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Lead-Based Paint - High Risk is NOW

Know the Dangers...
As the weather warms, people remove insulating plastics and begin to open up their windows. The lead-based paint that covers the window frames of many of the older homes in our neighborhood can become a problem as it cracks, peels and chips off the windows into the air, and eventually into our bodies.  This is one of the many ways our clients can ingest lead - the peak season is now .

Know the Risks..
Childhood lead poisoning can have serious repercussions, including:
  • Behavioral issues
  • Learning disabilities
  • Lower IQ
  • Death
Know Who to Call...
For over eighteen years, the Lead Outreach Program (LOP) at SSCHC has provided families
with in-home lead education, lead screening and intervention services in order to reduce the
negative impact childhood lead poisoning has on Milwaukee's south side community. This program alone is currently serving over 1,300 active families and more than 2,700 children.

Bebes Sociales - Group Model of Care for Well-Child Visits

Bebes Sociales is an innovative group model of care program for well-child visits launched by SSCHC Pediatrician, Dr. Francisco Enriquez, and TRIUMPH student, Nayeli A Spahr.

Instead of having the traditional 15 minute appointment slot with the provider, each parent-infant pair has two hours with the provider in a group setting.  There are essentially two parts to the session - 

Part 1: the family gets one-on-one time with their physician for the infant's physician examination or vaccination administration


Part 2: group time to discuss parental concerns, anticipatory guidance, and growth and development

Nayeli and Dr. Enriquez have had two groups thus far (still on-going), and are planning for a third group in June. Evaluations show that participating parents are more satisfied with the group care over traditional one-on-one care, due to the amount of time with providers, the great variety of information provided at each visit, the increased social support, and parent empowerment gained from the group. 

Nayeli's TRIUMPH time with SSCHC has ended, but TRIUMPH student Abigail N will be continuing the program with Dr. Enriquez, with the hope of further expanding to more families.

Bringing Healthy Habits to Schools

Healthy Latino Schools  Initiative
Where do kids and teens spend the majority of their day? School. Where do they eat the largest portion of their daily calories? School. SSCHC's Healthy Choices Department realizes that in order to reach our youth and create a new culture for healthy eating, the first place to start is school. 

Healthy Choices is working with eight Latino schools in our neighborhood to do just that. The Healthy Latino Schools Initiative is a multi-faceted approach to changing the way our children view and consume food. It ranges from working with local farmers and suppliers to bring fresh food into schools, to developing and implementing food policies to limit unhealthy options and promote healthy ones. 

And parents benefit too...
The initiative also offers nutrition education, healthy cooking classes, gardening activities and more, for parents and their families.
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A river and  a community health center. They may seem far from related, and you might think, huh, that's an odd pair. A number of questions may come to mind - Why would a community health center focus on restoring a river? What does the environment, much less a river, have to do people's health?

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