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Sixteenth Street now serving staff and family at St. Anthony Schools

Sixteenth Street operates in-school clinics at all five St. Anthony schools in Milwaukee. For the past year we have only offered care to St. Anthony students. We are now offering services on campus to all St. Anthony staff and to the parents and siblings of St. Anthony students!
Services are available at the in-school clinics during school hours at any of the five locations. If they are unable to be seen during school hours, they are able to be seen outside of school hours at any of our Milwaukee clinics. Those seen at our in-school clinics are not required to have a primary care doctor with Sixteenth Street, but it is encouraged.

Meet the Sixteenth Street team at St. Anthony:
· Dinoschka Acevedo, MA
The in-school clinics have been extremely well received by the community, breaking down barriers and increasing access to high quality care for many families. 
Sixteenth Street - WIC updates flow, satisfaction soars

Sixteenth Street - WIC has recently implemented a new flow to purposefully decrease movement from front to back and reduce appointment times for participants.  A participant will come in and first be serviced by our front team members.  If the family needs to see nutritionist, a health screener will call the family, check anthropometrics and take them directly to the nutritionist's room.  The nutritionist will then counsel and set any future appointments. And the participant is done! Previously, the participant would have to return to the waiting room between each step (front desk to health screener to nutritionist). This new process saves two trips back to the waiting room - dramatically cutting down their appointment time and streamlining the visit.

Participants are extremely pleased and impressed with this new flow:

"My last WIC appointment was one of the greatest and fastest experiences I have encountered in my years as a WIC participant.  I have three children. They all need height, weight and iron levels checked, in addition to a nutrition consult. Before, I had to go in and out of the waiting room for those things - with three kids that's quite the task! With the new flow, we go in once for everything. It is great! By not having to go back and forth between the rooms and the waiting area, it cuts my appointment time by more than half and was substantially less stressful.  I was out in about 30 minutes instead of the usual 60 plus minutes.  Great job in improving processes. You have one happy mom and WIC participant."
- Sixteenth Street WIC participant
Sixteenth Street awarded Mini Block Build by Revitalize Milwaukee

Sixteenth Street was chosen as one of the recipients  of a Mini Block Build by
RevitalizeMilwaukee . According to the press release published by Revitalize Milwaukee, "A Mini Block Build will be similar to a Block Build MKE except that it will be on a smaller scale."

The Sixteenth Street Mini Block Build will take
place in July, focusing on the area between Lincoln Avenue and West Hayes Avenue, around Lincoln Avenue Elementary School. Sixteenth Street's Department of Environmental Health (DEH) crafted the proposal earning the build and will be instrumental in implementing the actual build.

Moranda Medina, Community Engagement Specialist, Sixteenth Street, says, "DEH recognizes that where people live, work and play directly effects their health.  If you're constantly in a state of worry about your door falling off or your broken pipes, your quality of life and overall well-being are negatively impacted. The opportunity to collaborate with Revitalize Milwaukee on the Mini Block Build will address a number of the home repair needs that historically have been left unmet by other programs."

We are grateful and excited for this opportunity to bring positive change to our community!

MariCarmen Saavedra,HIV Linkage to Care Specialist
"I met Rachel and MariCarmen at the hospital. They came to see me about a month after I was told I had HIV. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here right now.
After six months of having terrible headaches, my body couldn't handle it anymore and went into a coma. I found myself in the hospital not knowing what happened or where I was. When I woke, I was told I had emergency brain surgery and I would need a second surgery. I was also told I had HIV.

The news was given to me in a cold way. There was little compassion and it left me depressed, traumatized and scared. I was afraid of having physical signs - I thought it was better to die. I spent a month in the hospital that way.
Then MariCarmen and Rachel came to visit me. They sat with me and explained everything that was happening to me and my body with HIV. They helped me understand what it was and what we can do it about it. MariCarmen and Rachel told me about the doctors and support there is for me at Sixteenth Street and how new medications allow us to live long, normal lives now. They gave me hope...
Sixteenth Street in the News

MetroParent Magazine:    Breastfeeding: What's in it for mom?


Many of us live in homes that are quite old. Old homes are often times built with ma terials that  are not always safe. We need to be aware of those materials and the health risks so we can spot them and take care o
f them before they create bigger problems for our health. Asbestos is one of those materials that we need to watch out for, but what is it? And what should we know about it?

What is asbestos?
Asbestos is a group of minerals that form a substance used in many building materials such as roofs, tiles, wall board and insulation. It was used because it is strong, flexible and heat resistant - so before we knew it caused health problems, it seemed like a great material...

Upcoming Events

Pink Hat Party
Wednesday, January 25th
8:00 - 11:00 PM
This is It 
418 E Wells St, Milwaukee, WI
Come support the Sixteenth Street HIV Prevention Program for a fun night of cheer, giveaways and great people!

And don't forget to wear your pink hat!

Feed my Newborn Baby Classes
English Class - 1st Tuesday of every month 1-2 p.m.

Spanish Class - 3rd Tuesday of every month 1-2 p.m.

1337 S Cesar Chavez Dr
This class is great for moms at all stages!  We talk about and discuss a variety of topics such as: the benefits of breastfeeding, positioning, breast pumps, introduction to the breastfeeding peer counselor and more!

KK River Neighbors in Action Monthly Meeting
2nd Wednesday of the Month
6:00 PM
Pulaski Park Pool

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