WI, We Need to Talk campaign, Waukesha clinic 101, inside look at Sixteenth Street Community School Partnerships and more!
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WI, We Need to Talk
Talking about youth sex trafficking currently happening in our state isn't an easy thing to do, but it's vital that we start the conversation. Check out the new website www.WisconsinTalks.org to read all about the WI DCF campaign designed to inform the public that sex trafficking of WI youth under the age of 18 is an issue in urban, rural, suburban, and tribal communities throughout the state. The campaign is entitled: "WI, We Need to Talk" and the target audience of this campaign are WI adults ages 35-54.

For example, do you know the signs that might indicate that a youth is being trafficked? The Wisconsin Child Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Indicator and Response Guide lists the signs to look for if you have concerns that a child or youth you have contact with might be being sexually trafficked or exploited. Visit the link below to learn more. #WI #HumanTrafficking #WITalks https://dcf.wisconsin.gov/files/aht/pdf/indicatorguide.pdf
Sixteenth Street - Waukesha 101

Do you know about all the services and care happening at our Waukesha clinic? Here's a quick recap of all the new and long-standing services - and staff - ready to care for you!

OB Services

Dr. Valentine is new to the Waukesha team. He is a family medicine physician, but also provides OB services. We are so excited to be able to offer moms-to-be this care!


Dr. Valentine and Dr. Epstein are now offering vasectomy services on-site. It's a short procedure done right in the office with pain medication, so there is no need to go to the operating room or off-site.

Internal medicine

Welcome to Dr. Cintron! She is an internal medicine physician and excited to bring her expertise to our Waukesha community.

Strong substance use services

Although substance abuse services are new to Milwaukee and our Layton clinic, Waukesha has been providing substance abuse services for over two years. We offer AODA, Medication Assisted Treatment (Vivitrol© and Suboxone©) and Intensive Outpatient Program services. And of course, at Waukesha our behavioral health department is robust and growing, having responded effectively to meet the need of the community for the last 5 years.
An inside look at Sixteenth Street's Community Schools Partnership: Amy Narr and Lincoln Avenue School
How has the Community School Partnership made a difference at Lincoln Avenue School?

In one year, Lincoln has undergone many changes, physically, but also in intangible ways, that are sometimes difficult to measure but easy to feel. Our school building has seen new vegetable gardens planted, a rain garden installed, and new lighting and colorful murals placed in a once dark alley. The classrooms have been painted, a composting program implemented, new energy-conscious lighting installed and neighborhood clean-ups organized to keep our streets cleaner. Our Walking School Bus and Traffic Calming Initiatives work to instill a sense of safety and security in our neighborhood. On top of numerous new partners and programs being launched at Lincoln, we make sure to have fun as well- with Brewers games, field trips, talent shows, movie nights and more. But the real reason I know this partnership is making a difference is because I can feel the difference, and our staff and families can too. When a student's mother tells me she's moved to another neighborhood but refuses to take her kids out of Lincoln because she feels included and welcomed here, and her kids feel safe and happy - that is how we know that we are moving in the right direction. When a neighbor waves at me as I drive into Lincoln's parking lot in the morning, and comes up to the fence to ask how our school gardens are doing- that is how I can feel this partnership is making a difference.

How would you describe your experience as the community school coordinator?

My experience as a Community School Coordinator at Lincoln Avenue has been more than rewarding. I must admit, I don't deserve all the credit. Without an excellent building principal, teachers and staff at Lincoln, this job would not be the same. The work we are doing as a school is collaborative and must remain that way if we want it to be sustainable and successful. The relationships I have built over the past year at Lincoln are my most fruitful project so far. With this strong base, we can work together to achieve anything. I am thrilled to be a part of the team at Lincoln.
 My Sixteenth Street Story | Isabel

"I've had minor to urgent problems, and there is never a doubt in my mind that she will lead me to the right person and the right help. I want to tell everyone that has any sort of problem - take the step of asking for help and come to Sixteenth Street. There you will get the best care, no matter what you are going through."

"I first heard about Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers through a friend at work. I was having problems with my vision and decided to come in and see what help I could receive, if any. Everyone was so attentive and willing to assist. They gave me all the information I needed, walked me through all the processes for becoming a patient and helped me set up my very first appointment with Dr. David. At that first appointment I had a physical. My results came back: diabetes, vitamin D deficiency and tuberculosis. I was terrified. What I knew about tuberculosis was that it was contagious - and I was here and at home, around all these people and family. Dr. David was very caring, she reassured me that I did not have to ..."
Teens today get information about relationships and sex from all sorts of places, including television, radio, and online. Talking to our children about these topics can be hard. But, there are people looking to take advantage of kids and we can't protect them if we aren't willing to have the conversation.
A growing problem across the country and Wisconsin is youth sex trafficking. Sex trafficking occurs when an adult has a young person engage in a sexual act in exchange for something of value. Traffickers go after both boys and girls. They may make promises of quick money, supply them with drugs, or offer false promise of fame. They might give them food or a place to stay in exchange for sex. They may even say they are the youth's ... CONTINUE READING.
Medical Assistant
If interested in volunteer opportunities listed above, email Kate Jaeger at kate.jaeger@sschc.org.


KK River Workshops

Storm Ready

Tuesday, August 2nd
5:30 pm-7:30 pm
Pulaski Park | 2677 S. 16th St.

Thursday, July 31st
5:30 pm-7:30 pm
Jackson Park | 3734 W. Kinnickinnic River Parkway

Let's Learn to Fish!

Tuesday, August 7th
5:30 pm-7:30 pm
Pulaski Park | 2677 S. 16th St.

Canoe Trip

Tuesday, August 14th
5:30 pm-7:30 pm
Pulaski Park | 2677 S. 16th St.

Thursday, August 16th
5:30 pm-7:30 pm
Jackson Park | 3734 W. Kinnickinnic River Parkway

The river and neighborhood are changing. Come learn about these changes and new ways to enjoy our new river.

All workshops will take place from 5:30 - 7:30. Please take notice of the different locations, we now have workshops at both Pulaski Park and Jackson Park!

Contact   Elizabeth for more information:
 414- 897-5622, elizabeth.deleon@sschc.org 
Kid's Summer Camp

July 18, July 25, August 1, August 8, August 15, August 22

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Pulaski Park | 2677 S. 16th St.

Contact   Elizabeth for more information: 
414- 897-5622,  elizabeth.deleon@sschc.org 

Walking Wednesdays

Second Wednesday of every month
7:30 PM
Pulaski Park Pavilion
Join us for a walk after our community meetings! Contact Stephanie for more information414-897-5596, stephanie.mercado@sschc.org
KK River Neighbors in Action

Second Wednesday of every month
6:00 PM
Pulaski Park Pavilion
The KK River Neighbors in Action (NIA) meet monthly with members of the community, local elected officials and other influential partners to discuss and vote on issues they deem important to the neighborhood and take action!

Contact Stephanie for more information: 
414-897-5596, stephanie.mercado@sschc.org
Yoga in the Park

Every Saturday during August and September

9:30 - 10:30 AM
Pulaski Park Pavilion

Start your day off refreshed and relaxed - it's family friendly, free and we even provide the mats!

Contact Stephanie for more information: 
414-897-5596, stephanie.mercado@sschc.org
Summer Picnic

Saturday, July 21st
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Pulaski Park Pavilion
Join us for food, live music, games and a chance to vote on community art!

Contact 414-897-5596 for more information
Southside Bicylce Club

Every Saturday, June 2nd - September 29th

9 AM
Mitchell Park Domes | South parking lot
The chance you have been waiting for to get active and enjoy the summer is here! 

Join us for a bike ride that you can enjoy with your family!

Contact Tatiana at 414-897-5187 or Tatiana.Maida@sschc.org for more information
Community Walking Club

Every Tuesday, June 5th to September 25th

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Burnham Park | Corner of 35th and Burnham
Would you like to be active and get in great shape this summer? Join us every Tuesday for 30 minutes of walking and then 30 minutes of Zumba, salsa, aerobics, or Nia!

Contact Delia at 414-897-5293 for more information 

What else do you want to hear about? Send us an email and let us know!
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