two dedicated Lincoln moms that live near the school and have worked hard to make the program a success. Their artwork is not the only impressive part. Their energy and positive attitudes - even at 6:25 in the morning - are above and beyond. The group received many friendly honks and waves from the streets as they marched the 8 block route through the school's neighborhood, picking up students from their homes. The Walking School Bus is planned to continue every Friday throughout the fall season to promote exercise, reduce traffic, improve attendance and punctuality, gain a sense of community and save parents time in the morning.

HIV department honors those impacted by HIV in 2017 Altares Exhibition 
Sixteenth Street's HIV department created a small alter to pay homage to those impacted by HIV and HIV stigma and to honor the Latino leaders who have paved the way for positive change in HIV. The alter was composed by various staff sending healing messages or symbols. It was put on display at the Altares Exhibition at Escuela Verde during the Día de los Muertos celebration on November 2nd.
Sixteenth Street participates in Imagine a Day Without Water
Sixteenth Street staff showed their respect and need for water through responsible water use education and taking personal pledges to make small but impactful changes that lessen water waste. Each staff member received a reusable water bottle to encourage the use of sustainable water bottles and reduce one-time use plastic waste.

" We have become more than friends. We are family. We talk about our lives and what's going on. It is a space for us to listen, share and support each other."

You will find us here [at Sixteenth Street] every Friday afternoon. We have been together for too many years to count. We actually started at a different location years and years ago - but continued the group once we all moved here to Sixteenth Street. The group began because many of us were depressed from different things we had been through. Dr. Ruvalcaba referred most of us here. He thought it would be good for us to come together and share. It turned out to be the start of something special that would last for a long time..." 
Waukesha Freeman: The joy of reading. Sixteenth Street Clinic opens new children's library

Being diagnosed with diabetes is a big deal. It can cause fear. It can cause stress. It can cause depression. It can be overwhelming. Yet with all these feelings, we are still expected to somehow learn tons of new information and make big life changes - fast.  So, how do we make it through all of this? How do we get to a place where we are managing our diabetes on our own? Well, unfortunately there is no magic recipe or solution. But, there is something to remember. You are not alone. You do not have to go through this alone. Support systems are out there and they are very important to your path to wellness.

Family is not your only option

If you have family and friends to support you, that is wonderful. Teach them about all you are learning, from your symptoms to how you need to be eating and exercising. Depend on them to lean on and help you. If you do not have family or friends for support, there are other options and places you can go... CONTINUE READING
  • WIC - Technology/PC Trainer
  • SPECIAL EVENT! 12/15 | 2:30 - 4:30 PM. Volunteer at our fun, festive holiday event - email Kate Jaeger for details!
If interested in volunteer opportunities listed email Kate Jaeger at


Holiday Party
In Celebration of World AIDS Day

November 29
6:00 - 9:00 PM

Points View Boite
1619 S 1st Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Come join us in a fun mix and mingle to celebrate World AIDS day!

There will be food, live performances, music, information about HIV and PrEP and more!

Don't miss out on a great night!

Call 414-897-5645 with any questions.

Money Smarts Workshops
F3: Future Fit Fridays

All workshops are from 8:00-10:00 AM

Lincoln Avenue Elementary
Professional Development Center
1817 W Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53215

December 1: Session 1 (English)
December 15: Session 1 (Spanish)

January 12: Session 2 (English)
January 26: Session 2 (Spanish)

This first workshop will cover basic budgeting and personal money management, but is open to the interests and questions of the attendees. There is no strict structure, we will cover whatever you want to learn!

If you attend both sessions you will receive free professional clothing! Full outfits for women, ties for men!

Contact Amy for more information:
262-709-6278 or

Marketplace Insurance Enrollment Assistance Events

Sixteenth Street - Chavez Location
1032 S Cesar Chavez Drive
December 2
December 9

Prince of Peace School, Upper Campus
1646 S 22nd Street
November 18
Questions? Call Patient Financial Services at 414-897-5534

At these events we will:
  • Help you find out what insurance you are eligible for
  • Help you enroll or re-enroll in Marketplace Insurance or BadgerCare Plus
Questions? Call Patient Financial Services at 414-897-5534

KK River Neighbors in Action

Second Wednesday of every month
6:00 PM
Pulaski Park Pavilion
The KK River Neighbors in Action (NIA) meet monthly with members of the community, local elected officials and other influential partners to discuss and vote on issues they deem important to the neighborhood and take action!

Every person who gets a flu shot and takes home a FIT test receives a prize!
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